If you have a toddler, preschooler, or older kid who loves sea creatures - they are going to LOVE this Stingray Craft! Such a cute and fun activity for those lazy afternoons. We have included a free stingray template to make it super simple too. Follow the step by step directions to get started making your own stingray paper craft.

stingray paper craft

Sidewalk chalk is a summer staple. Not only does it encourage creativity and artistic expression, but you can play with sidewalk chalk in so many ways. Really! We've compiled a list of 20 fun Sidewalk Chalk Ideas to inspire you.

Sidewalk chalk ideas for kids

You’ve tried timeouts and they just aren’t working, so now you’re looking for alternatives to time out. Parenting is really hard so I get it. We use timeout alternatives now and I’d like to share those with you.

time out alternatives for toddlers and preschoolers.

Have you ever thought about how to make your own homemade paint? Today I'm sharing this awesome and easy Outdoor Puffy Paint recipe that you can make with your kids at home. Painting outdoors is the perfect outdoor activity for kids to do during these long summer days!

outdoor puffy paint

Get all of your supplies in order and start working on this super fun 2D Playdough Shape Activity! You only need a few budget-friendly materials to get started with this playful learning idea. Scroll down to get the instructions and be on your way to having some amazing playdough fun!

2d shape playdough activity

Soap foam is such a fun and easy sensory play recipe to mix up. It can be whizzed up in minutes using only 2 ingredients, water and washing up liquid (dish soap), and it feels so soft and fun to play with. What's even better is that soap foam can be made in any colour of the rainbow just by adding a little food colouring. Playing with soap foam is such a fun sensory play experience for toddlers and preschoolers (and big kids too!) that is suitable for both outdoor or indoor sensory play.

How to make Fluffy Soap Foam for Sensory Play

Introduce kids to the wonderful world of art with this innovative and fun technique!  Starry Night is a masterpiece by the great artist Vincent Van Gogh that you can recreate by following our simple step by step directions. Using our awesome 'The Starry Night' printable kids will feel like mini-artists as they make their own Van Gogh Starry Night yarn craft! This is such a fun famous artists art project for kids to try.

Van Gogh Starry Night Inspired Yarn Craft for Kids (printable included)

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