Fun Christmas Art Projects for Kids

Wondering what to do with the kids this Christmas? We've got you covered! Check out some easy and fun Christmas Art Projects for Kids that will keep them entertained and educated. They'll learn about famous artists and art techniques, create color combinations, try working with new mediums, and more. 

Christmas art projects for kids


Not only are these art projects educational and fun, but they're a fantastic way to spend time together during the holidays. Many of them are terrific for arts and crafts in the classroom, too. Scan this list, grab your materials, and start creating some festive art with the kids this holiday season.

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Christmas art projects to make

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Christmas Art Projects for Preschoolers

We've made loads of easy Christmas art projects for kids here at Messy Little Monster over the years. Here are 10 of our favorites, and many can be adapted for older children as well.

Santa Pop Art

Santa is one of the most beloved Christmas figures, so it's no wonder we're kicking off our series with some Santa pop art. Andy Warhol's silkscreen prints inspire this Christmas art project. Kids can explore different color combinations and learn about the works of an iconic contemporary artist. Fold the art in half to make a lovely Christmas card for someone.

Santa pop art - Christmas art project for kids


Christmas Salt Painting

Deck your halls with colorful Christmas salt paintings this year. You only need a few simple materials to get started—glue, salt, watercolors, paintbrushes, and printable templates. The kids can get started right away! We've included templates to make salt-painted ornaments, snowflakes, and a Christmas tree.

Christmas themed raised salt painting - Christmas art project


Kandinsky-Inspired Christmas Tree Art

Kids will love experimenting with different color combinations to make this gorgeous Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art. It is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's 'Squares with Concentric Circles' and is a fun and festive study on modern Abstract art. He is known for showing emotion through color.

Kandinsky Christmas tree - Christmas art project


Dali Christmas Tree Craft

Introduce kids to the world of surrealist art with this unusual Dali Christmas Tree Craft featuring his famous mustache and melting clocks. Use our free template to get started on this Christmas art idea in no time.

Dali Christmas tree craft - Christmas art project for kids


Fingerprint Christmas Lights Frame

Our Fingerprint Christmas Lights art project is the perfect personalized gift for friends and family. Draw a wiggly line around the mat in a frame, and let the kids get to work adding their colorful fingerprints to create Christmas lights. Don't forget to add a key to the back so you can remember which fingerprints belonged to which child.

Fingerprint Christmas lights craft - Christmas art project for preschoolers


Christmas Tree Greeting Cards

We made the beautiful patterns on these Christmas tree greeting cards using our salad spinner! This is a fun process art technique that gets different yet gorgeous results every time. Take the spun art out, cut it into tree shapes, and add them to the front of your cards. 

Christmas tree greeting cards - Christmas art projects for preschoolers


Christmas Rock Paintings

These Christmas painted rocks will make cute and festive decorations for the season! Give them as gifts (paperweights) or hide them around your community for others to find. We have instructions for making a Christmas tree, a gift, Santa, and a reindeer.

Christmas rock painting - Christmas art projects for kids


Mondrian Ornaments

Download our Mondrian ornament template to learn more about this artist and make some interesting paper ornaments for your tree. Mondrian's work is known for strong geometric lines and primary colors, and these ornaments fit the bill!

Mondrian ornaments - Christmas art projects for kids


Christmas Tree Line Art

Our Christmas tree line art project is a merry study in line art, but toddlers and preschoolers can color in the coloring page without drawing lines. Older kids will love adding diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines to create visual interest.

Christmas tree line art - Christmas art projects for kids


Squish Art Christmas Trees

Kids will love these squish art Christmas trees made by folding paint between two page halves and squishing it to smear the paint on both sides. It's a sensory activity and process art in one!

Squish Art Christmas tree craft - Christmas art projects for preschoolers


Christmas Art Projects for Kids

Need more artsy ideas? These holiday projects are sure to please, and they'll have your home or classroom looking great for the holidays. Plus, the kids can help make wrapping paper and cards for gifts for friends and family!

Christmas art projects for preschoolers


Christmas Silhouette Handprint Art

There are so many fun layers to this Christmas handprint art from The Craft Train. First, kids will create a gorgeous gradient background using liquid watercolors. Then, they'll add a layer of salt to create a stunning textured effect. Finally, they'll add their handprints to silhouette shapes to create a truly unique piece of art.

Christmas silhouette handprint art project


Dip Dyed Wrapping Paper

Make wrapping presents a little more fun this year by making your own wrapping paper! This dip-dyed wrapping paper by Picklebums is a beautiful Christmas art project that the whole family can get involved in. 

dip dyed wrapping paper - Christmas art project for kids


Christmas Leaf Painting

Incorporate nature into your holiday art projects. This Christmas leaf painting by The Craft Train is a beautiful way of using leaves and paint to create a modern and minimalistic tree to add to your decor.

Christmas leaf painting - Christmas art projects for kids


Paint Scrape Christmas Trees

Paint scraping is such a fun art technique. Use a piece of cardboard or any object with a hard edge to make these lovely paint scrape Christmas trees by Hello, Wonderful. We love the use of bright, bold colors, but you can stick to traditional Christmas colors if you prefer, too.

Paint scrape Christmas trees - Christmas art project


Design a Decoration

Perhaps your kids prefer somewhat open-ended art projects. This design a decoration activity from Picklebums is a great choice! Kids can decorate the ornaments or trees any way they'd like. Then, cut them out to hang them on your tree for unique decor that you won't find anywhere else.

Design a decoration - Christmas art project


Gingerbread House Painting

Decorating a real gingerbread house can get messy, and it only lasts for a while. This lovely gingerbread house painting by Projects with Kids can go in the scrapbook to be preserved for ages and brought out year after year. This project uses the watercolor resist technique with oil pastels, which creates beautiful results. You can see this process at work in the snowflakes, roof, lollipop, and snow.

Gingerbread house painting - Christmas art projects


Watercolor Christmas Tree Cards

Surprise friends and family with their own unique watercolor Christmas tree cards. This project by Rhythms of Play is so easy; your kids can even recycle old watercolor paintings and turn them into trees if they'd like.

watercolour Christmas tree cards - kids Christmas art project


Pointillism Christmas Tree

It's incredible how you can create anything out of tiny little dots. This pointillism Christmas tree by Coffee and Carpool is a festive way to teach kids about the pointillism technique while making some cute decorations to display around the home. It's a great classroom activity for the holidays, too.

Pointillism Christmas tree - Christmas art project


Christmas Light Art

Your kids will love this Christmas light chalk stencil art by Buggy and Buddy. Colored chalk looks bright and vibrant against the black paper background. The lights really look like they're glowing!

Christmas lights art - Christmas art projects


Tinfoil Art Ornaments

Take a break from cookie-cutter Christmas crafts that all look the same to make some art that's more open-ended and individualized. These tinfoil process art ornaments by Fantastic Fun and Learning allow children to explore a new painting technique and work on fine motor skills. Each ornament will look different depending on the color combinations and movements used to make the designs. 

Tin foil process art - Christmas art projects for kids


Christmas Light Painting

The simple act of stamping paint using ordinary objects can create beautiful results. Take this Christmas light painting from Sparkling Buds, for instance. Children as young as toddlers can use a bottle dipped in paint to stamp out lots of lights, and an adult can draw the swirly line connecting them. This is a cute DIY wrapping paper idea. 

Christmas light painting - Christmas art projects for kids


Chalk Pastel Christmas Tree

How gorgeous is this chalk pastel Christmas tree from Projects with Kids that looks like it's shining against the night sky? Using chalk pastels is messy, but they're worth it when you get beautiful, vivid, colorful results like this. This is a wonderful project that helps kids work on blending as well as creating reflections and glow in their artwork.

Chalk pastel Christmas tree - Christmas art project


Symmetry Christmas Tree

Take a break from your usual work to learn about symmetry. This project from Buggy and Buddy is a fun art and math activity combined. Make symmetry Christmas tree art using classic holiday colors or experiment with different color combinations for something bold and bright. 

Symmetry Christmas tree - Christmas art projects

We hope you've found a few ideas for your holiday arts and crafts. These Christmas art projects should keep your kids creating all during December. Enjoy!

Christmas art projects

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