Salt Painting Autumn Tree Art

Many of the best crafts to do with kids are the easiest ones and this Salt Painting Autumn Tree Art is exactly that! This autumn tree art project is a cute and creative way to add some fun to a regular afternoon or you could use it as an engaging activity for homeschool art lessons.

Salt painting autumn tree art

You just need some household items and you'll be ready to make this adorable autumn-themed painting with your little ones! 

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If you want to add a bit of extra learning to this autumn tree painting activity, you could teach your child a little about how colour mixing works when you get to the painting part as the colors start to bleed into one another. 

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Autumn tree art for kids

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Salt Painting Autumn Tree Art

Salt painting autumn tree art supplies:

  • Tree template printed on white cardstock 
  • Watercolour paint palette
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • White glue
  • Salt

How to do salt painting and make an autumn tree craft

STEP 1: Download & print out the tree template

To start this craft you first need to download our free printable tree template (grab it down below!) and print it out on white paper or cardstock. I recommend using a thick white cardstock. 

Autumn tree printable template

STEP 2: Create an outline with glue

Taking your template, start tracing over the image of the tree with glue. 

Salt painting

STEP 3: Sprinkle the salt on

Then, take the salt, and just as you would with glitter, start to sprinkle the glue outline with salt. Gently tape the paper to settle the salt into any creases. Then, lift the paper slowly and shake it a bit to remove any excess salt. 

Autumn tree art

STEP 4: Colour your salt

Take your paintbrush, dip it in water and start to blend the tip of the brush with watercolours to soften the bristles. 

Salt painting for kids

Continue doing this until your brush is saturated with watercolour and then touch the salt with the paintbrush lightly and see how the colour on your brush spreads around the salt outlines.

Salt painting autumn tree craft

It is so fun to watch the paint slowly spread along the salt outline. 

Autumn tree art for kids

STEP 5: Let dry and enjoy your painting!

Let your new autumn tree art settle and dry completely before displaying your new painting! 

Salt painting

You can also use the tree template to make a black glue tree craft (photographed below).

black glue autumn tree art


To download this printable tree template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: tree. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable tree template

This salt painting art project was such a fun autumn activity to work on with the kids! We hope you and your little ones love making your own autumn tree art just as much as we did. Enjoy!

Salt painting autumn tree art with free printable tree template. An easy autumn craft for kids.

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