Kandinsky Circles Bead Craft for Kids

Invite your kids to experience art in a whole new way with this Kandinsky Circles Bead Craft for KidsTake at home art classes to the next level with this amazing art project inspired by the famous Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles. Don't worry, you won't have to paint a Kandinsky yourself! Just download our amazing free printable template to make this Kandinsky art project for kids a whole lot easier.

Kandinsky Circles Bead Craft for Kids

Be inspired by the work and approach to art of this famous Russian painter and use it as a way to encourage your little ones to experience art in a fun and creative way. 

We decided to add a twist to this Kandinsky inspired art project by using beads. It's such a fun material for kids to explore! 

This Kandinsky art project allows children to explore shapes and colours in a free manner thanks to famous Kandinsky's abstract style. It's also a marvellous way to encourage visual memory and artistic expression.

Kandinsky Circles Bead Suncatcher Craft for Kids

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Kandinsky for kids - Kandinsky Circles Bead Craft

Bead craft for kids

Kandinsky Circles Bead Craft Supplies:

  • Picture frame 5”x7” 
  • Circles printable
  • Scissors
  • White Glue
  • Beads

Kandinsky Circles Bead Craft for Kids:

Step 1: Download the circles template.

To begin, scroll below and download our free printable Kandinsky Craft Circles template.

Printable Kandinsky circles craft template

Step 2: Prep the frame.

Then, print the template and cut it out to fit a 5inches x 7inches frame.

Kandinsky circles printable

Step 3: Frame the template.

Insert the template into the frame behind the glass. This will help create the circles as you can use the template as an outline.

Kandinsky circles template

Step 4: Let's start creating!

Start by placing glue all around the outline of each circle. Then, place the beads onto the glue!

Kandinsky for kids

Build up the circles using different coloured beads. 

Kandinsky circles craft

Have fun playing around with using different colour combinations and different types of beads.

Kandinsky for kids

Repeat for all 6 circles.

Kandinsky circles

Step 5: Fill your design with beads.

Once you have finished making the circles in is time to fill the squares. Add more glue and add lot of small beads to the background of your design. Your Kandinsky bead craft for kids is now complete!

Bead craft for kids

Your bead craft may take a day or two to dry due to the amount of glue used.

Kandinsky circles. Famous artists for kids.

Once dry you can either hang your Kandinsky inspired art on your wall or you can remove the printable and the back of the frame and hang your bead craft in a window as a suncatcher. The colours of the beads look beautiful as the sun shines through them. 

Kandinsky circles suncatcher bead craft for kids

I love how easy it is to put together this amazing bead craft (although it will take a little patience!) I'd say it is definitely a craft for older children. If younger children want to give it a go maybe complete it over several sessions or give them a helping hand by adding some of the beads. 


To download this Kandinsky circles printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: circles. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Kandinsky circles printable template

I hope you enjoy this lovely Kandinsky circles art project for kids. Kandinsky is such a fun artist to explore with children and this bead craft looks beautiful on completion. 

Kandinsky circles bead craft for kids. Famous artists for kids.

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