Are you looking for the funniest April fools pranks for kids? We have had so much fun putting together this list of some of the best food pranks for parents to play on their kids. Get the whole family involved with these funny April fool ideas.

The Funniest April Fools Food Pranks for Kids

This chick craft is such a fun Easter activity for kids! Young children will have a BLAST making this fun Easter craft. It features painted wooden eggs - which make this Easter chick craft the perfect amount of fun. Just follow our step by step directions below to make your very own!

Easter Chick Craft - Painted Wooden Eggs

If you are looking for an easy Mother's Day craft for kids you are going to love these printable Mother's day cards to color. We have 3 different free printable Mother's Day cards that you can choose from, all you need to do is download, print and color! Just scroll down for your Mother's Day coloring sheets.

Printable Mothers Day Cards to Color

An easy teapot craft for kids with a free printable teapot templateTell someone they are tea-riffic and let them enjoy a nice relaxing cup of tea with this easy paper craft. Simply decorate the teapot template and add a teabag. This teapot craft would make a perfect Mothers Day teapot card or it could be used as a thank you teachers appreciation card for a special teacher or childminder. Babies and toddlers could personalise their teapot with paint or by adding fingerprints, whilst preschoolers may enjoy glueing on sequins or adding stickers.

You're Tea-riffic easy teapot craft for kids with free priintable teapot template.

Water play for babies is easy to set up and lots of fun for little ones. Combine water play with a nursery rhyme or song and you are onto a winner! Today we are sharing a fun '5 Little Ducks' activity that babies and toddlers will love. Finding baby activities that are easy to set up and keep your little ones attention for more than a minute or two can be hard, but this baby activity ticks all the boxes! Scroll down to see 3 fun ways for babies to play with rubber ducks.

5 little ducks water play activity for babies
Are you struggling to get that fussy eater of yours to eat their food? We have some fun products that might make them start looking forward to mealtimes. When you make food fun, your kids won't even turn their nose up to that meatloaf dinner you have tried getting them to eat a million times before. Below you will find a list of products that will allow your child to have a fun time eating and help you to get your fussy eater to eat their food.

Fun Ways to get Fussy Eaters to Eat Their Food
When you’re a parent it seems that your children’s needs will forever come before your own. While this is an admirable trait of most parents, it’s actually not something that we should be doing. You see, having “me time” is a vital part of being a good parent. We all need our own time away from the hustle and bustle of parenthood to catch a break. Today I’m going to show you 5 realistic ways to get “me time” when you’re a parent because let’s face it, we have to be creative about how we get time alone.

ways to find me time for parents

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