Easy Pointillism Art for Kids

If you're looking for an art project that is both fun and challenging, try out pointillism art for kids. It is so much fun and children can get really creative with it.  This art technique involves creating images with tiny dots of color, which can be a great way to learn about patience and precision as well as color theory.

Pointillism art for kids

Here are some tips on how to get started creating your own pointillism art as well as lots of easy pointillism art ideas for you to get some inspiration!

What is pointillism?

What is pointillism?

Pointillism is a type of art where small, distinct dots of color are used to create a larger image. This technique was popularized by French artist Georges Seurat in the late 19th century, and it has since been used by artists all over the world. For children, pointillism can be a fun and easy way to create colorful art.

When teaching pointillism to children, it is important to emphasize the importance of using small, distinct dots of color. Encourage them to experiment with different colors and shapes to see how the dots interact with each other. Point out how the overall image emerges as they add more and more dots. Explain that pointillism is a great way to add detail and texture to a painting. 

Invite them to try pointillism for themselves and see what they can create!


Easy Pointillism Art for Kids

We have so much fun studying famous artists and art techniques here at Messy Little Monster. Below are some of our favorite projects focusing on the pointillism painting technique!

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Pointillism for kids


Georges Seurat Pointillism

Our Georges Seurat pointillism art project was inspired by his work Bathers at Asnieres. Our printable template has a simple, bold outline of Seurat's painting that's easy for children to fill in with dots using a toothpick or Q-tips. It's simple enough for preschoolers, but older children will enjoy the challenge of adding dots in various sizes to complete the scene.

Georges Seurat pointillism art for kids


Pointillism Hearts

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for this pointillism heart art, but you don't have to wait until February to make gorgeous dot-filled hearts. Use markers, colored pencils, or paint to fill them in—your choice! 

Heart pointillism art for kids


Pointillism Leaf Art

This autumn, grab our printable to make pointillism leaf art. Kids will use paintbrushes and cotton swabs to make tiny dots and larger ones to complete their leaves. Children can use a single color for their pointillism art leaves or, as we did, fill the leaf shape with all the gorgeous colors of fall.

leaf pointillism for kids

Pointillism Snowflakes Art

Decorate your windows this winter with pointillism snowflake art. Our printable has three different snowflake shapes that will look absolutely dazzling when filled with dots in various shades of blue (or any other color your child chooses).

snowflake pointillism art for kids

Pointillism Painting

This pointillism painting of a boat is from our book - Fun Painting Projects for Kids. We drew our design in pencil and then filled it with dots using q tips. 

Easy pointillism art for kids

Our book is filled with 60 fun painting ideas for kids. If you have a child that loves painting then click to find out more about the other painting ideas in our book. 

Painting ideas for kids


Pointillism for Kids

For more inspiration, try these pointillism art ideas. You'll find some really beautiful and educational pointillism art projects to make.

Easy pointillism art


Sunrise Pointillism Art

How stunning is this sunrise dot painting by Projects With Kids? Those big bright rays and the flowery meadow are beautiful enough to hang on the wall but simple enough for kids to make. The tree scene is lovely, too.

Sunrise pointillism art for kids


Fingerprint Pointillism

Try this fingerprint pointillism idea from Woo Jr.! It's a great way to introduce the pointillism painting technique to toddlers and younger children who still enjoy painting with their fingers. Plus, it'll make a sweet little keepsake to remind you of how small their fingerprints were when they made it.

fingerprint pointillism art for kids


Christmas Tree Art

Coffee and Carpool's pointillism Christmas tree is such a fun and easy pointillism art project to make during the holiday season. Even the pretty ornaments and star are made with dots. Young children can complete this project with Q-tips, while older children may want to create dots of varying sizes with other tools like paintbrushes and toothpicks.

Christmas art with pointillism for kids


Pointillism Name Art

Help younger children learn to spell their names with this fun name art project from Coffee and Carpool. You may need to trace the letters first for preschoolers. Even older kids will enjoy making a piece of name art for their rooms! 

Pointillism name art project for kids


Pointillism Rainbow Art

The Crafting Chick's easy pointillism rainbow is a cheerful project to make on a rainy day. Use watercolors to paint all the colors of the rainbow. If the colors bleed together a little, that's okay. It'll look all the more beautiful with the blended colors. 

Rainbow art - easy pointillism for kids


Scarecrow Dot Art

Kids will have such fun with this scarecrow dot art from Simple Everyday Mom. Paint the scarecrow with Q-tips, cut it out, and glue it on a colorful background. It'll make cute wall art for the fall season. 

Scarecrow dot art for kids


Pointillism House Scene

Trace out any scene you like—a house, a tree, and a sun—and let the kids fill them in with cotton-bud painted dots, like this pointillism house scene from Meaningful Mama. 

Pointillism art project for kids - house scene


Pointillism Apple Tree Art

Small canvases are the perfect size for making dot art projects like this pointillism apple tree by Easy Peasy and Fun. Children can sometimes become impatient with dot art since it takes longer, but the tiny canvases are just right for keeping them captivated.

Apple tree pointillism painting for kids


Hanukkah Pointillism Art

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or just want to learn more about it, this Hanukkah art from Coffee and Carpool is a fun and educational activity that teaches children about the menorah and the pointillism art technique at the same time. 

Hanukkah pointillism art for kids


Pointillism Painted Rock Art

Create a cute decorative rock for your desk, like this pointillism heart painted rock by Rock Painting 101. It'll make a fantastic paperweight for yourself or as a DIY gift the kids can give to a friend or family member.
Easy pointillism painted rock art

Q-Tip Painted Snowman Pointillism Art

When the weather outside is frightful, make a Q-tip painted snowman! This wintery craft by Crafts on Sea is cute, simple, and so fun. Print the snowman template on a pretty blue background, and once the snowman is filled in with white dots, add a colorful scarf and an orange nose. 

Q tip painted snowman dot art for kids


4th of July Pointillism Art

Americans celebrate their Independence on the 4th of July with lots of red, white, and blue décor and fireworks. This 4th of July art from Coffee and Carpool is a festive way to celebrate while kids enjoy the backyard barbecues and parties and await the fireworks at night. 

4th July dot art - Pointillism for kids


American Flag Pointillism Art

Another fun piece of 4th of July art, this pointillism American flag from Woo Jr. is a terrific project for Independence Day. This time, kids will use pencil erasers to make the dotted stripes and stars on the U.S. flag. Why not use the same painting technique to make a variety of other countries flags too?! 

American flag pointillism painting for kids


Dinosaur Pointillism Art

Hello Wonderful's dinosaur pointillism art will be a huge hit with your dino fans. It's super easy, too, because the template was created with a cutting machine! Kids simply need to position the template and paint over the dots to create their dot art. 

Dinosaur pointillism art for kids


Pointillism Bookmarks

Make practical art that you can use everyday! Amy Latta's pointillism bookmarks are a fantastic idea. It's an open-ended project—kids can paint anything they'd like—and once the bookmarks are dry, they can use them to save their spots in their favorite books. 

pointillism art bookmark for kids


Q-Tip Painting Autumn Tree Art

Teach your kids about the colors and textures of fall with Woo Jr.'s Q-tip painted autumn tree. First, paint a tree trunk and its branches, and then fill in those branches with Q-tip painted leaves in red, orange, yellow, and brown like the fall leaves you see outside. 

Autumn tree art - q tip painting pointillism art for kids

We hope you've enjoyed this list of easy pointillism art ideas for kids. Pin it to come back to for your pointillism art lessons!

Easy pointillism art ideas for kids

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