Pointillism Heart Art - Printable Included!

Whether you want to encourage kids to learn more about art or you're looking for a fun heart themed activity, our Pointillism Heart Art checks all the boxes!

pointillism heart art

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Our heart themed Pointillism Art is a perfect opportunity to help your little ones learn more about art and have tons of fun!


What is Pointillism?

Georges Seurat created Pointillism along with Paul Signac back in the mid-1880s. This unique technique began a whole new way of making and looking at art. Pointillism was based on paintings with tiny little dots, without mixing colors!

Artist would use simple colours straight from the tube and place all the tiny dots close together. This technique created a wonderful optical illusion. Once you looked at the painting from afar, all the little dots would blend, forming different shades and hues. 

At first, traditional painters were not interested in this new art form, but Pointillism soon became popular. Pointillism created a beautiful new way to look at art, and many key figures in the art world have created marvelous artworks using it.

It's not the first time we dip our toes on this awesome technique. We've done Pointillism Snowflake Art, Pointillism Leaf Art for kids, and looked at Georges Seurat for kids - all inspired by Pointillism art!

And today, we're doing it again! This kid-friendly heart art project is super simple to put together and a perfect option to add some art to your everyday playtime. It requires nothing but our awesome heart printable and some coloured pencils or markers! 

heart art for kids

Pointillism Heart Art

Pointillism Art - Supplies:

  • Our heart template
  • Markers or pencils of various colors OR
  • Paint, q-tips, or toothpicks (alternative option)

Heart Art - Instructions:

STEP 1: Download heart template and print

To begin this fun heart art project, scroll down below and get a copy of our ready-to-print heart template.

printable heart template

STEP 2: Color your heart out with dots!

Prepare the surface you will be working on and get the template and the markers ready. Pick your favourite coloured markers or pencils and cover your hearts with little dots.

heart template

STEP 3: Add some dots.

To add more dimension to this Pointillism art project, make dots in different sizes. Just like the pioneers of this technique used to do!

pointillism art for kids

STEP 4: Add variety.

If you want to add a more eye-catching effect, you could also outline some of the dots and use different markers. 

dot art

Alternative Option!

A super fun alternative version of this art project is to make all the little dots using cotton swabs or toothpicks dipped in paint. It gets a bit messier than using just markers, but it's super fun, and it also allows kids to work on their fine-motor skills in a fun way!

easy pointillism art

We've added two versions of our heart template below. One that is perfect to use as wall art and another that's smaller in size. We loved using the smaller design to make Valentine's Day cards! Simply fold it in half, write your message, and you have a lovely card ready to be given as a gift!


To download this heart art template for free click on the link below and use the discount code:heart. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

heart art template

We hope you have lots of fun with this pointillism art project for kids and that you display your heart art with pride! 

Heart art for kids. Pointillism art with heart template.

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