Paul Klee Fish Magic Scratch Art

If you're looking for fun new ways to explore art with kids, you are going to LOVE this fish art for kids. It's inspired by Paul Klee's Fish Magic painting and is perfect for preschoolers on up. This DIY scratch art painting is such a fun and exciting way to explore different colours, textures, and mediums within art. Scroll down below for step by step directions and make your very own Fish Magic Paul Klee art for kids.

Paul Klee Fish Magic DIY scratch art for kids

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If you're not familiar with famous artist Paul Klee's work, he used oil and watercolours on a canvas as the under layer before coating it in black paint and scratching designs into it. The Fish Magic painting features aquatic, celestial, and earthly drawings. This painting dates back to 1925 in Europe. 

DIY scratch art for kids

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This style has inspired a number of other craft paintings, too. It's such a fun style of art to do! Kids will have a lot of fun exploring art in this exciting new way.

Scroll down below to get started on your very own DIY scratch art Paul Klee Fish Magic painting!

Fish art for kids inspired by Fish Magic Paul Klee

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Paul Klee Fish Magic Scratch Art Painting for Kids

Magic Fish art for kids - supplies

  • Craft paper - white
  • Oil pastels
  • Acrylic paint - black
  • Sponge brush
  • Cocktail stick
  • Fish magic painting (for reference)

How to make DIY Scratch art for kids inspired by Paul Klee

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before we get started, it's a good idea to round up your supplies so you have everything within reach. It's much easier to do this scratch art craft on a small scale, so I suggest cutting your paper down to an A6 size. Make sure you have Paul Klee's Fish Magic painting available for reference while designing.

Fish Magic Paul Klee for kids

STEP 2: Colour paper with pastels

To begin, have your child select the colours they'd like to use for their scratch art. They can use a selection of their favourite colours or use all the colours of the rainbow. Be sure to press hard into the paper and cover the entire sheet with oil pastels.

How to make DIY scratch art papers

STEP 3: Paint over the oil pastels

Next, use a sponge paintbrush to paint over the pastels with black acrylic paint. This is best done by an older child so you can get it painted quickly before it dries (we don't want it to dry before getting to the next step!).

diy scratch art for fish art for kids

STEP 4: Draw your designs

While the paint is still wet, encourage your child to draw a design into the black paint with a cocktail stick or toothpick. As you draw your design, the coloured pastel colours will show. Reference Paul Klee's painting as you make your designs and take extra care to ensure you don't press your hands in the black paint as you are drawing. Once finished set your scratch art aside to dry and then you can hang up your creation for all to see!

Have fun trying out different designs. Paul Klee's Fish Magic painting combines elements of the sea like fish, of the earth like flowers and the galaxy like moons and planets, but you can draw any designs you choose! Use your imagination and have fun.

easy diy scratch art project for kids

Kid's love the magic of the colour being revealed as they draw their designs on their diy scratch art paper. 

We hope you have a lot of fun with this Paul Klee Fish Magic art project. Preschoolers and older kids will enjoy experimenting with this fish art for kids as they learn about the famous artist Paul Klee. Scratch art makes a great decoration too. Have fun!

Paul Klee for kids. DIY scratch art inspired by Fish Magic by Paul Klee. Fish art for kids.

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