Easy Pop Art Projects for Kids - 26+ pop art ideas!

Are you ready for some fun and easy pop art ideas? From Roy Lichtenstein to Andy Warhol, pop art has been a popular style for artists for decades. But what is pop art? And why is it so popular? Have fun finding out and scrolling through our list of easy pop art projects for kids

Easy pop art projects for kids


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What is Pop Art?

Pop art is an art movement that began in the 1950s and 60s. It's called "pop" because it uses images from popular culture, like advertisements and magazines. These images are often brightly coloured and simplified, which makes them easy to understand. Pop art is often thought of as being light-hearted and fun, which is why it can be such a fun form of expression for kids. 

Let's take a look at some easy pop art for kids that are inspired by the famous artists in this movement.

Pop art easy

As well as scrolling through these fabulous pop art ideas for kids you might also like to take a look at our printable pack of Andy Warhol pop art projects for kids available in the Messy Little Monster Shop. These pop art projects couldn't be easier, simply print and colour! 

You might also like to scroll through our list of fun art projects for kids.


Easy Pop Art Projects for Kids

We'll kick things off with some of our favourite pop art projects for kids that we've made over the years. Many of the pop art ideas include printable templates to make creating your artwork even easier. 



Sunrise Pop Art Project

Grab markers and some bubble wrap to make this creative Lichtenstein Pop Art Project with the kids. It's modelled after his famous Sunrise artwork, but instead of using stencils and paint to create dots, you'll paint the bubbles on bubble wrap.

Roy Lichtenstein sunrise bubble wrap pop art project for kids


Flower Pop Art

Study Andy Warhol's style with colourful and easy Flower Pop Art Idea. It's a perfect springtime art activity, and it's super simple thanks to our printable template. Paint the flowers all sorts of different colours or red to look like poppies for Remembrance Day or Memorial Day. 

Andy Warhol flower pop art idea for kids


Easter Egg Pop Art

Get hoppin' to make this Easter Egg Pop Art Project for Kids in the springtime. Grab the printable and crayons, markers, or watercolour paints to fill in the eggs with beautiful colours. A touch of glitter on the striped eggs make them look better!

Easter egg pop art project for kids


Santa Pop Art

Celebrate Christmas with bright and bold Santa artwork! This Santa Pop Art Idea is cute enough to bring back out every holiday season, so put it in a frame to preserve it to use year after year. Or, make colourful holiday cards to send to friends and family.

Christmas Santa pop art easy


Reindeer Pop Art

Of course, Santa is nothing without his reindeer. Colour in this Reindeer Pop Art Project to go right alongside Santa. They're so adorable with their colourful winter hats!

Reindeer pop art project for Christmas


Self-Portrait Pop Art

Use black and white photos of the kids to make this Andy Warhol Inspired Self Portrait Pop Art Project. They'll have a blast colouring their faces, clothes, and background all sorts of fun colours to make striking pop artwork.

Self portrait pop art project for kids

Pop Art Andy Warhol Inspired 

We had fun making pop art inspired by Andy Warhol with this printing project we created for our book - Fun Painting Projects for Kids

Andy Warhol pop art for kids

To find out more about our Andy Warhol inspired printing pop art as well as another 60 fun painting projects check out our book. 

Art projects for kids

Tie Pop Art

You don't have to wait for Father's Day to make this Tie Pop Art Project for Dad. It's great for birthdays, too, and is suitable for Dad, Grandpa, uncles, teachers, and other guys who love to wear ties. 

tie pop art project for fathers day


Heart Pop Art

Nothing says 'I love you' like heart art. Download the printable template for our Heart Pop Art Project to make for Valentine's Day or just to brighten someone's day. 

heart pop art easy


Leaf Pop Art

Grab a few leaves from a backyard tree (or gather some in the fall that have fallen to the ground) to make Leaf Print Pop Art. First, you'll paint the backs of leaves and print them on the paper. Then, fill in the background with a contrasting colour for fall art that really pops.

leaf printing pop art ideas


Thank You Pop Art

Say thanks to someone for a gift or just for being an amazing friend, neighbour, or family member with this Thank You Pop Art Project that can easily be turned into a greeting card. 

thank you card pop art projects for kids


Apple Stamping Art

Some apple stamping pop art will look fantastic in the fall for your home or classroom. Grab the blank template, slice two apples in half, and use three of the halves to stamp apple shapes in red, green, and yellow. Once that dries, fill in the background. So easy! If you don't have apples on hand, use the sheet with the printed apples instead.

apple stamping pop art easy


More Pop Art Ideas Kids Can Make

For even more artistic inspiration, try the pop art projects for kids below. 

Pop art ideas for kids


DIY Stamp Pop Art

Arty Crafty Kids shows how to use cardboard to make DIY stamps you can use in your art projects. Then, you'll use them to make Stamp Pop Art similar to the apple stamping activity above. The paw prints are our favourite!

easy stamp pop art project for kids


Warhol-Inspired Screen Printing

Woo Jr's Warhol-Inspired Screen Printing gets its inspiration from his Flowers series. While his art is displayed in large panels, you'll make your own mini panels featuring screen-printed flowers in a similar style. How will you make your screen? With an embroidery hoop and old pantyhose!

Warhol inspired screen printing pop art ideas


Handprint Pop Art

Remember your child's small handprints with this fun Handprint Pop Art by Red Ted Art. The handprint is traced and stamped adding visual interest to the artwork.

handprint pop art project for kids


Alphabet Pop Art

Reinforce letter recognition by turning the alphabet into art! Teach Beside Me's Alphabet Pop Art is easy enough for preschoolers but kindergarteners and older children will enjoy it, too. 

alphabet pop art ideas for kids


Pop Art Painted Heart

Surprise someone special with this Painted Heart Inspired by Jim Dine. His Confetti Heart painting inspires this work, and Woo Jr. did a beautiful job recapturing that work. We just love how the bright colours contrast with the bold black outline. 

painted heart pop art ideas


Britto Inspired Art

Artsy Momma has the cutest Britto-Inspired Art! The puppy with an adorable crown and colourful patterned ears is our favourite. Draw your own designs or use Britto-inspired colouring pages to create art using paint or markers.

Colorful pop art inspired by Romero Britto



President's Day Pop Art

Every February, Americans celebrate President's Day. It was traditionally a holiday to celebrate George Washington's birthday, but now is generally thought of as celebrating all U.S. presidents. This Presidential Pop Art Project from Toddler Approved is a great way to start a conversation on this historical figure. 

presidents day pop art project


Flag Pop Art

Teach Beside Me had the clever idea of making Flag Pop Art. You can do this with any country's flag, but a fairly simple one like our Union Jack looks great in a panel design. 

easy flag pop art project for kids


Lichtenstein Modern Art

Red, blue, and yellow are common colours in Lichtenstein's pop art and in comic-book style art in general. Use those colours to make Lichtenstein Dot Art like these cute designs from Pink Stripey Socks. Draw a self-portrait or any simple design you'd like to dress up using his techniques. 

Lichtenstein  art project for kids


Keith Haring Art for Kids

Keith Haring's outline designs are his trademark, and kids will love creating in his style. Easy Peasy and Fun's Keith Haring Pop Art for Kids is so colourful, simple, and fun. Pre-draw the figures for younger children and let the older ones draw their own. Just add colour! 

Keith Haring pop art project for kids


Puffy Paint Cupcakes

These Puffy Paint Cupcakes may not look like traditional pop art, but Wayne Thiebaud (though he does not consider himself a pop artist) is considered such because of what he paints. His inspiration comes from everyday objects like lollipops, pies, and ice cream. 

puffy paint cupcakes pop art project for kids


Thiebaud Ice Cream Cones

Paint Thiebaud-inspired ice cream cones for summer. Cut template pieces out of cardboard for the kids to trace or let them sketch out their own designs. You'll be craving real ice cream after you finish these paintings!

Wayne Thiebaud ice cream cones pop art ideas


Britto Winter Mitten

Winter colours don't have to be drab and dull, as you can see with this Watercolor Winter Mitten Pop Art from Woo Jr. It's inspired by Romero Britto. You'll trace around your hand to create the mitten and then add curved lines radiating out from it. Fill in with stripes, polka dots, flowers, swirly designs, and of course, lots of colour. 

Britto winter mitten pop art project for kids

Lichtenstein Mixed Media Art

Use newspaper and magazine clippings along with words to make Lichtenstein-Inspired Mixed Media Art like this one from Easy Peasy and Fun. Feel free to add other colourful bits and bobs like pretty scrapbook paper, stickers, or even product labels.

Lichtenstein mixed media pop art ideas for kids


Family Pop Art

What could be more fun than creating art as a family? These Family Pop Art Colouring Pages from Pink Stripey Socks can be coloured or painted all sorts of fun way. Use it as inspiration to make one with your family's surname if you'd like. 

family pop art coloring pages - easy pop art ideas

Pin this post of easy pop art projects for kids to come back to anytime you'd like to make a masterpiece! Which of these pop art ideas do you think you will try first?

Pop art projects for kids. Easy pop art ideas.

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