Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift idea for under £30? There are some people that are just really hard to buy for however hard you try.  Maybe there are some men in your life that seem to have everything already? or maybe there is a teenager that is at that awkward I'm not a child, but not an adult yet either stage? or maybe you just want to find a gift idea that really stands out from all the other gifts a loved one will receive this Christmas? This fun and unique gift list has it all covered!

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas Under £30 for men, women, teenagers, tweens, boys, girls, kids.

Make a set of adorable fingerprint snowman ornaments with the kids this Christmas. Using salt dough or air dry clay this easy Christmas craft makes a fantastic keepsake or gift for family and friends. This winter themed activity is perfect for toddlers or preschoolers just learning to draw as they can add their own face to the snowman as well as using their fingerprints for the buttons. 

Fingerprint Snowman Christmas Ornament.  An easy kids craft and keepsake using salt dough or air dry clay. Perfect for a toddler or preschoolers Winter or Christmas project.
Introduce The Kindness Elves to your family this Christmas as an alternative to the ever popular Christmas tradition of elf on the shelf. The magical kindness elves sprinkle kindness wherever they go and in a fun and playful way they teach children how to be kind and thoughtful. The kindness elves encourage children to do small acts of kindness in their everyday life.

The Kindness Elves as an alternative to the popular kids Christmas tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Encouraging small acts of kindness and good deeds these magical elves teach children how to be kind and thoughtful.

Help young children to learn their numbers with our printable Christmas tree fingerprint counting activity. Toddlers and preschoolers will love using their painty fingerprints or colourful buttons to count 'ornaments' onto numbered Christmas trees. This hands on printable activity is such a fun way for kids to work on number recognition and counting skills.

Free printable Christmas tree counting activity. A fun fingerprint counting idea for toddlers and preschoolers working on early counting and number recognition. Great for a Winter or Christmas project.

Here is a collection of adorable DIY keepsake craft ideas. Everything is on the list from baby footprints, to toddler paintings, to preschoolers first drawings. Older kids will be able to make many of these keepsake craft ideas themselves.  What beautiful memories to treasure!

DIY keepsake craft ideas.  Baby keepsakes, toddler keepsakes, preschooler keepsakes and keepsakes for older kids. Includes clay keepsakes, child's drawing keepsakes, salt dough keepsakes, fingerprint keepsakes and handprint and footprint art.
As it gets colder and we head towards Winter we are definitely hoping for snow this year.  Here is a collection of our favourite snow, snowman and snowflake crafts and activities for kids. There are activities suitable for all the family, from toddlers and preschoolers upwards. 
Snow, snowman and snowflake themed Winter crafts and activities for kids. Suitable for all the family from toddlers and preschoolers upwards.
It's time to start writing those all important letters to Santa. We have 3 different printable letters available to download and print out for free. There are 3 cute Christmas designs to choose from that include a reindeer, santa or holly. The lined paper is left blank for you to add your own message to Santa. 

Free printable letters to Santa. Blank Christmas writing paper to download and print out. These Dear Santa letters are great for preschoolers and older kids with lined paper and cute Christmas pictures.

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