Printable Painting Prompts - Fun Painting Ideas for Kids

Painting is so much fun but what if you're struggling for painting ideas? You're going to love these painting prompts for kids! Next time the kids ask what they should paint simply print these painting prompts to encourage them to get creative. Follow the directions below to get your copy and discover how to use these fun painting ideas.

painting prompts

Even the most creative kids sometimes just don't know what they want to create. That means they'll start asking you to come up with ideas. Instead, you can give them these printable painting prompts that will get their ideas flowing. These also work great for kids who have a limited interest in creating art to inspire them to create more.

Whilst these are painting prompts you could also use these as art prompts for other art mediums. Try using crayons, markers, or whatever you have laying around.

Scroll down for directions on how to use these fun painting prompts.

painting prompts for kids

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Painting Prompts for Kids

Painting Prompts Supplies

(You can of course use other paint varieties if that is your preference) 

How to use Painting Prompts

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies

Start by getting a copy of our fun painting prompts and print them out onto thick white paper or thin cardstock! You'll also want to lay out watercolour paints, paintbrushes, and a cup of water for washing your brushes.

fun painting prompts for kids

STEP TWO: Pick a painting prompt

After you have everything laid out and ready to use, invite your child to pick a painting prompt to start with. There are a total of 15 painting ideas to choose from. They can pick from the following painting prompt ideas that are included in the printable pack. 

painting prompt ideas:

  • Complete the heart art
  • Finish the flowers
  • What's in the fruit bowl?
  • Who is in the mirror?
  • Design a jumper
  • Paint the cakes
  • Turn the house into your dream house
  • Who do these eyes belong to?
  • Complete the city full of skyscrapers
  • Where is the boat heading?
  • Paint a landscape behind the balloon
  • Who is in the jungle?
  • What is in the sea?
  • Fill the meadow with lots of colorful flowers
  • What is in the frames (with 3 variations)

art prompts for kids

STEP THREE: Start painting!

Once your child has chosen their painting prompt, it's time to get painting! I love seeing what painting ideas they come up with.

painting prompts

fun art prompts for kids

Maybe eyes will belong to monsters.

fun painting prompts

... or a lion will be hiding in the jungle.

what to paint - painting prompts

... or there will be faces on a jumper.

printable painting prompts

... or a meadow will be full of beautiful flowers.

painting ideas for kids - painting prompts

... or a heart will have lots of fun colour and designs.

art prompts - painting ideas for kids

There are so many fun ways to explore creativity with these painting prompts

If your child loves painting you might also like our book - Fun Painting Projects for Kids which is filled with 60 fun painting ideas for children aged 3-10. 

Painting ideas for kids

Scroll down to grab your copy of these painting prompts. 

printable painting prompts for kids


To get the painting prompts click on the link below.  For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable painting prompt ideas

Your budding artist is sure to have lots of fun with these painting prompts. These fun painting ideas are perfect boredom busters that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Painting prompts - painting ideas for kids.

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