Wax Crayon Resist Snowflake Art

The crayon resist art technique that we have used to make this snowflake art is so much fun and the results look amazing! Wax resist painting is an easy art technique for kids to try and so effective. Do you remember using this crayon resist technique as a child?

crayon resist art

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Kids love this crayon resist art technique! Pictures and patterns appear as if by magic when watercolour paint is painted over the wax crayon design.

Simply draw or colour over the area you want to stay white using a white wax crayon. When you cover the paper in paint the wax in the crayon will resist the watercolour paint and stop it from covering that part of the paper.

Kids can either draw their own designs in wax crayon or it can be fun to do a design for them and tell them you have a magic picture waiting to be revealed! They can then add watercolour paint to reveal their surprise picture, pattern or even messages. As another option you could try this tape resist art too! 

Crayon Resist Art Technique

wax resist painting

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Wax resist painting supplies:

  • White wax crayon
  • Card (or paper)
  • Liquid watercolour paints 
  • Paint brush
  • Salt

How to make crayon resist art

snowflake art

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

Preparing this wax resist art activity doesn't take long. Grab a piece of card or paper, a white wax crayon and some liquid watercolour paints. You can either use just one colour paint or a mixture of different colours. You will need a thick paint brush for spreading the paint.

crayon resist technique

STEP 2: Draw using wax crayon

Draw your design on your white card or paper using a white wax crayon. It can be hard to see what you are drawing, but that adds to the appeal of this art activity. Try drawing your picture in bright light to help you see what you are drawing! You need to press quite hard with your crayon.

crayon resist

STEP 3: Paint over with watercolour paint

Now for the fun part! It is time to reveal the picture or pattern that you drew in white wax crayon. Take a thick paintbrush and use it to spread watercolour paint in your chosen colour across your paper.

crayon resist art

STEP 4: Add salt (optional)

This step is optional, but it looks really effective. Once you have finished painting over your piece of card or paper with watercolour paint sprinkle salt over the paint while it is still wet.

wax resist

Wait for a few moments and you will see the beautiful effects that watercolour and salt create when they are combined.

wax resist painting

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watercolour and salt snowflake art

We hope you have lots of fun trying out this wax crayon resist technique. Wax resist painting is a classic painting activity and fun for all ages. You might even remember making your own crayon resist art as a child?!

Wax resist painting. Snowflake art using a crayon resist art technique.

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