Easy Heart Painting Using Oil Pastels and Watercolour Paints

Here we have a beautiful and easy heart painting idea for you to get stuck into!  Take a few minutes to sit down and relax as you use oil pastels and watercolour paints to create a stunning piece of heart art. Kids will love this heart painting idea and it is surprisingly relaxing to paint. 

heart painting


Heart art is always popular around Valentine's Day, but it also works really well for Mother's Day or actually, any day of the year! 

This easy heart painting would look stunning framed and hung on the wall, you could even choose colours to match your decor.

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Easy heart painting using oil pastels and watercolour paints

Heart Painting Using Oil Pastels and Watercolour Paints

Easy Heart Painting - Supplies

  • A6 watercolour paper (or larger if you prefer)
  • Oil Pastels
  • Watercolour paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Water 

heart painting supplies

Heart Art for Kids - Directions

STEP 1: Draw hearts using oil pastels

Take a piece of watercolour paper and use an oil pastel in the colour of your choice to draw a heart in the centre of the paper. Then switch to a different coloured oil pastel and draw a slightly larger heart around the first. Repeat using different colour oil pastels until your piece of paper is filled with hearts. 

Heart painting - draw hearts with oil pastels

STEP 2: Paint hearts using watercolour paint

Now take your watercolour paints and paint the first heart in the colour of your choice. Then paint each of the remaining hearts in a different colour. The oil in the oil pastels will resist the water in the watercolour paint, making it easy to paint within the heart outlines. 

easy heart painting

STEP 3: Mount heart painting (optional)

Your heart painting is now complete. Leave it to dry and then if you would like to you can mount or frame the heart painting. 

watercolour heart painting

This heart art can also be used to make a greeting card that would be great for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. To make a greeting card fold a piece of coloured cardstock in half and trim it so it is slightly larger than your heart painting. Then glue your painting to the front of the folded cardstock and add a personalised message inside. 

Easy heart painting for kids

We hope that you have a lot of fun creating your heart painting and that you find making your heart art as relaxing as we did!

Heart art -heart painting for kids using oil pastels and watercolour paint

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