Rousseau Jungle Craft for Kids

Explore far mysterious lands using art with this Rousseau Inspired Jungle Craft for kids!

Rousseau jungle craft

As a parent, I love to see famous works of art with my children. I get to see things from their perspective, and they always notice things that I never paid attention to before. And that's a win-win if you ask me!

This jungle craft it's an easy and fun way to keep the kids busy and encourage their creative side - while having lots of fun!  (check out our rainforest diorama too!)

But this isn't just any jungle craft. We're taking inspiration from the wonderful french artist Henri Rousseau and his iconic lush jungle paintings that made him so famous and important in art history.

As you probably know by now, we love crafts that include art history in one way or another. It's an interactive, fun, and creative way of teaching art appreciation to our little ones, plus it allows us to work on some fun art skills.

Jungle craft for kids

Who is Rousseau?

Rousseau was a french painter who's more known for his naive style painting of jungles and wild animals. He had a very distinct style and used painting techniques that were not well received back in his time. But, as time went on, art critics, artists, and the general public realized how remarkable his artwork was and its impact on art as a whole. He is considered by many as the creator of the Magic Realism art movement.

His artwork 'Tropics' is an excellent starting point to get inspired and start working on your own jungle craft! 

But don't worry, you don't need to be Rousseau to create this adorable craft. We've included a printable plus clipart! This way, if your little ones are not into drawing or you want a mess-free activity, this jungle art project will work just as well.

You might also like this how to draw a tiger tutorial inspired by Henri Rousseau or our Henri Rousseau Toucan art project. 

Rousseau Inspired Jungle Craft

Jungle Craft - Supplies:

  • Printable background
  • Cardboard box or cardboard lid
  • Images of animals (clip art, drawings or photos)
  • Leaves/ plants (real or made from paper, tissue, etc.)

Rousseau Jungle Craft - Directions:

Jungle craft

STEP 1 - Download our freebies!

Scroll down below and download our free jungle background. Print it out and start coloring or painting your background in jungle colours.

printable jungle background

STEP 2 - Paint the base of your jungle

Make a base for your jungle craft by gluing your jungle background to a similar-sized cardboard box (or a cardboard lid). 

If your little ones are up for it, you could also ditch the template and help the kids paint the box in different shades of green, just like Rousseau did in his jungle painting!

jungle craft background

STEP 3 - Add the jungle animals:

Now, it's time to add some jungle animals. You can either draw or paint your own jungle creatures or use the animal clip art included in this activity. Alternatively you could get images from other places such as magazines or by printing out google images.

Cut out your jungle animals. 

cut out jungle animals for jungle craft

Once your animals are ready, glue them onto the colored background you just attached to the cardboard.

Rousseau inspired jungle craft for kids

STEP 4 -Add the leaves:

Now it is time to add some greenery to your jungle. Make leaves and plants from colored paper or tissue paper or even look for some real leaves from the backyard . Glue the leaves to your masterpiece to complete your jungle scene.

Really let your imagination take over! You could add jungle flowers or have animals hiding behind trees, the options are endless. 

Easy jungle craft for kids


To download this Jungle printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: jungle. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

jungle printable

And there you have it! A fun and out-of-the-box craft kids will love to make, no matter their age! We hope you love making this Rousseau jungle craft just as much as we did. Enjoy!

Rousseau inspired jungle craft for kids

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