Andy Warhol Pop Art for Kids

Looking for some fun new ways to explore art with kids? Kids of all ages (from preschoolers upwards) will really enjoy this Andy Warhol art for kids. It's such a fun way to explore colours and various art mediums. The best part - this Andy Warhol for kids is SUPER easy to do. Follow the step-by-step directions below to get started with this fun pop art for kids project!

Andy Warhol pop art for kids

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Andy Warhol for kids

Most of us have seen the works of Andy Warhol at one point or another as it is a very popular style. With this pop art for kids project, kids will get to explore the wonderful works of Andy Warhol. It's a great art exploration project for learning colours while exploring different art textures and mediums.

Scroll down below to get started on this Andy Warhol art for kids!

Andy Warhol art for kids

Andy Warhol art for kids

Andy Warhol art supplies:

  • Colouring supplies - markers, crayons, or paint
  • Cardstock paper - white

How to make pop art for kids:

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, make sure to gather up your supplies for your Andy Warhol art. Print a photo of your child on an A6 sized paper in black and white; print it four times. Repeat for each child as needed.

all about me self portrait art for kids

STEP 2: Colour the pictures

To begin, have your child choose the materials they'd like to use to colour in the pictures. Markers, crayons, or watercolour paint all work really well for this project. 

Guide them to choose bright colours and start colouring themselves in. Once they're done, choose another colour and fill in the background.

pop art for kids

Andy Warhol pop art for kids

Repeat for the remaining photos.

Famous artist pop art for kids

STEP 3: Finalise art project

Glue the photos together onto a larger sheet of paper to display. Optionally, you can frame your Andy Warhol inspired art to hang on the wall.

Andy Warhol art project for kids

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Pop art for kids

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We hope you have fun exploring the art of Andy Warhol with this pop art for kids project. This is a great way for kids to explore colours and different art mediums, but most importantly it is really good fun! 

Andy Warhol pop art for kids. Famous artist art project.

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