Van Gogh Sunflowers Art for Kids

You have to give this Van Gogh Sunflowers art for kids a try! It is such a bright and colourful art project and you can learn a little about art history as you get creative. We are really enjoying finding out about various famous artists at the moment and this Van Gogh art project for kids definitely hasn't disappointed! Using our Van Gogh Sunflowers printable this sunflower art project couldn't be easier to prepare. 

Van Gogh Sunflowers for kids

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This beautiful sunflower craft project inspired by the ever popular, Vincent Van Gogh, is so much fun to create. You don't need any special supplies to get started, just take out a few pots of playdough or coloured clay and grab our free sunflower printable.  

Van Gogh's use of eye-catching colours and interesting scenes are not just fascinating from an adult's perspective, but kids are equally drawn to his paintings. With that in mind, today I'm sharing how to make this stunning sunflower craft that kids will love!

Scroll down for your free Van Gogh Sunflowers printable template. 

Who is Vincent Van Gogh?

First things first, Who is Vincent Van Gogh? It is always fun to learn a little art history before starting an art project, so here are a few interesting facts about Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh was an impressionist painter born in The Netherlands in 1853. He started his art journey quite late in life, something not very common when we talk about artists who have had such an impact in history like he did.  Before devoting himself to his art, he worked in a book store, an art gallery, and taught at a London school.

It's believed he only sold one painting while he was alive because no one was interested in his art, but this changed after his death. 

His paintings became famous not just for their overwhelming beauty but also for how different they were. His style revolutionised the art world, and Van Gogh turned into one of the most influential figures in the history of Western art.

His vibrant use of colours and his technique of rough brush strokes with thick layers of paint was remarkably different and new at the time. Using this painting style he created thousands of artworks including many paintings of sunflowers.

He explored different ways to paint sunflowers throughout his life, but he created his most famous Sunflower painting when he was living in the French town of Arles, inspired by the bright and vibrant colours of this countryside town. 

So, today we're making this adorable sunflower craft inspired by Vincent's famous sunflowers and adding a fun twist by making it with playdough!

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Van Gogh for kids

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How to make your own Sunflower Art - Van Gogh for Kids

Van Gogh Sunflowers for kids supplies:

  • Printable Template of Van Gogh's Sunflowers (scroll down for your copy)
  • Playdough (shop bought or use our playdough recipe)
  • Watercolours (optional)

Van Gogh Sunflowers for kids directions:

STEP 1: Get your Van Gogh's Sunflowers template.

Start by scrolling down below and grabbing our free sunflower template! You will need this to be able to create this sunflower craft, unless you would like to draw your own sunflowers. Once you have download the sunflower printable, print it out onto thin cardstock and prepare your playdough. 

Van Gogh sunflowers printable template

STEP 2: Start creating.

Invite your little ones to grab the playdough and encourage them to use the playdough to recreate Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Van Gogh sunflowers playdough activity for kids

Let them play around and explore the texture of the playdough,  help them by pointing out certain features in Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting like the colours and shapes he used. 

Van Gogh sunflower art for kids

STEP 3: Mix and darken the colours.

Play about with mixing colours. If you want a darker version of any colours just mix it with a little black. Kids love exploring colour mixing! 

Van Gogh sunflower craft for kids

sunflower playdough activity for kids

PRO TIP: Paint the background.

If you want to take this craft to the next level, you can paint the template's background with watercolours to make it even more eye-catching!

Sunflower art for kids

Alternatively if you want to be able to use the sunflower printable again and again as a playdough mat laminate the sunflower printable for prolonged use. 

The sunflower template can be found by using the download button at the bottom of the page. We also have a Van Gogh for kids printable pack if you are interested in exploring Van Gogh and his work further. 

Van Gogh for kids

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Famous artists for kids


To download this Van Gogh sunflowers for kids printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: sunflowers. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Van Gogh sunflowers printable template

We hope you enjoy learning about Vincent Van Gogh and making this adorable sunflower art for kids. Van Gogh is such a great artist for kids to be introduced to and this Van Gogh sunflowers for kids art project is a really fun way to introduce his work. Have fun! 

Van Gogh sunflowers for kids. This easy sunflower art for kids is a fun playdough activity, sunflower craft and Van Gogh art project for kids.

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