We love painting and love easy painting ideas even more! This easy tree painting for kids uses a fun painting technique that kids are sure to enjoy. There are several colour options to choose from, but whichever you choose this tree art project is sure to look amazing! 

Easy tree painting for kids

The alphabet is a critical foundation for early childhood development. It’s also one of the first subjects that children learn in school. This list of hands-on alphabet activities will help to keep toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten aged children engaged as they learn the alphabet. 

Alphabet activities for preschoolers

Have fun using these printable Easter colouring pages to create a cute 3D Easter craft for kids! Simply colour each of the three layers of the Easter printable and then glue them together to create a free-standing 3D Easter scene. 

Easter colouring pages - 3d Easter craft
Not only does this Zentangle Hands Art Project look fantastic, but it is also a great art activity for kids to help them relax and be mindful. There is no right or wrong way to take on this zentangle art project. You could do it individually or as a piece of collaborative art. 

zentangle hands art project
Use our Free Printable Rainbow Template to go on a fun texture hunt... rainbow-themed! This Texture Crayon Rubbing Art is a hands-on art activity for kids to explore both colour and texture in art while having tons of fun. So go and grab your rainbow printable and let's get started! 

Printable rainbow template - texture crayon rubbing art
This brown e prank is perfect for the upcoming April Fools Day! Kids will love pranking their friends by offering them a brownie, only to serve up a brown e! This brown e April Fools activity is quick and easy to prepare and lots of fun! 

Brown e prank - April Fools joke for kids
You are going to love this list of art projects for kids! Art is a wonderful creative outlet for kids of all ages. Trying different art techniques and exploring various materials encourages creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many other valuable skills. Plus, creating art is just plain fun! 

Art projects for kids

Get creative and make your own rainforest diorama box using just a few craft supplies.  To create a simple diorama for kids all you need is a small postal box, markers and some rocks! Thats it! Kids will love getting creative and using their imagination with this fun open-ended rainforest craft. 

Rainforest diorama box

Paper crafts are a great way to keep your kids entertained, and they don't have to be difficult. We've pulled together a collection of easy paper craft ideas with templates that you can make with your little ones. These mix-and-match paper crafts for kids require very little prep at all—usually just your printer, scissors, glue, and markers. They're perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, but older kids will enjoy them, too. In fact, these simple paper crafts are easy enough that many kids can finish them all by themselves. 

Easy paper craft ideas for kids
Have fun making this quick and easy Thing 1 and Thing 2 craft to celebrate Dr Seuss Day on March 2nd. This Thing 1 and Thing 2 handprint craft makes the perfect Dr Seuss craft for little Cat in the Hat fans!

Handprint Thing 1 and Thing 2 Dr Seuss Craft

Dinosaurs are awesome. For kids, they're just about the coolest thing ever! There's nothing quite like a dinosaur craft or activity to get little ones excited about learning and exploring. With that in mind, we've compiled some of our favourite dino-mite dinosaur crafts and dinosaur activities for kids in the list below. 

Dinosaur crafts and activities for kids

You are going to love this cute Put me in the Zoo craft for preschoolers. It is the perfect Dr Seuss craft to accompany the book, 'Put Me in the Zoo'. Not only is this leopard paper plate craft fun and easy to make using just basic supplies, but it also really helps bring this favourite story to life. 

put me in the zoo craft for preschoolers

You are going to love this collection of superhero crafts for kids! Superheroes are always popular with kids. They're tough, they protect people, and they have cool capes! But now, it's time to unleash your inner superhero. And the best part is that you don't need any special superpowers or a fancy costume. All you need are some simple craft supplies and eager kids who want to have fun. 

Superhero crafts for kids

With this marvellous warm colors and cool colors city skyline art project, kids will be able to explore the key concept of warm and cool colors in art in an entertaining and creative way! 

warm and cool colors in art - city skyline art project
Kids grow up so fast, don't they? While we can't stop time from moving forward, we can preserve certain moments in time with cute keepsake footprint art projects. And if you're looking for clever ways to turn those tiny little feet and toes into something fun and memorable, you're in the right place. 

Footprint art

How adorable is this polar bear art project! Learn how to draw a polar bear the easy way using chalk on black paper and then have fun using a little 'magic trick' to give your bear his facial features. As a final touch use a fun painting technique to add snow to your polar bear art project. 

How to draw a polar bear art project
Here we have a beautiful and easy heart painting idea for you to get stuck into!  Take a few minutes to sit down and relax as you use oil pastels and watercolour paints to create a stunning piece of heart art. Kids will love this heart painting idea and it is surprisingly relaxing to paint. 

heart painting

Venture into the enchanted wilderness using just imagination and this Paper Bag Bear Craft. If you have an animal-loving child, this fun and easy-to-make bear paper bag puppet will make their day! 

Easy paper bag bear craft for kids
Have a little who just loves air dry clay projects? They are going to love this cat craft for kids that doubles as a DIY clay ring dish perfect for gifting. There are only a few steps and a limited list of supplies needed for this cute cat craft. Follow the steps below to make your very own air dry clay ring dish!

Air dry clay project - cat craft

February brings with it all things red, pink, and heart-shaped. We love making all kinds of heart art to show our family and friends that we care, so we've compiled a list of some of our favourites for you to try. 

Heart art projects for kids
Have you seen lovely painted rocks around your community or on the web? Rock painting is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together and there are so many fabulous Rock Painting Ideas to try. Not only is rock painting a wonderful creative outlet, but seeing colourful rocks hidden throughout the community brings smiles to the faces of the people around you. How lovely!

Rock painting ideas

Our Kool Aid playdough recipe is so bright and colourful that kids can't resist playing with it! To add to that it is easy to make and it smells great too! Kids will have tons of fun crafting and playing with this vibrant playdough. Whether you make this homemade playdough up in every colour of the rainbow or just a favourite colour or two you are sure to have fun! 

Kool Aid Playdough Recipe

Preschoolers are active, curious little people who love playing and exploring the world around them. If you're looking for some activities for preschoolers that will keep them engaged, happy, and interested in learning, you've come to the right place. 

Activities for preschoolers
The kids are going to love this ice skating penguin small world! Create your own mini ice rink and watch the kids play, imagine and investigate as they skate toy penguins (or any other figures) around their own DIY ice rink! There is so much that can be learned from this penguin sensory activity, it is ideal sensory play for toddlers and preschoolers and even babies can join in!

Ice Skating Penguin Small World - Sensory Play for Toddlers & Preschoolers

With Easter on its way, it's time for a fun bunny craft that moves! Using the free bunny template, you can easily make a bunny that moves back and forth for kids to enjoy. They will LOVE making and playing with this Easter craft for kids. Follow the step by step directions below to make your own moving bunny craft.

Moving bunny craft with bunny template

Make learning about art history extra fun by letting your kids do their own pop art project with this charming Heart Pop Art for Kids!

Heart pop art for kids

If you're looking for a cute homemade gift idea, you will love these personalised candles to gift to friends and family. They are essentially a candle with pictures on them and turn out SO CUTE! They are pretty easy to make too. Follow the step by step directions below to find out how to make your own personalised candles with pictures on them.

How to make personalised candles with pictures on them

If you're looking for an easy sensory play idea thats a winner with the kids, you are going to LOVE this rainbow rice sensory bin. Not only is coloured rice super simple to make, the bright colours used in this rainbow rice make it really inviting. There is so much fun and learning to be had by engaging in this rainbow themed sensory play. Scroll down below for the step by step directions for this rainbow rice sensory bin activity.

Rainbow rice sensory bin

Use these Chinese New Year Coloring Pages to create your own 3D scene. Just follow the directions on the Chinese New Year printables and build your own 3D Chinese New Year craft for the Year of the Rabbit. 

Chinese New Year Coloring 3D Scene

You are going to love these famous artists' art projects for kids! Exploring famous artists for kids is lots of fun and a great opportunity to expose even the youngest children to new art processes and techniques. Teaching kids about art history can inspire some exciting artist-inspired art projects.

Famous artists for kids

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