Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art

Take out your markers or paint brushes and put your artist hat on because today we're letting our creative side take over with this extra fun Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art! Just scroll down for the Kandinsky tree template and get started with your own Christmas tree craft.

Kandinsky Christmas tree art


This cute Kandinsky style Christmas tree art will hold your little one's attention! Just get your art supplies ready and let your kid's creativity roam free.

Kandinsky for Kids

Considered a key figure in modern art history, Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist known to be one of the founders of modern Abstract Art. 

He was more interested in showing emotion through colour rather than making his artworks resemble objects or landscapes, as it was the norm at the time. 

This made his art something so unique that, at first, wasn't well-received everywhere, particularly in his home country. But Kandinsky's legacy and impact keeps inspiring and challenging how we perceive art even today. 

One of Kandinsky's most recognisable pieces of artwork 'Squares with Concentric Circles' was what inspired the fun Kandinsky Christmas tree art for kids that we are sharing today. 

Kandinsky's circle art was actually more of a colour study than a complete piece of artwork. Just as Kandinsky did we had fun trying out different colour combinations as we coloured the circles for this Christmas tree craft. 

Scroll down for your free printable Kandinsky tree template 

Kandinsky Christmas tree craft

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Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art

Kandinsky Tree - Supplies:

  • Kandinsky Christmas tree template. 
  • Markers/ paint or pastels
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Kandinsky Tree - Directions:

STEP 1:  Print Kandinsky tree template.

Set up everything you'll be working with and print out our Kandinsky Christmas tree template (go below and grab it for free!) I would recommend printing onto thick white paper or thin cardstock. 

You can change the size of the Christmas tree outline or the circles by playing around with your printer settings. 

Kandinsky tree template

STEP 2: Colour time!

Now it is time to add some colour to your Kandinsky-inspired craft! Using markers, watercolour paint or even pastels colour the circles. Use bold and contrasting colours. You may want to add colour to the Christmas tree, or alternatively you could keep it white as if it is covered in snow! (scroll down to see the different options in the images below)

Kandinsky tree printable

Christmas tree craft printable

STEP 3: Glue circles to tree

Once the circles and Christmas tree shapes are coloured leave them to dry if needed and then cut out the circles. Use the circles to decorate the Christmas tree, glueing each circle in place on the tree. 

Kandinsky tree craft

Kandinsky for kids

Kandinsky tree

This is such a great way to spend a fun day indoors and learn a little bit about colour theory too! This Kandinsky inspired Christmas tree art would look amazing hung up as wall art over the Christmas period, or stuck to the front of a piece of cardstock as a homemade Christmas card. 

Scroll on down to grab your free printable Kandinsky tree template or alternatively take a look at our full Christmas paper crafts for kids pack available in the Messy Little Monster shop.


To download this Kandisnky tree printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: tree. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

If you enjoy doing art and craft based on famous artists you might like our full artists pack full or information, craft ideas and templates for 20 famous artists! 

Head to the Messy Little Monster Shop for more details. 

We hope you love making this Christmas tree craft whilst learning about Kandinsky and colour theory. Children of all aged can get involved with this Kandinsky tree craft, younger children may just need a little help with the cutting. Have fun trying out different colour combinations and then share your Kandinsky Christmas tree art for all to see! Enjoy!

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