Exploring Famous Artists

Exploring famous artists is lots of fun and a great opportunity to expose even the youngest children to new art processes and techniques. Teaching kids about art history can inspire some exciting artist inspired art projects. 

Exploring famous artists with kids.  A series of art projects inspired by artists. Suitable for kids of all ages from toddlers/ preschoolers upwards.

Take a look at our list of 35 process art ideas in our FUN PAINTING TECHNIQUES CHALLENGE

This month we are joined by an amazing group of bloggers as we explore a new famous artist each day. You are never too young to appreciate art! There are lots of exciting projects being shared suitable for all ages, some for children as young as toddlers or preschoolers.

Keep checking back each day and click on the links below to try out some fun kids activities inspired by famous artists. We would love you to share your art projects to our facebook page. 

(Messy Little Monster)

Claude Monet water lilies painting .  Exploring famous artists for kids.

(Teach Beside Me)

Exploring patterns with Gustav Klimt - Exploring Famous Artists for kids

(B-Inspired Mama)

Georges Seurat fingerprint pointillism painting - Exploring famous artists for kids.

(Crafty Kids At Home)

Kandinsky lines and circles- Exploring famous artists for kids.

(Hispanic Mama)

Frida Kahlo flower crown- Explore famous artists for kids

(Peakle Pie)

Henri Matisse inspired the snail collage - Exploring famous artists for kids

(Something 2 Offer)

Jackson Polluck inspired action painting - exploring famous artists for kids

(Royal Baloo)

Picasso inspired art for kids- Colouring with emotion.  Exploring famous artists.

(Learning And Exploring Through Play)

Piet Mondrian preschool art. Exploring famous artists for kids

(Handmade Kids Art)

Dale Chihuly inspired canvas art - Movement action painting for kids. Exploring famous artists series.

(Artsy Momma)

Romero Britto- Colourful Pop Art Artwork for kids.  Exploring famous artists.

(Tuff Spot Play)

Van Gogh process art for toddlers / preschoolers.  Tuff spot / tray activities for kids. Exploring famous artists.

(Mum In The Mad House)

Kandinsky art project for kids.  Concentric circles in squares.  Exploring famous artists.

(My Bright Firefly)

Vincent Van Gogh Sunset on the Fields painting activity for kids

(Planet Smarty Pants)

Marc Chagall glue resist art for kids- exploring famous artists

(Scribble Doodle and Draw)

Louise Nevelson art frame idea for kids - Exploring famous artists

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