Matisse Collage Art Project - Shape Printable Included!

Make your own adorable Henri Matisse Collage! Kids will have a blast creating their own Mattise-inspired composition. This Henri Matisse art project for kids is easy and mess-free. We have even included a Matisse shapes printable to make this art project super easy.

Matisse for Kids - Matisse Collage Art Project

Before getting started on making your own abstract shape collage spend a little time finding out about the famous artist Henri Matisse and use some of his art along with our printable as inspiration to create your own collage. 

Who Is Henri Matisse?

Henri Matisse was a French artist born in 1913. Although he gained recognition as one of the main artists who paved the way to modern art, he had a traditional art background and during his youth, he created portraits and landscapes more aligned with his times.

But it didn't take long for Matisse to break away from classical art movements and find his own style. Matisse showed a fascination with bright and vibrant colors using complementary ones to create eye-catching compositions. His energetic and expressive use of shape and color turned him into a leading figure in modern art.  

As he grew older, he experimented with collages, just using paper and scissors. And this stage in his creative life is our inspiration for today's Matisse-inspired art project!

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Matisse for Kids

Scroll down to get a copy of the printable Matisse cut out template

Matisse for Kids - A Fun Matisse Collage Art Project

Matisse Collage - Supplies:  

  • Matisse cut out template (scroll down for printable)
  • Scissors
  • Canvas or art paper or canvas
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Colored paper or card stock

Matisse Collage for Kids - Instructions:

STEP 1: Print the Matisse cut out template.

First things first! Grab our free printable Matisse shape template and print it out. You can use these Matisse-inspired shapes as a template when cutting out your colored paper or as inspiration to draw your own shapes. 

Matisse cut out template

STEP 2: Cut the Matisse-inspired shapes out.

Using the template cut out each shape on colored paper or card stock.  I recommend using vibrant colors to keep with the Matisse style. 

For younger children, you could pre-cut a selection of colorful shapes for them to choose from. 

Matisse collage art project

Matisse shapes

STEP 3: Design your Matisse collage.

Get your canvas ready! Take your cutout shapes and place them on the canvas or art paper,  play around with the composition and once you are happy with the design, it's time for the final step.

shapes for Matisse art project for kids

Henri Matisse shapes for Matisse collage

STEP 4: Glue your Matisse collage together!


Now, secure each shape into place with glue to your canvas and voilá! You just made your own Matisse-inspired collage! 

Canvas for Matisse art project

Matisse Art Project for Kids

You can get the Matisse cut-out template as part of our  Henri Matisse for kids printable pack or alternatively scroll down to get the template for free. 

Henri Matisse for kids

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Matisse Collage


To download this Matisse shape template for free click on the link below and use the discount code - Matisse. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Matisse printable

Kids will love spending time doing this adorable and fun Matisse collage! What I love the most about it is that kids can explore different compositions, learn about colors and shapes, engage their senses, and just have good ol' fun! We hope you have fun learning about Matisse for kids and making your own Matisse art project. Enjoy!

Matisse collage art project. Matisse for kids. Matisse shapes printable included.

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