Exploring Famous Artists for Kids - Fun Art Projects inspired by Artists

You are going to love these famous artists' art projects for kids! Exploring famous artists for kids is lots of fun and a great opportunity to expose even the youngest children to new art processes and techniques. Teaching kids about art history can inspire some exciting artist-inspired art projects.

Famous artists for kids

Scroll down to see a selection of our favourite art ideas inspired by famous artists for kids. There are some art ideas for preschoolers (and even toddlers) as well as there being plenty of ideas that are suitable for older school-aged children or even adults!

Famous artists art projects for kids

Famous Artists for Kids

You are never too young to appreciate art! There are lots of exciting art projects for kids shared in this list inspired by famous artists. I love that there is something for all ages, abilities and tastes. The art and craft ideas shared involve lots of different art processes and they are suitable for a large range of ages, some for children as young as toddlers or preschoolers.

Explore a new famous artist each day, each week or each month. There are plenty of ideas here to get you started.

You might also like to take a look at our famous artists for kids printables! In this printable bundle we have included project ideas, artist studies and templates for 20 famous artists.

famous artists for kids

Famous Artist Art Projects for Kids

Scroll through the list below and click on the links to try out some fun kids' activities inspired by famous artists. We would love you to share your art projects with us!

So let's start with some of our own art projects inspired by famous artists.

Famous artists art ideas for kids

Kandinsky Art Projects for Kids

Kandinsky Circles

Making art with circles is fun and easy, especially with our templates. These Kandinsky Circles are made with bold, beautiful colours that pop off the page. This project is inspired by the Russian painter Kandinsky and his famous Squares with Concentric Circles.

Kandinsky circles famous artists for kids

Kandinsky Bead Craft

Recreating works of art using different media is an excellent way for kids to experiment in fun and creative ways. Our Kandinsky Concentric Circles Bead Art is a cute twist on the artist's painting using beads of various colours and sizes.

Kandinsky circles bead craft. Exploring famous artists for kids.

Kandinsky Shape Art

Introduce kids to new shapes as well as a famous artist with our Kandinsky Shape Art project. It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are just learning their shapes, but it can be an excellent lesson in artistic methods and art history for older children as well.

Kandinsky shape art for kids

Kandinsky Tree Art Project

Be inspired by Kandinsky's circles and make a Kandinsky Tree. This art project is created using quilling and our printable tree template. 

Famous artists for kids - Kandinsky tree

Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art Project

Here is another Kandinsky-inspired tree, but this time a Christmas tree. Again be inspired by Kandinsky's Concentric Circles and use our printable to create your own Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art Project

Kandinsky Christmas tree art project - famous artists for kids

Andy Warhol Art Projects for Kids

Andy Warhol Pop Art

Kids will enjoy making this colourful Andy Warhol Pop Art for Kids using their own pictures and fun colours. It's a wonderful project for learning about colours and exploring different art mediums. Use crayons, markers, or watercolours to paint the photos with bright colours and make them pop.

Famous artists for kids - Andy Warhol pop art

Flower Pop Art

Our Flower Pop Art is another project in Andy Warhol's style that's perfect for spring and summer. Turn these gorgeous flowers into a card for Mother's Day or any occasion.

Andy Warhol inspired pop art for kids

Leaf Pop Art

Head outdoors and grab some leaves to use for this Leaf Printing Pop Art. This is a fun pop art project inspired by Andy Warhol that children of all ages will have fun doing. 

We also have a similar apple printing pop art project

Leaf printing pop art for kids - Andy Warhol inspired

We have lots more Pop Art Projects for Kids inspired by Andy Warhol and other famous pop artists as well as an Andy Warhol-inspired Pop Art Projects for Kids Printable Pack

Pop Art Projects for Kids

Picasso Art Projects for Kids

Picasso Playdough Faces

Who says playdough is just for preschoolers? Young and old kids alike will love making these Picasso Playdough Faces while learning about Pablo Picasso's works. He believed that every child is an artist, so it's fitting to use playdough to encourage artistic creativity from the very start.

Picasso playdough faces. Famous artists for kids.

Picasso Snowman

Here is a fun take on a Picasso-inspired art project that is perfect for winter. This Picasso Snowman Craft is made using our printable template and kids will have a lot of fun as they colour and then move around the shapes to create their own Picasso-inspired snowman. 

Famous artist art projects for kids - Picasso snowman

Van Gogh Art Projects for Kids

Starry Night Foil Painting

This Starry Night Foil Painting is an easy process art activity, and this particular project is inspired by Van Gogh. Use q-tips as paintbrushes to swirl the beautiful blue colours around on the foil. It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to work on fine motor skills and colour mixing.

Starry Night Yarn Craft

Think outside of paint when you're recreating works by famous artists. Our Starry Night Yarn Craft is a creative tribute to the famous artist's most popular work. The swirly sky, moon, and stars are made with yarn pieces in various shades of blue, yellow, black, and green.

Van Gogh Yarn Craft. Famous artists for kids.

Van Gogh Sunflower Art

This bright and colourful Van Gogh Sunflower Art will be a welcome addition to your summer and fall crafts. Use our printable sunflowers template along with playdough to recreate this gorgeous work of art. Making it with playdough adds a fun twist to the artist's famous Sunflowers in a vase that's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Van Gogh Sunflowers famous artists for kids

Another fun way to use our Van Gogh sunflower template is to create your own Van Gogh Sunflower Painting with Spices.  This art project not only looks great, it smells great too! 

Van Gogh sunflower painting - famous artists for kids

Claude Monet Art Projects for Kids

Claude Monet Bridges Art Project

Create a wall-worthy piece of art while exploring art history and painting. Our Claude Monet Bridges Art can be done with brushes or with fingers! In fact, fingerpaints are perfect for this project and are a great way to work in sensory activity.

famous artists - Claude Monet art for kids

Claude Monet Water Lilies Art

Use a paper plate, paint, and cupcake liners to make this gorgeous Claude Monet Inspired Water Lilies Craft. It is an excellent finger painting project for toddlers and preschoolers; kids love messy art like this. The lily pads are made of pink and green cupcake liners. Glue them to your finger-painted paper plate canvas, and you're all set.

Claude Monet water lilies painting .  Exploring famous artists for kids.

Georgia O Keeffe Art Projects for kids

Georgia O'Keeffe Flower Painting

Learn about colours and shapes in nature by studying flowers just like this famous artist. Our Georgia O'Keeffe Flower Painting for Kids is a beautiful hands-on activity to encourage artistic expression and creativity.

famous artists for kids. Georgia O'Keefe flower painting

Oil Pastel Poppies

These big, bright Oil Pastel Poppies inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe are perfect for Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, or to enjoy making gorgeous flower art. Our poppy flower template makes it easy to create a wall-worthy piece of art, or you can display it in your window for your neighbours to see in honor of our heroes.

Famous artists for kids - Georgia o Keeffe poppy craft

Gustav Klimt Art Projects for Kids

Gustav Klimt Tree of Life

Our Gustav Klimt Tree of Life Project for Kids is a simplified but beautiful version of the Austrian-born painter's famous work. We've recreated a golden-coloured background using orange and yellow tissue paper along with Mod Podge. We then incorporated elements of his tree into our own, such as the curly branches and the black and white circles in the tree. Add elements like metallic beads, sequins, or glitter to make it sparkle.

Gustav Klimt tree of life famous artists crafts for kids.

Andy Goldsworthy Art for Kids

If you love incorporating nature into your kids' artwork, you'll love this post on Andy Goldsworthy for Kids. Spend a sunny afternoon gathering the perfect leaves for this project, and then head indoors to make your artwork. Our printable Goldsworthy template helps kids arrange their leaves in a spiral if they need a little extra help. But you don't have to use leaves. You could use flower petals, sticks, rocks, or even dirt to create your Goldsworthy-inspired art.

Famous artists for kids - Andy Goldsworthy

Roy Lichtenstein Art Projects for Kids

Roy Lichtenstein Sunrise

Brighten up your day with this Sunrise Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art for Kids. He's famous for using dots in his artwork, so what better way to incorporate that element than by painting on bubble wrap? His cartoonish style and use of primary colours make him an excellent study for kids of all ages.

Famous Artists Roy Lichtenstein pop art for kids

Edvard Munch Art Projects for Kids

Edvard Munch The Scream Painting

Another fun way to use your child's photo is in this version of Edvard Munch's The Scream Painting for Kids. This spooky self-portrait is perfect for Halloween or any time of year for an art study or a study of emotional expression. Recreate this famous work easily with our printable template and your child's picture. The kids are sure to love this art lesson!

Famous artists for kids - Edvard Munch The Scream Painting

Georges Seurat Art Projects for Kids

Georges Seurat Pointillism - Bathers at Asnieres

Kids can put their fine motor skills on display with this colourful and fun Georges Seurat Pointillism Art for Kids. Seurat studied both art and optics and created the style we now know as Pointillism, which became his signature technique. This project is based on his work Bathers at Asnieres.

Seurat Pointillism art for kids - famous artists for kids

You can also check out these Q Tip Painting Ideas.

Paul Klee Art Projects for Kids

Paul Klee Fish Magic

Explore colours and shapes with this fun Paul Klee Fish Magic Scratch Art. You probably made scratch art yourself as a kid using crayons or those pre-made scratch sheets. This is an upgraded version using oil pastels and black acrylic paint for more vibrant and long-lasting colours. Kids can work on their fine motor skills using the cocktail stick (or a toothpick) to scratch their designs into the black paint.

Paul Klee Fish Magic - Famous artist art projects for kids.

Klee Printable

Use our Klee Easter Egg Printable to create a fun Easter craft inspired by Paul Klee. Use colouring crayons or paint and get creative! 

Paul Klee Printable art project- Famous artists for kids

Frida Kahlo Art Projects for Kids

Frida is well-known for her self-portraits and flower headdresses. See if you can make your own Frida Kahlo Flower Pot following our simple directions. 

Frida Kahlo - famous artists for kids

Hokusai Art Project for Kids

The Great Wave off Kanagawa Art

Recreate The Great Wave off Kanagawa Art using our printable template and food colouring! This is a great art project to learn about the famous Japanese artist Hokusai as well as explore value in art. 

The great wave art project - famous artists for kids

Rene Magritte Bird Art Project 

Use our bird template and a simple painting technique to create your own version of Rene Magritte Bird Art

Rene Magritte bird art project - famous artists for kids

Rousseau Art Project for Kids

Henri Rousseau Inspired Jungle Art

Take a look at Rousseau's famous jungle paintings and be inspired to create your own Rousseau-inspired jungle craft. You can use our printable to help you create the background along with a few real leaves. Then get creative as you add a selection of your favourite jungle animals to your art project.

Rousseau jungle craft - famous artist art projects for kids

Henri Rousseau Toucan Art Project

Use our toucan printable along with inspiration from Henri Rousseau's Toucan painting to create your own Henri Rousseau Toucan Art Project. We experimented with blending oil pastels using q tips for this art project. 

Henri Rousseau toucan art project - famous artists for kids

Henri Rousseau Tiger Painting

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw a tiger. This tiger drawing and painting is inspired by Henri Rousseau's Tiger in a Tropical Storm painting. 

Henri Rousseau Tiger in a Tropical Storm Painting - famous artists for kids

Henri Matisse Art Project for Kids

Matisse Collage

Use our Matisse shape printable to make your own Matisse collage. This art project is super easy to make and great for learning about colour, composition and shape. 

Matisse collage art project for kids

Famous Artists for Kids Printables

If you enjoy finding out about famous artists and doing art projects inspired by their work check out our famous artist printable bundle! We have included project ideas, artist studies and templates for 20 famous artists.

famous artists for kids

Our book 'Fun Painting Projects for Kids' is perfect for creative kids and it includes a chapter on Famous Artists.

Fun Painting Projects for Kids

Here are a few examples of the artist-inspired painting projects included in the book. To find out more about the 60 fun art projects for kids included click on the image below. 

Painting projects for kids - famous artists

More Art Projects for Kids Inspired by Famous Artists

Here are some more famous artist-inspired art projects from some of our favourite websites. 

famous artists for kids - fun art projects for kids

Gustav Klimt - Exploring Patterns

You'll find so many creative ideas for Exploring Patterns with Gustav Klimt by Teach Beside Me. Klimt's works have incredible detail and patterns in them, and it's interesting to see how your children interpret and recreate the famous works in their own style.

Exploring patterns with Gustav Klimt - Exploring Famous Artists for kids

Georges Seurat - Fingerprint Pointillism

This simple Fingerprint Pointillism Painting for Kids by B-Inspired Mama is great for toddlers and preschoolers as an introductory lesson into art history and pointillism. Keeping the paint contained to the sponges is also a brilliant idea to reduce the mess from fingerpainting.

Georges Seurat fingerprint pointillism painting - Exploring famous artists for kids.

Frida Kahlo - Flower Crown

Frida Kahlo is a famous Latina artist known for her self-portraits and elaborate headpieces. Celebrate this talented woman by making this Frida Kahlo-inspired flower headband craft by Hispanic Mama. You could also have your child draw a self-portrait of themselves wearing the flower crown. (link no longer available)

Frida Kahlo flower crown- Explore famous artists for kids

Henri Matisse - The Snail

Children will love the work of Henri Matisse, who is well-known for his later works involving assembling pieces of gouache-painted paper into semi-abstract art. These Matisse Inspired Snail Pictures by Witty Hoots are easy to recreate using torn pieces of tissue paper to create a snail-like spiral on the page.

Henri Matisse inspired the snail collage - Exploring famous artists for kids

Jackson Pollock Action Painting

Find some objects in your home to try this Action Painting Like Jackson Pollock activity by Something 2 Offer. Here they've used a fork, a spiky ball, an aspirator, etc. You can try some of those and droppers, squeeze bottles, or anything you can spray, splatter, drip, or brush paint across the canvas with.

Jackson Polluck inspired action painting - exploring famous artists for kids

Picasso - Colouring with Emotion

Picasso is famous for his Blue Period, which conveyed his sadness and depression. This Colouring with Emotion activity from Royal Baloo is a kid-friendly way to delve into how we can use colours to convey emotions in art.

Picasso inspired art for kids- Colouring with emotion.  Exploring famous artists.

Piet Mondrian Inspired Art Project

Piet Mondrian used black lines and primary colours to create squares and rectangles. This Piet Mondrian Inspired Art Project by Learning and Exploring Through Play goes through creating Mondrian-inspired suncatchers on clear plates. However, you can paint them on a white background if you don't plan on making suncatchers.

Piet Mondrian preschool art. Exploring famous artists for kids

Dale Chihuly Action Painting

While Dale Chihuly is known for his glass blowing and sculptures, you'll find his painting techniques fascinating and unconventional. Try this Dale Chihuly Action Painting for Kids by Innovation Kids Lab using tools that will allow you to create big movements with your art, such as rollers, brooms, squeegees, and more. You'll be surprised at the art you can create!

Dale Chihuly inspired canvas art - Movement action painting for kids. Exploring famous artists series.

Romero Britto - Colourful Artwork

Kids will love the artwork of modern-day pop artist Romero Britto. His use of vibrant colours and bold patterns make him a great study for children of all ages. His art has a childlike quality that really resonates with kids. Creating your own Vibrant Artwork Inspired by Romero Britto like Artsy Momma is easy. Just print off some simple colouring pages, add your own lines and patterns to the page, and then fill it in with colour!

Romero Britto- Colourful Pop Art Artwork for kids.  Exploring famous artists.

Kandinsky Concentric Circles in Squares

These Concentric Circles in Squares by Mum in the Madhouse are the perfect collaborative project for a group of kids. Whether you're working in a classroom or making these with your own kids at home, you'll love displaying the finished project for all to see. Kandinsky heard music when he saw colours and saw colours when he listened to music, so you may want to listen to music while you work to see what sort of feelings and colours it evokes for you.

Kandinsky art project for kids.  Concentric circles in squares.  Exploring famous artists.

Van Gogh - Sunset on the Fields

Explore light and shadows with Van Gogh's Sunset on the Fields by My Bright Firefly. Kids learn to use short brush strokes to create layers of paint rather than mixing colours. This relaxing painting will remind you of the sun setting on a day well spent.

Vincent Van Gogh Sunset on the Fields painting activity for kids

Louise Nevelson - Art Frames

Created framed art sculptures inspired by Louise Nevelson. Nevelson is known for collecting items into wood boxes and then painting them in a monochromatic style, usually black, white, or gold. This project by Scribble, Doodle, and Draw is a terrific way to use found objects or recycle unwanted items to create artworks.

Louise Nevelson art frame idea for kids - Exploring famous artists

We hope that you have fun exploring some of these art projects for kids inspired by famous artists. Don't forget about our Famous Artists for Kids Printables. These printable packs are fantastic if you want artist biographies, art projects ideas inspired by famous artists and printables to use for your art projects all in one bundle. 

Here are some more art projects for kids that you might enjoy :

Famous artists for kids. Fun art projects for kids.

Now all you ned to decide is which of these famous artists for kids' projects you want to try first! Have fun!

Exploring famous artists with kids.  A series of art projects inspired by artists. Suitable for kids of all ages from toddlers/ preschoolers upwards.

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