Rainbow Flower Craft for Kids using a fun spin art painting technique

Colourful flower crafts for kids are perfect for this time of year as we start thinking about doing Spring crafts and activities with the kids. Children will love using a salad spinner to create spin art rainbow flowers. Spin art is a fun painting technique for preschoolers and toddlers (and older kids too!) so if you are looking for a fun and easy flower craft for Spring, this is it! Not only is spin art a fun art technique for kids, the flowers all look beautifully unique too!

An easy flower craft for kids using the fun spin art painting technique! Toddlers and preschoolers will love this easy Spring craft and painting idea. Have you tried this art technique for kids yet? It's lots of fun!

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This beautiful spin art flower craft was made after reading this weeks virtual book club story ' The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle. Scroll down to see a list of fun book activities to do after reading this story. 

Below you will find easy step by step instructions for making this spin art flower craft. We hope that your kids have lots of fun with the spin art painting technique, we certainly did!

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For this fun flower craft you will need:

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  • 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle (UK link/ US link)
  • Salad spinner (US link / UK link)
  • White card
  • Poster paints
  • Green craft sticks
  • Buttons
  • Pom Poms

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Spin Art Flower Craft for Kids

STEP 1: Get your  supplies ready for your flower craft

I would recommend having all your supplies ready and set up before you begin reading the story, 'The Tiny Seed', with your child. It makes it much more exciting for toddlers and preschoolers if they can move straight onto the flower craft as soon as they have finished the story. 

You will need to have your salad spinner to hand as well as paint and some pieces of card that have been cut into circles that will fit in the bottom of the salad spinner. 

STEP 2: Choose your paint colours

Toddlers and preschoolers will love choosing the colours that they want to use for their rainbow flower craft. We chose to use red, yellow, green and blue paint for our flowers. These colours worked really well and it meant that we ended up with some beautiful rainbow flowers. 

I think that sometimes it can be nice to limit the colour choice available or just provide a few colours that compliment each other. 

STEP 3: Put card and paint into the salad spinner

This is where the fun really begins with this spin art flower craft! Place a circle of card in the bottom of the salad spinner and then squirt paint on top of the card. Daisy (aged 2) loves squirting out paint so she was in heaven with this step! To create your spin art you will need to add a few blobs of paint in each of your chosen colours. 

fun painting ideas for preschoolers. spin art flowers

STEP 4: Secure the lid and SPIN! 

Secure the lid of the salad spinner and spin it as fast as you can. This part of this art technique is REALLY fun and Daisy (aged 2) loved watching it spin around. 

spin art using a salad spinner

STEP 5: Take of the lid to reveal your spin art!

When you take the lid off the salad spinner you will see that the colours have spun across the card.  Each piece of spin art will be totally unique. Once your toddler or preschooler sees the artwork that they can create using this fun art technique I guarentee that they will want to make more!

fun painting techniques for kids - spin art

STEP 6: Leave the spin art to dry

Remove the spin art from the salad spinner and leave it to dry. It will take several hours to dry. Whilst the spin art is drying you could start preparing some supplies for sticking to your flower craft.

fun art techniques for kids - spin art

STEP 7: Cut the spin art into flower shapes and decorate

Cut the pieces of spin art into flower shapes and decorate them. You can glue anything that your child likes to the flowers; sequins, buttons, pom pom or glitter! Daisy chose the biggest pom poms she could find and a selection of buttons. 

easy flower craft for preschoolers

STEP 8: Add a stem to your flower craft

To complete this flower craft for kids you can tape or glue on a green craft stick to each flower as a stem. Alternatively you could use the spin art flowers to stick on greeting cards or to make a larger picture full of flowers. These spin art flowers would look beautiful if they were added to a Mothers day card. 

easy flower craft for kids

Experiment with using different colour paints and try adding different collage material to your flower craft. Adding glitter and sequins could be fun!

We hope that you enjoyed making this easy flower craft for kids, I think that the spin art technique used is just perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 

An easy flower craft for kids using the fun spin art painting technique! Toddlers and preschoolers will love this easy Spring craft and painting idea. Have you tried this art technique for kids yet? It's lots of fun!
Artwork by Daisy - Age 2

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