Georges Seurat Pointillism for kids

Invite your kids to enjoy a peaceful art session at home with this lovely Georges Seurat Pointillism for kids art activity! 

Pointillism for kids

This pointillism art project is fantastic for both preschoolers and older kids who love to paint. It's also a great activity for younger ones who are starting to learn all about shapes and colours and need some fun ideas to put their fine-motor skills to the test. 

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About Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat was a French artist born in Paris, in 1859.  His contribution to art was incredibly important and although he died young, only at the age of 31, his work broke the mould at the time and gave the world a new concept of colour and he invented techniques that we use even today.

After studying for many years as a full-time artist (something quite unusual at the time) he developed a curiosity to learn how the eye worked with colour and started to explore the science of optics until he created the so-called Pointillism technique.  

This painting method became his signature style and to celebrate his impact in art we decided to recreate one of his major artworks, the lovely Bathers at Asnieres,  but in a kid-friendly way!

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Scroll down for the Georges Seurat Bathers at Asnieres Printable Template 

Georges Seurat for kids

Georges Seurat Pointillism for kids art project.

Pointillism for kids - Supplies:

  • Seurat template (scroll down for printable)

  • Toothpicks

  • Q-tips

  • Paint

Georges Seurat for kids - Instructions:

STEP 1: Download & Print.

First, download our free Pointillism template for kids from the bottom of the page. Then, print it out and get your workstation ready.

Georges Seurat printable template

STEP 2: Start getting your tools ready.

Gather your supplies! Start by dipping the toothpicks and the q-tips in your chosen paint colours.

Georges Seurat pointillism for kids

Georges Seurat famous artists study for kids

STEP 3: Color time!

Now, take your template and start placing dots with the q-tip to fill sections of the image, then place smaller dots between the bigger ones with the toothpicks. Keep doing this until you're happy with the coverage.

pointillism art for kids

dot art for kids

Bathers at Asnieres printable art project for kids

Georges Seurat Bathers at Asnieres printable art project for kids

We decided to use q-tips and toothpicks but feel free to experiment with other things to get similar results. You could use a rubber at the end of a pencil or a cocktail stick dipped in paint, the tip of marker pens, or even let your little ones use their fingertips!

famous artist Georges Seurat for kids

Grab the template for this pointillism art project inspired by Georges Seurat at the bottom of the page. Alternatively you might like our printable Georges Seurat artists bundle for kids that includes the template along with directions, information about Georges Seurat, activity ideas and 2 artists study pages. 

Georges Seurat art project and information pack

If you enjoy creating artwork inspired by famous artists you might also enjoy our famous artists for kids printable pack full of art ideas, templates and information for 20 famous artists. 

If you enjoy painting using this technique try creating your own designs too! We had fun creating a boat using the pointillism technique for our book - Fun Painting Projects for Kids. 

Pointillism for kids

Check out our book to discover 60 more fun painting ideas for kids

Painting for kids


To download this printable Georges Seurat template for your pointillism craft for free click on the link below and use the discount code - Seurat. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable Georges Seurat pointillism craft

We hope you enjoy making this Georges Seurat Pointillism art project for kids. Once you have filled the Bathers at Asnieres inspired template have a go at using this dot painting technique to colour other images too. 

Artists study for famous artist Georges Seurat for kids. Pointillism art project for kids with Bathers at Asnieres printable template.

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