Leaf Printing Pop Art For Kids

If your kids have a knack for artsy crafts and enjoy looking at their masterpieces displayed, this Leaf Printing Pop Art for Kids is the perfect craft for them! 

Leaf printing pop art for kids

Today we're sharing a colourful and fun art project inspired by one of the best art movements ever - pop art! 

By now, you probably picked on the fact we're huge fans of everything and anything art-inspired for little ones, and pop art is one of our favourite art movements ever! 

It was a genuinely revolutionary art movement in history that keeps gaining more recognition as time goes by thanks to the always-current artworks of Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Keith Harings, just to name a few.

Although pop art evolved into a way of expression and social critique of the consumerism world, in the beginning, this movement was meant to make art fun and feel less uptight. 

This art movement turned ordinary things like a soup can into pop culture icons using contrasting primary colours and the repetition of everyday objects, popular products, celebrities, and pop culture icons in different textures and comic-like details.

So today, we're sharing this super fun pop-art inspired art project for kids using leaves!

Leaf printing

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Leaf Pop Art for kids

We've included two versions of the same craft so you can pick which one you want to work with. One involves using real leaves and paint, and the other version is a bit less messy, you only need our free printable and some coloured markers!

Pick your favourite, and let's get to work!

Leaf Printing Pop Art for Kids - Supplies:

  • Free printable template (grab it below!)
  • Tempera or acrylic paint.
  • Leaves.
  • Pencils or markers.
  • Watercolours

Leaf Printing Pop Art for Kids - Instructions:

STEP 1: Download and print.

To start, you have to scroll down below and grab our free printable leaf templates. Then, print them out and gather your supplies for the next steps! For this version of leaf art using real leaves you will need the printable with 3 boxes. 

leaf printing pop art template

STEP 2: Find leaves.

Invite your kids to go leaf-hunting! Pick leaves from your backyard or anywhere near your home, where there may be trees or bushes. Once they've collected a few leaves, help them find an interesting leaf that fits inside the template.

leaf printing for kids

STEP 3: Use your colours.

Then, encourage your little ones to paint the leaf with their favourite colour using acrylic or tempera paint. Bright colours work especially well. 

leaf printing craft for kids

Once the leaf's surface is covered, press the leaf onto the template and rub or press strongly to stamp the shape.

STEP 4: Reveal your leaf print!

Gently pick up the leaf, and the print of your leaf will be revealed! Continue doing these steps with more paint on the same leaf, changing the colours. Alternatively you could try new leaves' shapes in each box!

leaf printing on paper

leaf print art

Pro tip:

Once you're happy, let your leaf prints dry and using a pencil or marker, draw small lines on the leaf that will look like veins. This detail will make it more realistic!

STEP 4: Add a contrasting colour background!

Now it is time to colour or paint the background in each box. Trace carefully around the leaf shapes and then fill each of the boxes with a contrasting colours. Use markers or paint. 

leaf art project - pop art for kids

Mess-free Leaf Art

If you want a faster and less messy way to make this craft, we have you covered! Here is our mess free version! (Well is isn't totally mess free, but it is a lot less messy than leaf printing can be)

Download our leaf shape printable and use watercolours (as demonstrated below) or markers to colour in the leaves. 

leaf art for kids

I recommend using very little water at first to check out how pigmented your watercolour comes out. The less water used, the brighter the colours will be!

leaf craft for kids

For a eye-catching pop art style, paint the background with a contrasting colour.

leaf pop art for kids

And there you go! Your pop art inspired leaf art project is complete. We hope you love making this leaf craft, enjoy!

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famous artist art projects for kids


To download these Pop Art Inspired leaf templates for free, click on the link below and use the discount code: leaf. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable leaf pop art template

Which version of this leaf pop art for kids do you think you will try? Whether you fancy leaf printing or using the pre draw leaf template you are sure to have fun making this eye catching piece of pop art! 

Leaf printing pop art for kids with printable leaf craft template.

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