Kids of all ages will LOVE this set of cute Monster Coloring Pages. There is nothing scary about these monsters, they couldn't look cuter if they tried! With 10 monster designs to choose from, the kids will be kept entertained for hours. 

Monster coloring pages

When fall and back-to-school season collide, that means it's time for some fun apple crafts and activities to get into the swing of the season. We've pulled together a fun list of engaging apple projects that you can try with your kids at home or at school. 

apple crafts and activities

Turn a piece of cardboard into an adorable 3D llama. This 3D cardboard llama craft not only looks adorable, but it also stands up by itself!  Just follow the simple steps below to make a llama craft (or a whole family of them) of your own! Or why not take this cardboard box craft even further and follow the steps, but vary them slightly, to make a different animal of your choice! 

Cardboard Llama Craft for Kids

Make the kids scream with joy, making this spooky self-portrait for kids inspired by Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ painting. This Halloween art project The Scream Painting for Kids is a marvellous hands-on way to explore a little bit of art history with the kids during the scariest month of the year.
Edvard Munch The Scream Painting for Kids
This list of autumn crafts for kids contains four weeks' worth of gorgeous autumn projects celebrating all the fun colours and themes of fall!  Summer is drifting away from us, and you can feel a little nip in the air now and then telling us that autumn is on its way. 

Autumn crafts for kids

Use these Halloween Coloring Pages to create your own 3D Halloween scene. Just follow the directions on the Halloween printables and build your own spooky 3D Halloween craft to display on Halloween night! 

Halloween Coloring Pages - 3D Halloween Scene Craft for Kids
When you need a little artistic inspiration, look no further than nature itself. These tree crafts and art projects are inspired by the beauty we see in trees through the seasons. The strong trunks, the fluttering leaves, and the beautiful blossoms all come together to create the wide variety of trees we know and love.

Tree crafts and art projects for kids
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