Flower fork painting for kids

Hop on the spring bandwagon and let your kid's creativity bloom with this Flower Fork Painting for Kids inspired by this colourful season!

flower fork painting for kids
Is there a better way to welcome back spring than with a lovely flower painting activity for kids? We don't think so!

This fork painting flowers project it's one awesome activity to let your mini-artists take the lead and let their creativity shine! 

Although the craft is easy to do (and it takes almost no time putting it together) little ones will still be engaging their visual processing skills as well as their fine motor ones.

With all that said, let's get this show started!

fork flower painting for kids

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Flower Fork Painting for Kids

Fork painting flowers - Supplies:

  • Fork
  • Jumbo craft stick (or similar)
  • Paper or cardstock
  • Paint 
  • Paint palette 

Fork flower painting for kids - Directions:

fork painting flowers for kids

STEP 1: Prep your paint:

The first step towards making your own adorable fork painted flowers is to prepare the paint! Select the colours you would like to use for the flowers and pick a shade of green paint for the stems. Add the paint to a paint pallet.

fork painting for kids

STEP 2: Print stems using a craft stick:

We'll start making the stems of each flower. To do this, first, dip the thin edge of your craft stick into the green paint and then stamp it onto the paper you've chosen to use as a canvas.

painting flowers

If you don't have a craft stick you could alternatively use cardboard as a stamp and print using the thin edge.

Repeat many times so you have a row of stems across your paper or cardstock.

painting stems with a craft stick ready for fork painting

STEP 3: Print flowers using a fork

Now, we need to take care of the flowers. Create your fork painted flowers by dipping the fork into the paint and stamping it into your paper, right on top of the stems you previously painted.

fork painting flowers

Press down hard with your fork and rock it back and forth a little to make sure you have a complete flower shape.

fork flower painting

Repeat using a second colour (or more).

fork painting for kids

The type of fork that you use for your fork painting will affect the overall design. The flowers created using a child's plastic fork are quite different to those made using an adults metal fork. 

flower fork painting for kids


This is an optional step, but it's SO fun, and it really ties the design together (plus, kids love it!) Take some extra paint in any colour you want and flick it across your picture, creating a splatter effect. 

fork painting ideas for kids

Now you can display your child's flower fork painting masterpiece and celebrate Springtime!

tulip fork painting for kids

We hope you have lots of fun with this flower fork painting for kids. Have fun experimenting using various different coloured paint and different sized forks to create your own individual fork painted flowers.  Enjoy!

Fork painting for kids. Fork flower painting.

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