Andy Goldsworthy for Kids Art Project

In this Andy Goldsworthy for kids art project, you'll find a fun and hands-on activity that kids will love! Spend a sunny afternoon outside and let your kids enjoy nature as they explore their creative side. 

andy goldsworthy for kids

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor and photographer known for creating installation and sculptures using existing materials of nature such as rocks, leaves, branches, ice, thorns, and mud among others. He then documents how his artwork changes through photography.

The key idea behind his work is to show the life cycle of the materials and ecologies he works with, focusing on the passage of time through his on-site installations. 

After looking at some examples of Andy Goldsworthy's work head outside and observe the shapes and patterns of nature. Feel free to download and print out our Andy Goldsworthy for kids template but don't forget you can also get creative and explore other shapes, not just a spiral! 

You can also make your land art outdoors and photograph it rather than glueing it to paper. This would work well if you want to make a sculpture using something heavier like rocks or branches. 

If you want more fun art ideas using nature? Check out these awesome nature crafts for kids!

Keeping with the leaf theme you might also like this pointillism leaf art inspired by Georges Seurat, or if you want to taking crafting with nature one step further try making your own nature paint!

andy goldsworthy art for children

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Andy Goldsworthy for Kids

Andy Goldsworthy for kids supplies:

  • Our free printable Goldsworthy template (grab it below!)
  • Leaves in various colours, shapes, and sizes.
  • Paper
  • Glue

Andy Goldsworthy for kids instructions:

STEP 1: Download and print.

First things first! To start, download and print out our free printable template. Then, cover the printed template with another sheet of paper. You should be able to see the outline from the template showing through the paper. 

andy goldsworthy for kids printable

STEP 2: Collect leaves!

Go out to the garden or a park and search for some leaves. Collect leaves of different sizes, colours, and shapes to make this craft more eye-catching!

leaf art for kids

STEP 3: Create your design.

Take your printable, the extra paper sheet, and your leaves. Now, position each leave in a spiral shape. Get creative and play around with the composition. Once you're happy with the design, glue each leaf in place.

andy goldsworthy leaf art for kids

andy goldsworthy land art for kids

STEP 4: Let it dry.

Now you just need to let the glue dry completely and decide how you want to display it or go a step further and press and frame it. 

andy goldsworthy leaf art for kids

And just like that, your Andy Goldsworthy for kids art project is complete! 

Try making different shapes inspired by the landscape or make large scale land art outdoors either individually or as part of a group project. 

The spiral template used for this craft can be downloaded below. Alternatively you might like our Andy Goldsworthy artist pack available in our shop. This pack included printable directions for this craft, a list of 3 further crafts, an information page about Andy Goldsworthy and 2 artist study pages. 

Andy Goldsworthy for kids


To download this Andy Goldsworthy spiral template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: spiral.  For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

andy goldsworthy printable

If you enjoy finding out about famous artists and doing art projects inspired by their work check out our complete artist bundle! This printable pack includes project ideas, artists studies and templates for 20 artists. 

famous artists for kids

Have fun with your Andy Goldsworthy for kids art project. It is lots of fun and it encourages children to use their creativity and engage with nature as they make their own stunning nature art project.

Andy Goldsworthy for kids. Land art project for kids. Leaf art for kids.

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