Paper Doily Heart Craft - wall worthy heart art!

How effective does this paper doily craft look! This heart craft is inexpensive to make, easy to put together and there's no reason to go out and buy fancy craft supplies. Using a fun painting technique young children can easily make this beautiful wall worthy heart art. It's the perfect Valentine craft for creative kids!

paper doily heart craft

Paper doilies are a fabulous materials to work with when it comes to creating craft projects for kids. You can buy large packs and have a field day making different crafts with paper doilies!

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Paper Doily Heart Craft

Paper Doily Heart Craft supplies:

  • 1 Canvas (4x6)
  • 3 Different colours of paint in red/ pink shades
  • Small paintbrush
  • 1 Heart-shaped paper doily 
  • Tape (used green painters tape)
  • Scissors

paper doily craft supplies

How to make your heart paper doily craft

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

Collect up your supplies and have them all to hand before starting to make this beautiful heart craft. You can use any 3 colour paints you choose, we have used: Apple Barrel Brand - Red Apple, Craft Smart brand - Rose, Craft Smart brand - Coral.

When working with young children I find that an easy way of preparing the paint is to squirt out a small amount of each colour onto a plate so they have easy access to it.

paper doily craft

STEP 2: Prepare your paper doily

Take your heart-shaped doily and fold it in half. Cut out half a heart shape in the centre, as shown below.

heart craft

STEP 3: Prepare canvas

Place small rolled up pieces of tape to the back of the paper doily, making sure not to block any of the holes

heart craft for kids

Press the heart onto the canvas vertically.

If doing this paper doily craft with younger children you may want to wrap any pieces of doily that hang over around the back and tape them in place to make it more secure.

paper doily heart craft for kids

STEP 4: Paint over heart paper doily

Now, using your first colour make dots onto the canvas in the centre of the heart that you cut out. Repeat with the other two colours in the same way.

heart painting craft

No need to clean your brush in-between. You want it to blend.

heart painting for kids

Once you have the heart in the centre to your liking, begin to work around the edges.

Valentine heart craft

Be sure to press straight downward to ensure the brush doesn’t go underneath and keeps the shape of the doily. Younger children may need a little help with this.

Valentine heart canvas craft for kids

Continue to dip into each colour and press downward into the holes and around the edges to cover the canvas. Make sure you don't miss any of the holes.

paper doily painting craft

STEP 5: Remove paper doily

Now you have finished adding paint it's time for the reveal! Carefully remove the tape and the paper doily while the paint is still wet.

heart craft for kids

At this point, if you notice any spots that you don’t like, go in with your brush and fix/add.

paper doily craft for kids

Allow to dry and you're done! Your heart paper doily craft is complete.

Valentine craft for kids

Now all that is left to do is decide who you are going to gift you heart craft to. You might even decide you want to keep this beautiful paper doily craft for yourself. It is definitely one for the wall!

Heart craft for kids. An easy and fun paper doily craft for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

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