Kandinsky Shape Art for Kids

Looking for new ways to explore colours and shapes with your toddler or preschooler? This Shape Art for Kids is sure to be an exciting art project as you introduce them to not only new shapes, but also the work of a famous artist. This Kandinsky for kids art project is perfect not only for toddlers and preschoolers learning their shapes, but also for older children interested in exploring Kandinsky's artwork. 

Kandinsky shape art for kids

This Kandinsky for kids shape project is a great way to explore, experiment, and really use your creativity when it comes to art projects. The best part about this shape art, is that it's so simple! You likely already have everything you need in your home and it is perfect for all ages from toddlers and preschoolers upwards. 

If you have a little one that is loving shape art projects try our circle painting for toddlers, this Kandinsky circle painting or for older children try this Kandinsky beading craft.

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Kandinsky shape art for kids using paint sticks

Exploring the work of various artists is a great way to get children experimenting with art. You can use a variety of different paintings by Kandinsky for this project and it is a great activity for kids of all ages (not just toddlers learning about shapes!).

The work of this famous artist is a great motivator for kids to get truly lost and immersed in art. The colours, shapes, and methods he uses are incredible. You can use so many colour and shape combinations in this project and create a different result each time! It's the perfect activity for open ended process art - explore different mediums too.

Ready to get started? Scroll down below for step by step directions in creating your own Kandinsky inspired shape art project!

shape art for kids using paint sticks

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Kandinsky Shape Art for Kids

Kandinsky shape art supplies:

How to make Kandinsky shape art for kids

STEP 1: Collect your supplies

Before you get started, collect all your supplies and lay them out so they're easy to find. We used paint sticks for our shape art, but you can use paints if you'd like or even markers or crayons. Print out several Kandinsky paintings to reference, if desired.

STEP 2: Prepare workspace

Roll out a large roll of paper to prepare your work area. If using paint, set your child up with a few selections on a palette or paper plate. We used paint sticks as they are so easy for toddlers to use and they make very little mess, which is always a bonus! 

Kandinsky for kids

STEP 3: Create your shapes

Now it's time to create your shapes! Using a Kandinsky painting as reference, start drawing out different shapes on your paper using coloured markers or invite your child to do so, depending on their age and skill level.

For younger children still learning their shapes, you may want to stick to shapes they will recognize such as circles, triangles, and squares.

Shape art for kids

Once the shapes have been drawn on the paper, invite your child to colour them in using paint sticks or the paint you've prepared for them. See if there's any other shapes they want to add and colour in!

Kandinsky shape art for kids

Kandinsky inspired process art for kids

Kandinsky process art for kids

STEP 4: Find more ways to create

There are so many ways to engage children of all ages with this Kandinsky for kids art project. Try adding different art mediums such as oil pastels, finger paints, or even move outside and use chalk! Change the scale you are working on by creating smaller individual pieces of shape art using small pieces of cardstock or paper, or go huge and work as a team to fill a whole roll of paper. See what you can come up with to mix things up.

If you have older children looking for more of a challenge check out our kandinsky for kids printable pack,  our Kandinsky Tree, or even our full famous artists for kids bundle! 

Kandinsky for kids

Children of all ages will have fun exploring art with this Kandinsky shape art for kids. No matter if they are exploring shapes and colours, learning about famous artists, or just having fun - this is sure to be an art project you return to. There are so many different ways to create and experiment as you explore this Kandinsky for kids art project! Have fun and get creative! 

Kandinsky for kids. Shape art for kids. Process art for toddlers and preschoolers.

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