Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art for Kids - Sunrise Template Included!

Enjoy an arty session and make a sunrise art project in the style of Roy Lichtenstein! This Pop Art for Kids project inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's famous Sunrise is a wonderful activity to explore art history with your kids, all whilst encouraging their own creativity and having a fun time! Scroll down for the sunrise template and for full directions to make your own Roy Lichtenstein inspired Sunrise pop art.

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art for Kids - Sunrise Template Included!

In this post, we're sharing an easy and fun technique kids of all ages can work with to create their own pop art artwork! 

We have recreated this famous work of Roy Lichtenstein - in a kid-friendly way. His cartoon-inspired work and use of primary colours is very child friendly so perfect for a pop art for kids art project. 

Lichtenstein's technique of using Ben-Day dots in his artwork caused quite the uproar in the art circles back in the 60' when he first became a household name and his approach to art still inspires many to this day and it's obvious as to why. 

He created the 'Sunrise' later in his life when his work had changed into a more abstract style but still had his legendary signature all over, mostly due to his dotted technique.

And Roy Lichtenstein's use of Ben-Day dots is exactly what inspired us to create this kid friendly art project!

Scroll down for the printable pop art sunrise template 

Roy Lichtenstein for kids

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Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art for Kids

Pop Art for Kids inspired by Roy Lichtenstein - Supplies:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Sharpies or markers
  • Paper craft
  • Printable template

Pop Art for Kids inspired by Roy Lichtenstein - Instructions:

STEP 1: Print out the template.

Prepare your workstation and gather all of your supplies. Grab the free sunrise template below and print it out. 

Roy Lichtenstein Sunrise Template

STEP 2: Get the bubble wrap ready.

Take your bubble wrap and cut it to fit the paper you'll be using as a base for this project.

Roy Lichtenstein Sunrise Pop Art for Kids

bubble wrap pop art

STEP 3: Outline your Sunrise.

Using a blue sharpie, outline the shape of the sunrise (optional). You can leave it black if you prefer. Then secure the bubble wrap to the outline.

Sunrise pop art for kids

STEP 4: Color it in!

Using sharpies of similar colours to the original Sunrise, colour each section of the sunrise by colouring each bubble, creating that amazing dotted effect.

Bubble wrap pop art for kids

Roy Lichtenstein pop art for kids

pop art for kids

Keep going until you have filled the sunrise template. How effective does it look! 

Scroll down for the printable pop art sunrise template or alternatively take a look at our Roy Lichtenstein printable art bundle that includes the template, directions and information about Roy Lichtenstein along with 2 art study pages.

Roy Lichtenstein art for kids printable bundle

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To download this printable Pop Art Lichtenstein's Sunrise craft template for free click on the link below and use the discount code - sunrise. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Roy Lichtenstein sunrise template

Roy Lichtenstein inspired sunrise pop art for kids

We hope you enjoy this fun and interesting kid-friendly take on Lichtenstein's Sunrise Art. We're sure you will have so much fun making this simple Roy Lichtenstein pop art for kids. Enjoy! 

Roy Lichtenstein for kids. Sunrise pop art for kids using bubble wrap with sunrise template

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