Art Projects for Kids - 40+ Fun Art Ideas!

You are going to love this list of art projects for kids! Art is a wonderful creative outlet for kids of all ages. Trying different art techniques and exploring various materials encourages creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many other valuable skills. Plus, creating art is just plain fun! 

Art projects for kids

We've pulled this list together with 40+ fun art projects for kids of all ages. You'll find lots of different techniques and media, such as chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolours, and natural materials. 

Enjoy the wide variety of art projects that'll help kids learn about symmetry, colour mixing, value, art history, and so much more.

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If you want something really easy that requires little preparation then check out our art prompts
Fun art projects for kids

Fun Art Projects for Kids

We've done so many cool art projects over the years that it's hard to narrow them down. However, we've listed 25+ of our favourites below, with varying techniques represented. From watercolours and oil pastels to pop art and painting with items from nature, you'll find all sorts of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If your child loves art then as well as the fun art projects below they are sure to love our book, Fun Painting Projects for Kids. Our book is full of cool art projects for children aged 3-10.  There are 60 painting projects included in the book that use lots of fun painting techniques. 

Fun painting art projects for kids



Flower Pop Art Project

Spring and summer are the perfect time of year for making these fun Pop Art Flowers in the style of Andy Warhol. The finished product would make a beautiful Mother's Day card or "Thinking of You" card for someone who could use a little cheering up. We've included full-size and half-size templates, so you can choose to make yours a card or a piece of wall art!

Flower pop art project for kids


Scratch Art Inspired by Paul Klee

You've probably done scratch art yourself as kids. Bring this technique to your own kids by making our Scratch Art (Inspired by Paul Klee). It is based on Klee's Fish Magic painting and is great for an under-the-sea study unit or just to try a new art technique. The oil pastels really pop when you scratch your designs into black acrylic paint.

Paul Klee fish scratch art project for kids


Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Flowers

Speaking of flowers, our Georgia O Keeffe inspired Flower Art Project is stunning. The black glue outline makes the soft colour of the flowers pop off the page. O'Keeffe is known for her colourful and bright flowers, and this project will make a lovely piece of wall art for your home.

Georgia o Keeffe flower art project for kids


Salt Painting Tree Art Project

Kids will love our autumn tree Salt Painting Art Project for its gorgeous autumn colours and the cool texture that the salt provides. We've provided a printable tree template that you can trace over with glue and salt to create your outlines. Then, all you have to do is add colour. Red, yellow, orange, and brown are all terrific choices for fall.

salt painting art project for kids


Water Pistol Painting

Water Pistol Painting is one of our top outdoor art activities for kids, and we're sure your kids will love it, too! Just thin out some paint with water, add it to your water pistols, set up a canvas, and you're ready to go. It couldn't be easier.

Water pistol painting outdoor art project for kids


Skin Tone Colour Mixing Chart

Skins come in all sorts of tones, so learning how to mix colours to get the skin tone you want to portray in your art is a valuable skill to learn. Use our printable Skin Color Mixing Chart to guide you in mixing colours to create the skin tones you need.

Skin color mixing chart - art for kids


Paints Made By Nature

Before commercial paints existed, people learned how to create them from items found in nature. Check out our post on Nature Paint to find out how to use spinach, blueberries, turmeric, strawberries, and other natural materials to create your own paints.

Nature paint art project for kids


Paint With Coffee

Learn how to Paint With Coffee while doing a study on value in art. In this case, value doesn't refer to monetary value but rather how light or dark a colour is. Simply varying the lightness or darkness of a colour can create beautiful art, as you see here.

Paint with coffee - Cool art project for kids


Wax Crayon Painting Snowflake Art Project

Using crayons and watercolours, you can create a beautiful design that seems to appear as if by magic! Our colourful Wax Crayon Painting Snowflake Art is a gorgeous winter craft, but you could do it any time of year using different designs. Bubbles would be pretty for summer with a beautiful blue background. Flowers for spring; leaves for autumn. You get the idea!

Wax crayon painting project for kids


Tape Resist Snowflake Art Project

If you're looking for more interesting ways to make snowflakes, our Tape Resist Snowflake Art is another easy idea. Try painter's tape, washi tape, or another easy-to-peel tape, so you don't rip your design when you take the tape off.

Tape resist art project for kids


Heart Pop Art for Kids

Show someone how much you care with this bright and fun Heart Pop Art Project for Kids. There's no need to wait for Valentine's Day. It's a terrific year-round project that's suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to show you care.

Heart pop art project for kids

Andy Warhol Art for Kids

Learn about Andy Warhol for Kids and create your own personalised piece of pop art! This fun art idea uses a photograph that is coloured to create a unique piece of art. 

Andy Warhol art for kids


Thank You Card Pop Art Project

Combine good manners and good art into one fun project! Our Thank You Card Pop Art Project is bold and colourful. Plus, making a homemade card adds an extra-special touch to any thank you that you send.

Thank you card pop art project for kids


Black Glue and Watercolour Heart Art Project

Here's another heart art project that you don't want to miss! As you can see in the Black Glue and Watercolour Heart Art pictures, the black glue outline really makes the soft watercolours pop. This would make a fantastic card for someone or even a nice gift wrap if done on craft paper.

Black glue and watercolor heart art project for kids

Apple Stamping Pop Art Project

As you can tell, we love pop art! Our Apple Stamping Pop Art is fun for autumn, back-to-school season, or anytime during the year. The green, yellow, and red colours are bold and really pop when paired with a contrasting colour. Alternatively, you can use the template with the apple if you don't have apples to do the stamping with.

Apple stamping pop art for kids

Magic Paper Towel Art Project (a SUPER fun art idea!)

Is it science or art? How about a little of both! Our Magic Drawings Paper Towel Art is sure to amaze and delight your kids. The colours on the second layer of the paper towel come through once the paper towel is wet, so it's great for secret messages and surprise pictures.

Magic paper towel art for kids


Pour Painting Flower Pot - Process Art for Kids

Looking for a fun kid-made gift for Mother's Day? Perhaps you just want to spruce up your container garden. These Pour Painting Flower Pots are just the ticket. All you need are some empty pots, paint in whatever colours you like, some potting soil, and plants.

Pour painting flower pot art for kids


Pointillism Leaf Art Project

Pointillism is a beautiful art technique, and it's one that kids can start using at an early age. Our Pointillism Leaf Art is a perfect example. Use a cotton swab, a small paintbrush, or any other tool that can make small dabs of paint to create your various points. You can do them all using the same tool or vary the tools to have dots of different sizes. We think that makes it more interesting!

Pointillism leaf art for kids


Leaf Printing Pop Art Project

You don't need to wait for autumn to try our Leaf Printing Pop Art activity. Any leaves will do, or you can use our printable leaf templates and colour those in instead.

Leaf printing pop art project - fun art ideas for kids!


Spin Art Flowers (a fun process art idea for toddlers and preschoolers)

Have you ever used a salad spinner to create art? If not, you should try it! Spinning bright colours together makes fun patterns on plain white paper, which you can then turn into other crafts. Our Spin Art Flowers are a rainbow of colours and could really brighten someone's day.

Spin art flowers process art idea for toddlers and preschoolers


Fork Painted Flowers

Let your mini artist create loads of flowers in just minutes! These Fork Painted Flowers are super easy to make; toddlers and preschoolers can quickly stamp out a page full of flowers. Add some green stems, and you have a garden full of tulips on your page.

Fork painted flowers art project for kids (perfect process art for toddlers and preschoolers)


Pointillism Heart Art Project

Just like our leaf art above, this Pointillism Heart Art project is a fun and easy one for preschoolers and older kids alike. Use q-tips and toothpicks to create dots of different sizes as you fill in your hearts with colour.

Pointillism heart art project for kids

Heart Painting - An Easy, Relaxing and Fun Art Idea! 

Another fun way of creating a simple Heart Painting is to use oil pastels and watercolour paints. This fun art idea is surprisingly relaxing and your completed art would look fantastic framed or added to the front of a homemade card.

Heart painting - Fun art ideas for kids


Oil Pastel Leaf Craft

Oil pastels are so easy to use and create such vibrant colours. They should be a staple in any artist's toolbox! Our Oil Pastel Leaf Craft is a simple, back-to-basics art project that involves only a bit of colouring and colour mixing. The finished leaf would look beautiful in a simple frame.

Oil pastel leaf art for kids

Oil Pastel Warm and Cool Colour Art Project

Learn about Warm and Cool Colors in Art with this oil pastel art project. This fun art idea involves sorting oil pastels into cool and warm colours before using them to create a city skyline. Use our city skyline printable or create your own using a black marker. 
Warm and cool color art project for kids. Fun city skyline art idea!

Warm and Cool Colour Tree Grid Art Project

Another fun way to learn about warm and cool colours is to create our Warm and Cool Color Trees Grid Art. Use markers to fill the grids on the inside of the tree outline with warm colours and then use cool colours to complete the background. the completed piece of art looks so effective! 

Warm and cool color tree grid art project for kids


Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Project

Use our handy sunrise template to create your own stunning Roy Lichtenstein Sunrise Pop Art. His use of primary colours and cartoon style make his art very kid-friendly. His use of Ben-Day dots inspired us to create our own sunrise on bubble wrap!

Roy Lichtenstein pop art project for kids

Stingray Art Project

Our Stingray Craft has a cool blue watercolour background that's so easy to make. Use two or three different shades of blue (or water down your blue) to get the layers of colour, as you see here. Then, all you need to do is add your stingray and bubbles from the printable template.

Stingray art project for kids


Bee Squish Art Project

Learn all about symmetry with our bright and cute Bee Squish Art Craft. It's so simple to make. Fold the paper in half, apply the paint to one half and then squish the sides together. You'll get symmetrical yellow and black stripes that are perfect for making your buzzy little bees.

bee squish art project for kids


Rainbow Sponge Painting Art Project

Toddlers and preschoolers will love making vibrant rainbows using sponges to apply the paint. Get different looks for this Rainbow Sponge Art by applying the paint to the sponge's broad side or the narrow end. Kids can then stamp the sponge on the page or drag it across the page to create their rainbows.

Rainbow sponge painting art project for kids


Paper Doily Heart Art Project

Create a lovely wall-worthy piece of art by using paper doilies to create cool patterns. Our doily was heart-shaped, so we created a pretty red and pink Paper Doily Heart Art suitable for displaying for Valentine's Day or anytime if it matches your decor.

Paper doily heart art for kids


Bat Oil Pastel Art Project for Kids

Our Oil Pastel Bat Craft is spectacularly spooky! We've included a bat template to make that part super easy, but the real fun comes in making the oil pastel moon background. Smudging the colours together with your fingers is part of the fun!

Bat oil pastel art project for kids


Fish Watercolour Art Project

This bright and colourful Watercolour Fish Craft incorporates lots of different techniques. The fish are painted with watercolours, while the background is made with strips of torn paper. Use our template for the seaweed and the rocks to bring the entire piece together.

fish watercolor art project for kids

The Great Wave Art Project

Learn about value in art as you complete your own The Great Wave Art Project. Simply grab our printable and mix up various shades of blue to complete your own wave painting in the style of Japanese artist Hokusai.

The great wave art project for kids

If you enjoy learning about famous artists then check out our big bundle of Famous Artists for Kids. This printable set includes art project ideas inspired by 20 different artists along with information about each of the artists. 

You might also like to check out our Art Printables from the Messy Little Monster Shop. We have so many fun art ideas for you to print. 

Famous artists art projects for kids - Fun art ideas inspired by famous artists

Easy Art Projects for Kids

If you'd like to try a few more art ideas for kids, here are some great choices from bloggers around the web.

Easy art projects for kids


Pollock-Inspired Splatter Painting

Kids get a kick out of splatter painting. It is a little messy, but it's well worth it to see their faces light up and to hear their giggles as they create their art. These Jackson Pollock-Inspired Splatter Painted Trees from Projects with Kids are beautiful and should definitely be displayed on a wall for all to see.

Pollock splatter painting art project for kids - fun art ideas!


Pipette Drip Painting

Who says you need brushes to paint? This Pipette Drip Painting from Kids' Craft Room is a fun alternative to brushes. It's open-ended and gives kids a chance to experiment with colour mixing.

drip painting art idea for kids

Squirt Gun Tie Dye

How about a piece of art you can wear? This Squirt Gun Tie Dye project from Fireflies and Mud Pies is perfect for summertime. Make it at home, summer camp, or as a fun activity with friends. Kids of all ages will enjoy choosing which colours to use to spray over their white t-shirts.

Squirt gun tie dye art for kids


Rainbow Art Project for Kindergarten

With tissue paper squares, glue, and a spray bottle filled with water, your kiddo can recreate this gorgeous Rainbow Craft for Kindergarten on a small or large canvas. Younger and older children will enjoy this project from Made with Happy, too, and it'll look terrific hanging on the wall.

Rainbow art for kindergarten


Sea Shell Art Project for Kids

If you love the beach, it only makes sense to use your shells and other treasures to make some art. Look at this Sea Shell Art for Kids by The Art Kit for inspiration. In addition to shells, you could also add sea glass, small pieces of driftwood, and even sand to your works of art.

sea shell art for kids


Painting Rain Art Project

What is the colour of rain? In the world of art, it can be any colour you want! This Painting Rain Art Prompt from Adventure in a Box encourages kids to get creative with watercolours, brushes, and pipettes to create the rain for the kids with umbrellas.

rain art project for kids


Handprint Doodle Art Project

If you're looking for ideas that older kids will enjoy, this Handprint Doodle Art by The Craft Train is a great place to start. Younger kids can make this, too, but an adult may need to do the doodling.

handprint doodle art project for kids


Rainbow Cotton Ball Painting

It's always fun to try painting with new materials. Instead of a paintbrush, try using cotton balls to make this colourful Rainbow Cotton Ball Painting from Kids' Craft Room. It makes a great craft for spring, summer, or a weather-themed unit study.

Rainbow cotton ball painting - fun art ideas for kids


Birds on a Wire Art Project

This Birds on a Wire Project from I Heart Crafty Things explores silhouettes and the colours of a sunset. Layer yellow, orange, and pink torn tissue paper to create the colourful layers you see when the sun is setting on the horizon.

Birds on a wire art project for kids


Fireworks Chalk Pastel Art for Kids

Have an explosive New Year's, 4th of July, or Bonfire Night with this fun Chalk Pastel Fireworks art from Projects with Kids. Children can choose their own fireworks colours and make their own designs. Look at photos of fireworks for inspiration on how to draw yours. The chalk pastels really pop off the black page, just as the fireworks do against a night sky.

Fireworks chalk pastel art for kids


Monster Watercolour Blow Art Project

How cute are these little monsters? The Friendly Monster Watercolour Blow Art project from Adventure in a Box will be a huge hit with the kids. What could be more fun than blowing watercolours around with straws to see what interesting shapes you can make? Give each a funny, friendly expression when they're dry (or scary expressions, if that's your style), and you're done. These monsters would make cute Halloween cards for the grandparents.

Monster watercolor blow art project for kids


Tissue Paper Art with Snow

Combine nature and art into one fun activity. You'll love this colourful Snowy Day Tissue Paper Art from Fireflies and Mud Pies. Use snow (or a spray bottle filled with water) to soak the tissue paper, causing the colour to transfer to the white paper underneath. 

Tissue paper art with snow - fun art ideas for kids

More Art Ideas for Kids

As if that isn't enough art ideas, we also have collections of outdoor art projects, famous artist-inspired art projects and process art projects for you to browse through! 

Outdoor Art Projects for Kids

Art isn't just for doing indoors! If your kids like getting outdoors then you must check out our full collection of Easy Outdoor Art Projects for Kids. There are lots of fun art ideas to try that are either too messy to do indoors or involve using nature in art. 

Outdoor art projects for kids

Famous Artist-Inspired Art Projects for Kids

Do you like taking inspiration from the work of famous artists? If you do we have a huge collection of fun art ideas inspired by famous artists for you to check out. See our full collection of 30+ Famous Artist Inspired Art Projects for Kids

Famous artists art projects for kids

Process Art Projects for Kids

Art doesn't always have to be something to hang on the wall, creating art is often about enjoying the art process. If you are more interested in having fun creating art than in the final outcome then check out our full collection of Process Art Projects for Kids

Process art projects for kids

There you have it! With this huge collection of art projects for kids, you'll have plenty of activities to keep the little ones entertained during school breaks and summertime. These fun art ideas for kids are perfect for all ages from toddlers and preschoolers up to big kids (some art projects are even fun for adults!)

We hope you have fun trying out a few of these fun art projects for kids. Enjoy! 

Cool art projects for kids. 40+ art projects ideas

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