Fun Painting Projects for Kids - 60 Activities to Unleash Your Inner Artist

I am so excited to introduce you to my new book, 'Fun Painting Projects for Kids'. It is filled with 60 fun painting activities to unleash your inner artist!

Fun painting projects for kids book


I have loved creating this book and have spent hour after hour perfecting the painting projects included. There are 60 painting projects in total that are perfect for children aged 3-10. 

Here at Messy Little Monster, we love having fun creating art, and that is exactly what this fun painting project book is about; it is about enjoying the painting process whilst creating some really cool art that kids will be proud of. 

Fun Painting Projects for Kids Book

Fun Painting Projects for Kids - 60 Activities to Unleash Your Inner Artist

Here is the official description of the book: 

Nurture Your Artistic Side with 60 Exciting Paint Projects 

Learn important skills to help you become a better artist with this super-fun collection of art projects. Louise McMullen, founder of the children's craft blog, Messy little Monster, brings her experience as both a teacher and a mother to ensure there's a project for every artist, whatever your interest, ability or age. 

Learn different techniques such as how to create new colors, how to use different types of paints and even how to paint like famous artists. There are small, detailed projects for indoors and large interactive projects where you can get messy outdoors. And you'll be inspired to think outside the box, like using shaving cream and paint to make a marbling effect, or dish soap and toothpicks to make scratch art. 

With 60 unique and totally fun projects, plus plenty of ideas to change things up, you'll be inspired to paint all day every day! 

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A Peek Inside Fun Painting Projects for Kids

The 60 fun art projects for kids in this book are divided into 6 chapters; exploring color, making prints with paint, special effects painting, outdoor interactive painting, create a masterpiece and imaginative mixed media projects. 

Exploring Color

This chapter is about exploring color! Have a go at making your own color wheel, experiment with mixing paint to make new colors or use cool and warm colors to make a beautiful piece of art. 

Fun painting projects for kids - color

Making Prints with Paint

Print with a variety of everyday objects to create some really cool effects. You really can print with anything from building blocks to celery!

Fun painting projects for kids - printing

Special Effects Painting

There are so many fun ideas to try in this chapter! Have a go at blowing paint with a straw to create a new crazy hairstyle, mix up your own coffee paints to make an ancient treasure map or take the paint blob challenge.  These are just a few of the many special effects paintings for you to try in this chapter.  

Fun painting projects for kids - special effects painting


Outdoor Interactive Painting

Go big and get messy with these fun outdoor painting projects. Try squirting water guns filled with paint, have a go at pendulum painting or make your own bubble painting potions! The painting projects in this chapter are perfect for doing with a group of family or friends.

Fun painting projects for kids - outdoor painting

Create a Masterpiece

Be inspired by the great artists of the world and learn to paint like the masters. Can you make colorful rectangles like Piet Mondrian, water lilies like Claude Monet or sunflowers like Vincent Van Gogh?

Fun painting projects for kids - famous artists

Imaginative Mixed Media Projects

Use your imagination and try mixing together different materials or painting techniques. Make your own paintbrushes and use them to paint cardboard wings, get a group of family and friends together to create a giant painting or design and paint a castle of your dreams. 

Fun painting projects for kids - imaginative and mixed media projects

Whatever your interests, ability or age there really is something for everyone in this book of fun painting projects.

A special thank-you to my amazing children, Harry, Daisy and Ollie who have created some of the wonderful artwork in the book - Photography by Jen Allan Photography

Fun painting projects for kids book

Fun Painting Projects for Kids Book

Fun Painting Projects for Kids Book Reviews

Read some of the reviews below to see what other people think about the book:

"Louise makes learning to paint for kids fun and educational"
Kimberly McLeod, creator of

"If you are looking for some easy and super fun art projects for kids, this is the book for you! Louise has brought together a fantastic set of art ideas that kids will LOVE".
Maggy Woodley, author of Easy Paper Projects and creator of Red Ted Art

"This book has so many projects that are not only fun for kids, but are totally do-able and are so cute! I love the many different techniques Louise explores with each of these arts and crafts activities!"
Michelle Nash, creator of

"Louise has created a real gem here! This is a fantastic book bursting with enjoyable art projects for kids!"
Amy Powell, creator of

"This is a wonderful collection of painting projects designed to captivate. Louise's ability to tap into a child's natural artistic abilities and her passion for art is evident on each page. This is a must-read for anyone hunting the best book of art inspirations."
Mandisa Watts, creator of Happy Toddler Playtime

"Louise's art projects are colorful, fun and engaging. There are lots of ideas for kids of all ages."
Stefania Luca, author of Paper Crafts for Kids

"This book is packed full with so many creative and colorful painting projects! This is an absolute must-have for hours of fun! 
Jackie Cravener, creator of

"Louise always amazes me with her endless creativity. The large variety of painting projects and fun techniques are sure to get kids excited about painting!"
Amanda Vasquez, owner of and

Fun painting projects for kids book

I hope that you love, 'Fun Painting Projects for Kids', as much as I do! Enjoy!

Fun painting Projects for Kids Activities

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