Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Craft

Invite your kids to get crafty with this adorable Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Craft! Frida Kahlo crafts are always fun this Frida plant pot is no exception. 

Frida Kahlo flower pot craft

If spring brings out your love for bright colours and blooming flowers, making this flower pot craft is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your mini artists. They'll be overjoyed making this cute pot and displaying it for all to see. 

The best? We added a fun spin to this flower pot craft and made it Frida Kahlo-inspired, so little ones can have their share of arty fun but also learn a little bit more about this incredible artist.

Frida plant pot

Who is Frida Kahlo?

Frida Kahlo's artwork and personal life have turned into a cultural phenomenon in the last few decades. The younger generation is looking at her work with a whole new perspective and appreciation. 

Frida was a Mexican-born painter who became known for her striking use of color and her unique take mixing both realism and symbolism. Although she is mostly known for her self-portraits paintings, her artwork is incredibly diverse. She created one hundred and forty three paintings, and fifty-five of these are self-portraits.

Mexican indigenous culture impacted her work tremendously, which you can easily spot in her use of bold and bright colors, symbolic settings, and topics. She often wears flowers in her hair and she features animals in many of her portraits.  

Frida died in 1954, and she is remembered as a passionate artist who was proud of her Mexican culture and proudly expressed it in her ideas and art.

flower pot craft for kids

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Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Craft

Frida Kahlo Craft - Supplies: 

  • Flower Pot
  • Acrylic Paint in red, black, and white.
  • Tissue paper in different bright colours
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and staples
  • Glue

Frida Kahlo Plant Pot - Directions:

STEP 1 - Draw Frida's features on flower pot

Take out all the supplies you'll need.  Prep and prime your pot first. We chose to use a store-bought white pot, but you can paint one too.

diy frida flower pot craft

Using black and red acrylic paint, start panting Frida's face features onto your flower pot. Don't stress about making it perfect, just have fun!

TIP: You can first outline her features with a pencil or a thin-tip pen and use it as a guide before moving on to the acrylic paint.

Start with her black hair. 

diy frida plant pot craft

Then paint on her nose using black paint and her lips in red.

flower pot craft - frida plant pot

Next it is time to paint Frida's eyebrows using black paint. 

flower pot craft - frida plant pot

And then finally add her eyes. Leave the paint to dry. 

Frida plant pot craft

STEP 2 - Make tissue paper flowers

Grab the tissue paper and neatly stack about 10 layers of it.  

How to make tissue paper flowers

Using scissors, cut the pile in a circle shape.

How to make tissue paper flowers

Then, attach the circles with a staple right in the middle of them

How to make paper flowers

Now, gently fluff up each layer of paper until it starts to look like a bloomed flower! Keep fluffing it up until you're happy with it. 

How to make paper flowers

Frida flowers

Repeat this process with different coloured tissue paper. You will need about 4 flowers in total.

Frida Kahlo paper flowers

STEP 4 - Complete your Frida plant pot

Now you just need to attach the flower to Frida's head using glue, and your Frida Kahlo craft is complete!

Frida Kahlo crafts

Frida plant pot

You can use this flower pot craft for real flowers or fake flowers or plants. If you are using real flowers or plants be careful when you are watering them not to get the tissue paper wet.

Frida Kahlo flower pot craft

This Frida Kahlo flower pot craft is such a fun craft to add to your spring decor and the kids will feel super proud of their creation! If you want to try out some more Frida Kahlo crafts check out our Frida Kahlo for kids printable pack.

Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Craft

We hope you have a ton of fun making and displaying your Frida Kahlo flower pot. Enjoy!

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