Warm and Cool Color Trees - Grid Art Project

Help your children learn all about warm and cool colors with this Warm and Cool Color Trees - Grid Art Project!

Warm and cool color trees - grid art project

In this tree art project, we'll be exploring warm and cool colors in art.

Many things can hold us back when teaching our kids about art color theory. Let's face it; it can be so intimidating if it's not our strong suit! But cute art projects with simple step-by-step instructions make everything so much easier and more fun! 

Just like this grid art project where we will be bringing color theory to life!  

Little ones can learn all about warm and cool tones with a hands-on approach thanks to our super-easy-to-use printable. You might also want to check out our warm and cool color city skyline art.

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Warm and Cool Colors in Art

If you're wondering how to teach kids the difference between warm and cool colors, don't stress or make it too complicated. Little ones will understand better using their eyes and things they're familiar with. 

Warm colors are shades that make us feel warmed up, like when we're near a fire warming up or under the sun. It's the colors we see during the fall— all shades and hues of red, yellow, and orange. 

On the opposite, we can find cool colors during winter, and these colors make us feel fresh and energized. Think about the blue ocean, crisp winter morning air, and freshly cut grass. all shades and hues of blue, purple and green.

Warm and cool colors in art

Warm and Cool Color Trees - Grid Art Project

Tree art project - Supplies:

  • Printable (scroll down below and grab your copy for free!)
  • Markers in blue, green, purple, orange, red and yellow.
  • Oil Pastels (optional)
  • Watercolors (optional)

Warm and cool color tree art project - Instructions:

tree art project for kids


STEP 1 - Download our grid art tree printable:

Let the art exploring begin! First, scroll down to the bottom of this post and grab a copy of our ready-to-print tree art printable. Print it out and prepare all your supplies.

warm and cool colors in art printable tree grid

STEP 2 - Colour the background of your grid art  in cool tones!

Use this step to explain what warm and cool colors are. Take the markers and divide them into warm/cool colors. 

Invite your little ones to color the background on the tree printable using markers in cool colors (blues purples and greens)

cool colours grid art project

STEP 3 - Colour the tree in warm tones!

Now it is time to use your warm colors (reds, yellows and oranges) to color your tree. 

warm colors tree art project

(Remember: Warm colors are reds, oranges, and yellows, while cool colors are blues, purples, and greens)

Alternative Ideas:

Not of a fan of printables? No worries! 

Another great option is to help your kids draw their own tree! Draw any tree design you like and then using a ruler draw a grid over the image. Then as in the directions above color the tree in warm colors and the background in cool colors. 

You could use a simple marker to draw your tree or take things up a notch and draw it using oil pastels and then, for the color study, paint the tree with watercolors.

warm and cool color trees

And now it's your turn to make these adorable warm and cool color trees with your little ones! 


To download this warm and cool color trees art project for free click on the link below and use the discount code: tree.  For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

We hope you have the best time creating this grid art as you explore the wonderful world of warm and cool colors in art. Enjoy your tree art project! 

Warm and cool colors in art tree art project. Grid art printable.

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