Black Glue and Watercolor Heart Art Project

This black glue and Watercolor Heart Art project is a short and sweet art project for kids that works perfectly for a last-minute idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the little ones!

black glue and watercolor heart art project


If you're anything like me, you probably lost track of time after the holidays, but time doesn't stop and Valentine's Day is right around the corner again! 

But if you forgot, no worries! We have the best last-minute heart craft that doesn't require anything more than art supplies, a cookie cutter, and some black glue, the star of our art piece!

This Valentine's Day Heart Art project is super easy to put together, and the kids will have tons of fun creating their own set of watercolor hearts, rest assured! 

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watercolor heart art project

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Black Glue and Watercolor Heart Art Project

Watercolor Hearts Art - Supplies:

  • Thick paper/ card
  • White school glue
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Heart cutter
  • Watercolor brush pens (alternatively you could use watercolor paints)

Watercolor Heart Art Project - Directions:

heart art project

STEP 1: Make black glue.

Before beginning this adorable watercolor heart art project you will need to make your black glue.  To make your black glue mix part white school glue with a part of black acrylic paint. Use a paper plate or an art palette to mix the paint and glue together. Don't worry about an exact measure of glue and paint, just squirt glue onto your plate or palette and add a few squirts of black paint until you are happy with the colour. Mix well. 

how to make black glue

STEP 2: Print black glue hearts 

Once your black glue has been mixed up and you have all your supplies to hand you are ready to start creating your heart art! Grab your heart-shaped cutter and dip it into your freshly done black glue paint.

Once that's done, press the heart cutter onto your paper. Have fun positioning the cutter onto the paper in different ways to get a more interesting layout. 

cookie cutter heart art

Repeat this step until you are happy with your design. Let the black glue paint dry for a while.

black glue heart art

STEP 3: Paint the hearts with watercolor.

Once your heart design is dry, it is time to begin the watercolor part of this craft! 

We will be using watercolor brush pens for this art project. To give the watercolor effect using these pens, you can color the sections in your design first and then add water to it, or you can dip the watercolor brush pens into the water first and then start coloring. Experiment a little and have fun! 

Alternatively you could use watercolor paints. 

watercolor heart art project

watercolor heart art

watercolor hearts

STEP 4: Let your creativity flow!

Have fun playing around with the watercolor brush pens, and explore different color combinations!

watercolour hearts

Isn't this watercolor heart art project he cutest? It is great for all ages, my kids had a ball making this and I did too!  The kids were super into the black glue paint, which is a cute and edgy touch to your typical Valentine's Day crafts. I personally just love using watercolor pens! 

watercolor heart art for kids

We hope you have the best time enjoying making this black glue and watercolor heart art project. Happy Valentine's Day!

Watercolor heart art project for kids. Black glue and watercolour hearts.

watercolor heart art project for kids

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