Calling all little unicorn fans... you NEED this unicorn craft in your life! Unicorn fans will go NUTS over this super fun unicorn paper plate craft for kids. And to make it even easier for you, we've included a free unicorn template. Just scroll down below to make your own paper plate unicorn craft!

flying unicorn paper plate craft with printable unicorn template

This colour changing flowers science experiment for kids is such a fun science project. Whether you are looking for easy science experiments for preschoolers or for older kids this fun science experiment is perfect. Kids will be fascinated as they watch the flower petals changing colour and learn about how plants drink water! The rainbow coloured flowers look so pretty too! This cool science experiment is really easy to set up and the flowers change colour quite quickly (within about an hour) so there isnt too long to wait to see the change.

Colour Changing Flowers Science Experiment - A fun science project for kids or easy science experiment for preschoolers. This cool science experiment teaches children about how plants absorb water.

Has your toddler or preschooler ever tried drawing with cars? Mark making with cars is such a fun toddler drawing activity and it is super easy to set up. Any little ones that love playing with cars are sure to love this vehicle themed mark making activity. Why not set this up outdoors for even more fun!

mark making with cars
If you're on the hunt for some easy rock painting ideas - you'll have a blast making this rock village. Follow our simple rock painting tutorial to learn how to paint rocks and make a set of rock houses, rock shops and rock cars for your toddler or preschooler to play with. We have included details of the best paint for rocks, about sealing rocks and a few rock painting design ideas.

How to paint rocks

Baby’s first year is such an exciting time! But often we worry about our baby and if they’re on track. Which is why I have put together this post outlining baby milestones month by month. Below you will find each major baby milestone for every month.
baby milestones month by month

This marshmallow slime is such a fun edible slime recipe for kids! Edible slime is perfect for young children, but fun for big kids too! Children from toddlers and preschoolers upwards will have lots of fun stretching and playing with this edible slime. Scroll down below for step by step directions to make your own marshmallow slime.

marshmallow slime

This unicorn mask craft is the perfect colouring activity for kids! Little ones will love colouring this unicorn printable to make their very own unicorn mask. It is such a fun unicorn craft as they can decorate it anyway they like, there is no right or wrong! They will have so much fun wearing their mask and taking on the role of a unicorn!

Unicorn mask craft

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