Henri Rousseau Toucan Art Project for Kids

This Henri Rousseau-inspired Toucan Art Project is a relaxing art project filled with colour. Learn a little about Henri Rousseau for kids and have fun creating your own Henri Rousseau toucan using our toucan printable, oil pastel, and q tips. 

Henri Rousseau toucan art project for kids

Before you get started making your own toucan art project here are a few facts about Henri Rousseau who inspired this project.

Who is Henri Rousseau?

Henri Rousseau was a French artist, born in the little town of Laval, in 1844. He was a self-taught painter whose imaginative paintings explored jungles and faraway lands with wild animals. His style was so different from the traditional and more technical ones that other artists and critics used to mock his work.

But Henri kept going. He kept learning and developing his vision of the world through his paintings. 

He used photos, scientific books, and postcards to study the shapes and colors of the scenes that lived in his imagination. At the Louver, he examined and tried to learn from some of his favorite works of art. 

He even went almost every week to the botanical museum to study exotic flowers and plants.

Although Henri was too poor to travel to the destinations he dreamed of, he was able to travel to these foreign lands without ever leaving his house. All thanks to his art!

At the end of his life, Henri finally received the recognition he longed for. Other younger artists such as Picasso saw the importance and beauty of his creativity and work. Today, his work is shown worldwide, and Henri Rousseau is considered one of the most important and influential artists to have ever lived. 

Scroll down for our step-by-step directions to make your own imaginative toucan art project inspired by Henri Rousseau's toucan painting. 

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Henri Rousseau toucan

Henri Rousseau Toucan Art Project for Kids

Henri Rousseau For Kids - Supplies:

  • Toucan Printable Template (scroll down to get a copy)
  • Oil Pastel in different colors
  • Q-tips

Henri Rousseau toucan printable

Henri Rousseau Toucan Art Project - Directions:

STEP 1 - Get your toucan printable

Before starting this toucan art project scroll down below to get a copy of the toucan printable and print it out onto thick white paper or thin cardstock. If you are feeling creative you may choose to draw your own toucan with a black marker, using the template image as a guide.

At this stage, it would also be a good idea to take a look at Henri Rousseau's Toucan painting for inspiration. 

STEP 2 - Use oil pastels to colour the toucan printable

Now you are ready to colour your toucan printable or drawing using oil pastels. Use the images of our toucan art project as a guide or choose your own colours. 

oil pastel art project for kids - toucan

Blend the oil pastels using the q tips.

blending oil pastels

Using two shades of the same colour like we have here with the green adds a little extra to the artwork. 

Henri Rousseau inspired oil pastel art project for kids

Look how smooth the oil pastels look once they are blended using the q tips. It creates a completely different texture. 

Toucan oil pastel art project for kids

Continue using the oil pastels to colour the background and toucan, using the q tips to blend as you go. 

Oil pastel art project

While you work on this lovely toucan art project, you can use the opportunity to talk a little about Henri Rousseau, his work, and how important it is to be to nurture your creativity and keep doing what you love... No matter what other say!

Toucan art project for kids

And that's your toucan art project complete! 

Henri Rousseau for kids - Toucan


To get the toucan printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code : toucan For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Toucan printable

Creating this bright and colorful art project inspired by Henri Rousseau's toucan painting is both fun and relaxing. We hope you enjoy creating your own toucan art project as you learn a little about Henri Rousseau for kids. Have fun!

Henri Rousseau Toucan Art Project. Henri Rousseau for Kids.

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