Easy Watercolor Painting for Kids

Watercolor painting for kids is a fun and easy way for kids to express their creativity and imagination. With just a few basic supplies, they can create beautiful and colorful works of art. If you're looking for some inspiration to get your little ones started with watercolor art, look no further! 

Easy watercolor painting for kids

We've compiled a list of 20 creative and easy watercolor painting ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages. From delicate flowers to abstract landscapes, these watercolor art ideas will spark your child's imagination and help them explore the world of watercolor painting. So grab your paints and let's get creative!

If your little one loves painting then you must check out our book' 'Fun Painting Projects for Kids'. Our book is filled with 60 fun painting ideas for kids aged 3-10. 

Fun painting projects for kids

Below you can see a few of the fun painting ideas that are in our book created using watercolor paint. 

watercolor painting ideas for kids

If you want easy painting ideas that are ready to print then you might want to check out our printable painting prompts. These are great for getting your child's imagination going and they look great painted using watercolor paints. 

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Watercolor Painting for Kids

As you know, we love color and painting here at Messy Little Monster. Here are some of our favorite watercolor art projects that we've completed over the years.

watercolor painting for kids


Kandinsky Circles Painting

Introduce your kids to the world of abstract art with our engaging and colorful Kandinsky Circles painting activity. Inspired by the famous artist's "Squares with Concentric Circles," this project encourages children to explore color combinations and shapes in a playful, easy-to-follow manner. With our free template, kids can dive into creating their own Kandinsky-inspired masterpiece while learning about the fascinating history of this art movement. 

Kandinsky circles watercolor painting for kids


Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Flowers

This vibrant and stunning Georgia O'Keeffe-inspired flower painting activity combines watercolors and black glue outlines for a fun project. Kids can create their own breathtaking floral masterpieces while learning about the artist who is known for her large-scale flower art. Develop fine motor skills and an appreciation for the beauty of nature with this piece of art.

Georgia o keeffe flower watercolor painting for kids


Wax Crayon Resist Snowflake Art

Let your little ones bring a touch of winter magic to their artwork with this mesmerizing wax crayon resist snowflake project. Children will have a blast as they draw pretty snowflakes with white crayons and then paint over their designs with vivid watercolors to reveal the hidden patterns. 

Wax crayon resist snowflake watercolor art for kids


Line Art for Kids

Kids can try this line art activity to explore different types of lines, such as straight, wavy, and zigzag, while using crayons and watercolors to create a unique piece of art. The spaces between the lines drawn in crayon will be filled with vibrant watercolors, transforming their simple drawings into visually striking pieces of art. 

Line art watercolor painting for kids


Rousseau-Inspired Tiger

Do you know how to draw a tiger? Learn how with this fun activity inspired by the works of French artist Henri Rousseau. Children are shown step-by-step instructions for drawing their very own tigers. Then, kids can bring their creations to life with vivid watercolors. 

Rousseau tiger watercolor painting for kids


Watercolor Trees

Appreciate the beauty of autumn with this gorgeous watercolor trees project. Featuring seven unique tree templates, kids can trace the tree trunk and branches with black glue and then bring their creations to life using vibrant fall watercolors. This activity not only fosters artistic skills but also helps children appreciate the beauty of nature's transformations during the changing seasons.

Autumn tree watercolor painting for kids

You can also use the salt painting technique to try out other designs. 


Painting on Ice

Add a frosty twist to your child's artistic adventures with this exciting winter activity. Children will be amazed as they paint colorful watercolors directly onto chunks of ice, creating a lovely masterpiece that shifts and changes as the ice melts. Arrange the painted ice crystals into interesting shapes and patterns, like the heart you see here. Use this ice painting activity as a fun winter sensory experience and a fascinating lesson in the properties of water and ice.

painted ice watercolor activity for kids


Watercolor Fish Craft

Dive into an underwater world of creativity with this enchanting watercolor fish craft. Kids can use our fish template to paint their own colorful, eye-catching fish and then create a stunning under-the-sea background with torn pieces of construction paper. 

Watercolor fish craft - watercolor ideas for kids

Under the Sea Watercolor Painting

Another fun way to create an under the sea watercolor painting is to paint a watery backdrop using watercolors and then add craft paper fish. We used this technique to create our watercolor blowfish craft.

watercolor blowfish craft for kids


Flower Pop Art

Learn about the vibrant and whimsical world of pop art with this easy flower pop art project, inspired by the iconic works of Andy Warhol. Create striking floral designs in the signature Warhol style, exploring the bold use of color and repetition. This activity nurtures creativity and offers a glimpse into the history and impact of the pop art movement.

flower pop art watercolor painting for kids


Heart Pop Art for Kids

Let your creativity shine with this cute and fun heart pop art project. Explore the power of color and repetition by creating your own heart-filled masterpieces, inspired by the eye-catching pop art style of Andy Warhol. This creative craft is perfect spreading love through art, especially around Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

Heart pop art watercolor painting for kids


Oil Pastel and Watercolor Painting

Another fun way to create a watercolor heart painting is with this fun and easy oil pastel and watercolor resist technique. Simply draw your heart with colourful oil pastels and then paint the layers of the heart using watercolor paints. 

heart watercolor painting for kids

Homemade Watercolor Paint

Make your own homemade watercolor paint using a very simple paint recipe, all you need are some colorful sharpies and some rubbing alcohol. 

homemade watercolor paint for kids


Easy Watercolor Ideas for Kids

For even more colorful inspiration, try one of these easy watercolor paintings from kid bloggers around the web.

Easy watercolor ideas for kids


Rainy Day Watercolor Painting

Bring some color to a rainy day with this charming umbrella watercolor painting by Projects With Kids. Kids will have a blast creating their own umbrella scenes, complete with rain splashing down in a torrent of blue colors. They'll also learn how to use oil pastels with watercolors for the paint resist technique.

Umbrella rainy day watercolor painting for kids


Using Mod Podge as a Watercolor Resist

Instead of crayons, use Mod Podge to create fun shapes and try this watercolor resist technique. If kids are nervous about free-handing their designs, you can use stencils to apply the Mod Podge and then let it dry before applying the watercolors. This is such a fun activity that's perfect for kids of ALL ages from toddlers to teens. Follow the tutorial for this Mod Podge watercolor resist activity at Mod Podge Rocks.

Mod podge watercolor resist painting for kids


Watercolor Art Inspired by How to Catch a Star

Bring the enchanting story of "How to Catch a Star" to life with this whimsical star watercolor painting activity. Young artists will be inspired by the dreamy illustrations of the book, as they create their own star-catching scenes using watercolors. This project from Buggy and Buddy encourages imagination, storytelling, and artistic expression while connecting children to the world of literature.

how to catch a star watercolor painting for kids


Nature Watercolor Spray Art

Embrace the beauty of the great outdoors with this captivating nature watercolor spray art project from Hello Wonderful. Kids will enjoy arranging objects from nature, such as leaves and flowers, onto paper or canvas and then spraying liquid watercolors over them. When the objects are removed, they'll reveal a striking, colorful background with white silhouettes. What a fun way to learn about negative space!

Nature watercolor spray art for kids

We also have a similar version of this fabulous watercolor art in our book painting projects for kids. Head over to The Best Ideas for Kids to see how Kimberly used our book to create her leaf spray painting

watercolor spray painting leaf art


Tape and Watercolor Canvas Art

Combine the playful appeal of washi tape with the fluid beauty of watercolors in this unique tape and watercolor canvas art project from Fun-a-day. Create eye-catching designs using colorful washi tape, which remains on the canvas and becomes an integral part of the artwork. They'll then add watercolor accents to enhance the tape's patterns and colors. This is a fun way to introduce kids to the exciting world of mixed media art.

tape and watercolor canvas - easy watercolor painting ideas for kids


Watercolor Butterfly Painting

Set your child's imagination aflutter with this delightful watercolor butterfly painting activity from Projects With Kids. Young artists can explore the vibrant world of colors and patterns while creating their very own butterfly masterpieces. This project not only fosters creativity and fine motor skills but also helps children appreciate the beauty and diversity of these delicate winged creatures.

watercolor butterfly art - easy watercolor ideas for kids


Watercolor Spider Web Art

Perfect for Halloween or a unit study on spiders, kids will love making this mesmerizing watercolor spider web art project from Kids Activities Blog. Draw your spider web pattern and then trace it with glue of any color to create a watercolor resist medium. Once it dries, paint over the glue using lighter shades toward the center of the spider web and darker colors as you move outward.

spider web watercolor painting for kids


Winter Sky Art

Capture the ethereal beauty of winter skies with this captivating winter sky art project from Rhythms of Play. Use a resist medium to create swirling wind patterns, then paint over them with watercolors. To add a touch of magic, sprinkle salt over the painting for an visually interesting textured effect. 

winter sky art - easy watercolor painting for kids


Tape Resist Watercolor Painting

Unleash your inner artist with a cool tape resist watercolor painting activity like this one from Gift of Curiosity. By using painter's tape to create geometric designs or abstract patterns, young artists can explore the world of negative space and the power of color. Once the painting is complete, they'll peel off the tape to reveal a striking, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that's sure to impress.

tape resist watercolor art for kids

Plastic Wrap and Watercolor Paint Process Art

This intriguing plastic wrap process art project from Buggy and Buddy combines plastic wrap, watercolors, and a bit of patience. Kids will begin by coating art paper with water, applying vibrant watercolors, and then placing plastic wrap on top, scrunching sections to create intriguing wrinkles. After letting the artwork sit overnight, they'll remove the plastic wrap to reveal a stunning, textured masterpiece.  

Plastic wrap and watercolor painting for kids

We hope you enjoyed this list of easy watercolor painting for kids. From exploring famous artists' styles to experimenting with unconventional watercolor techniques, these activities are designed to engage children of all ages and skill levels to help them with self-expression, creativity, and fine motor skills. Don't forget to pin this post of watercolor painting ideas to come back to it later. Happy painting!

watercolor art ideas - easy watercolor painting for kids

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