Add these free printable St Patricks day colouring pages to your list of St Patricks day activities for kids! These simple colouring pages for St Patricks Day are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids too! We have included 2 different designs, a shamrock colouring page and a leprechaun colouring page. Just scroll down to download your St Patrick's day colouring sheets.

Free St Patricks day colouring pages. 2 designs included - a shamrock colouring pages and a leprechaun colouring page.

With St. Patrick's Day sneaking up on us, it's time for a fun leprechaun craft - like a leprechaun trap! Toddlers and preschoolers will have a lot of fun learning how to make a leprechaun trap. While this is technically a leprechaun garden... it can be a really fun way to trap those pesky leprechauns! Below you will find step by step directions on how to build a leprechaun trap of your own - with a free template included.

How to make a leprechaun trap

Toddler tantrums are probably one of the most challenging aspects of parenting young children, but totally developmentally normal. You can feel helpless, overwhelmed and clueless about how to best handle things when your little one is having a major meltdown because he wasn’t able to find his favourite toy or didn’t get his favorite ice-cream. Keep reading to discover 5 reasons why those toddler tantrums can actually be good - as long as you’re able to keep things under control. 

Toddler tantrums

You have to try this bubble wrap shamrock craft! Bubble wrap painting is so much fun for toddlers and preschoolers, add glitter and sparkles and this really is the PERFECT craft to make with young children. Using our printable shamrock template this St Patricks day craft couldn't be any easier. Just scroll down below for step by step directions to make this shamrock craft and to grab your free printable shamrock template.

Bubble Wrap Shamrock Craft (with shamrock template)

The cardboard tube unicorn craft we are sharing today is so adorable - and easy to make using our printable template! This unicorn craft for preschoolers will defintely raise a few smiles from your little ones! Just scroll down below for full instructions to make this unicorn craft and for your free unicorn template.

Cardboard tube unicorn craft for preschoolers (with template)
If you're looking for a fun last minute Valentine craft, you will LOVE this Valentine heart card. It is super easy to make using our printable heart template and card insert. The art process used to make this card is a lot of fun and so effective! Toddler and preschoolers will love making this heart craft- right before handing it off to a loved one. Follow the step by step directions to make your own Valentine heart card

 Valentine Heart Card - A fun heart craft for preschoolers

This bubble wrap painting picture frame makes the perfect Valentine's Day craft or Mother's Day craft. If you're looking for easy crafts for kids that your toddlers and preschoolers will LOVE this bubble wrap painting craft is the one! I mean, who doesn't love bubble wrap, right? Follow the step by step directions and have a cute handmade gift for a loved one.

Bubble wrap painting picture frame. Valentines day craft for kids.

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