How To Draw a Tiger - Inspired by Henri Rousseau

Today we're showing you how to draw a tiger - inspired by Henri Rousseau! So put your painter's hat on and prepare for a wonderful art adventure! 

How to draw a tiger - Henri Rousseau for kids


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Inspired by Rousseau's never-ending imagination, we're bringing to life one character that often appears in his work: the tiger.

We'll be using simple shapes so kids can have fun drawing and colouring a Rousseau-styled art piece as they learn a little bit about Henri Rousseau. 

Now, it's your little one's chance to let their imagination run wild as they create their own magic jungle with paint!

But first...

Who was Henri Rousseau? 

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau was a painter born in France in 1844, at Laval, Mayenne. 

He is famous for his vibrant jungle paintings from exotic-looking lands. But, oddly enough, he never traveled out of France in his entire life and never got to see such places!

He was able to find inspiration from the contrasting colors and scenes depicted in children's books, magazines, postcards, and from his regular visits to the botanical garden of Paris. 

Henri still found rainforests and wild creatures in his imagination and poured them into his work.

He was not academically trained nor did he have conventional methods in his artwork. He was known for painting one color at a time, adding layers, and always painting his scenes always from top to bottom.

How to draw a tiger

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At the time, his paintings were not well received as he didn't go to art school or used traditional methods. Luckily, he kept painting and letting his own artistic genius evolve and we now can appreciate his work in a whole new light!

Before drawing and painting your own tiger peeking out of a jungle scene take a look at Henri Rousseau's Tiger in a Tropical Storm painting which was the first of many jungle paintings he created.

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How to Draw a Tiger - Inspired by Henri Rousseau

How to Draw a Tiger - Supplies:

  • Template
  • Black marker
  • Watercolour paints

Henri Rousseau Tiger - Directions: 

STEP 1 - Download our Tiger Template!

Let's begin! Start by grabbing a copy of our printable template (scroll all the way to the post of this post and download it for free!) 

Alternatively you could draw around a small bowl, (or even draw a circle free hand!)

How to draw a tiger face

STEP 2: Draw the ears

Take a black marker and draw the tiger's ears above the circle. 

How to draw a tiger face easy

Then add two triangles between the ears to create tiger stripes.

How to draw a tiger step by step

STEP 3: Draw the eyes and nose:

Next draw the eyes below the triangles.

To create the nose draw a vertical line coming down from the inner corner of each eye and then draw a horizontal line joining them together. 

How to draw a tiger easy

Then draw a triangle shape below to complete the tiger's nose.

How to draw a tiger

STEP 4 - Add cheeks, whiskers and teeth

Below the nose add cheeks.

How to draw a tiger step by step

Then add three lines on each cheek as whiskers and draw two sharp teeth.

How to draw a tiger face step by step

STEP 5 - Draw the tigers body and tail

Following the picture as a guide give your tiger a body complete with triangles as stripes. 

How to draw a tiger step by step

Then add large wiggle tail as shown below. Again add triangle shapes to make the tiger's stripes.

How to draw a tiger step by step - Henri Rousseau tiger for kids

Your tiger drawing is now complete and it is time to add a background and some colour. 

STEP 6 - Paint a jungle for your tiger!

To keep up the Rousseau-theme, add lush leaf shapes to create a jungle for this cute tiger to hide behind.

How to draw a tiger easy for kids

Once everything has been drawn with the black marker, use watercolour paint to add a little colour! 

How to draw a tiger

Scroll down to grab a PDF copy of our 'How to Draw a Tiger Inspired by Henri Rousseau' printable. 

How to draw a tiger step by step


To get the step by step how to draw a tiger printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code:tiger For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

how to draw a tiger printable

We hope you have had fun learning how to draw a tiger with this easy Henri Rousseau art project for kids. 

How to draw a tiger step by step. Henri Rousseau for kids.

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