Flower Painting Ideas for Kids

Spring and summer are the perfect time to make some flower crafts with the kids. Today, we're going to focus on flower painting ideas for kids to encourage kids to paint using different materials. Painting is a great way to reinforce colour identification with toddlers and preschoolers. It's also terrific for introducing concepts of colour mixing, complementary colours, contrasting colours, and so much more. But, primarily, painting is about fun and creativity!

flower painting ideas

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Whether you are looking for a simple watercolour painting, fun fingerprint art, or to explore painting using real flowers, there is something for all tastes and ages in this list of flower painting ideas.

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Here are some more painting ideas:

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Fun Flower Painting Ideas for Kids from Messy Little Monster

Let's kick things off with a few of our own flower painting ideas! The rainbow flowers, nature paint brushes, and microwave puffy paint flowers are all excellent for summer.

pretty flower painting ideas for kids

Daffodil Spring Flower Craft

Our keepsake Daffodil Craft is perfect for spring, but you can make it anytime during the year or for any family member. We used a salad spinner to coat the yellow paper in paint to make these lovely flowers. Try the same thing with daisies, marigolds, geraniums, zinnias, and other summertime flowers if you're making these later in the year.

daffodil flower painting idea

Rainbow Flower Craft for Kids

Use the spin art painting technique for this Rainbow Flower Craft, too. It's a more summery look, and each flower is totally unique. We loved using lots of different colours on ours, but you could stick to two or three colours if you'd like to create flowers with a more consistent colour palette.

spin art flower painting ideas

Nature Paintbrushes

Go outside to the backyard or for a nature walk to collect some flowers to make our Nature Paintbrushes. Different types of flowers will create different brush strokes!

nature paintbrushes flower painting ideas

Microwave Puffy Paint Flowers

Make a batch of our awesome puffy paint to make Microwave Puffy Paint Flowers with the kids. Put them on a canvas or a card for a friend or neighbour. The flowers look like they pop off the page!

microwave puffy paint flower idea

Fingerprint Flower Pot

Make a Fingerprint Flower Pot to give as a gift along with a flower, succulent, or some seeds and soil. It's such a thoughtful gift, particularly now, when we all need a bit of cheering up. It's a beautiful keepsake that will last for years to come.

fingerprint flower pot flower painting idea

Fingerprint Flower Card

This Fingerprint Flower Card for Mom is a beautiful flower-painted card for Mother's Day or anytime you want to show Mom how much she means to you!

fingerprint flower painting idea

Blow Painting Meadow of Flowers 

Create a meadow full of flowers with a fun blow painting with straws technique. Using a straw to blow the paint instead of a paintbrush creates a really interesting effect. 

Blow painting meadow of flowers - flower painting ideas

Flower Fork painting

If you are looking for a fun and easy way of painting flowers you are going to love this Fork Painting technique! These fork painted flowers are simple enough for even toddlers and preschoolers to create and they look so effective. Have fun experimenting with various colours and different sized forks. 

Fork painted flower painting for kids

Sunflower Painting for Preschoolers

Learn how to make sunflower paintings using a toilet paper roll stamp. This is such a fun and easy flower painting idea for preschoolers. 

Easy sunflower painting for preschoolers using a toilet paper roll stamp

Van Gogh Sunflower Painting

Keeping to the sunflower theme why not try this Van Gogh sunflower painting with spices. Not only will your flower painting look fabulous, it will smell fabulous too! 

Van Gogh sunflower painting with spices

Georgia O' Keeffe Flower Painting

Another famous artists work to look at if you are want to explore flower paintings is Georgia O Keeffe. Inspired by her large flower paintings that fill the canvas we created this Georgia O Keeffe inspired painting using black glue and water colours. 

Georgia O' Keeffe flower painting for kids

Pop Art Flower Painting

Create a flower painting pop art style using our printable template. Use watercolour paint to complete your own pop art flower painting in the style of Andy Warhol. 

pop art flower painting for kids

Lavender Flower Painting

Here is a fun and easy flower painting for you to try. Learn how to paint lavender using q tips!

Lavender flower painting

Collaborative Flower Painting

Get a group of friends or family together and have a go at some collaborative flower painting! This fun painting idea is from our book - Fun Painting Ideas for Kids

Collaborative flower painting for kids

To see this flower painting idea along with another 60 fun painting ideas check out our book. 

Painting ideas for kids

Fabulous Flower Painting Ideas

Here are lots more beautiful flower painting ideas we found from our blogging friends.

colorful flower painting ideas for kids

Bubble Paint Flowers

Kids just love blowing bubbles, and they'll be surprised when you tell them they can blow them indoors. Make Bubble Paint Flowers from My Joy-Filled Life by adding paint or food colouring to bubbles. You can also use coloured bubbles to cut down on prep time.

bubble paint flowers flower painting ideas

Fork Painted Flowers

Painting with forks is a no-fail way to create interesting art. Take these Fork Painted Flowers from Our Kid Things, for instance. You'll need heavy cardstock for this craft since the paint goes on a bit thick. Turn one of these flowers into a pretty card for someone special!

fork painted flowers painting idea for kids

Painted Paper Plate Flowers

We love these hyper-colourful Painted Paper Plate Flowers by Pink Stripey Socks. This is a next-level paper plate craft made with four paper plates layered together to create a 3D flower that just pops. They'd make beautiful party decorations and are even nice enough to put above the mantle for a fun, summery look in your home.

paper plate flower painting idea for kids

Watercolour Flower Painting

Use bright, bold watercolours and a black outline to make this gorgeous Watercolour Flower Painting by Projects with Kids. The painting is of just a section of the flower, which gives it an interesting look and makes a wall-worthy piece.

watercolor flower painting ideas for kids

Drip Painted Paper Towel Flowers

Drip painting is a simple process art idea for preschoolers. However, even older children will enjoy making these Paper Towel Flowers by Childhood 101. Drip liquid watercolours on the paper towels and watch how the colours spread and blend together. You'll then cut and fold them into a lovely bouquet of flowers.

paper towel flower painting ideas for kids

Mini Flower Collages

Experiment with watercolours to make these stunning Mini Flower Collages from Barley and Birch. Adding stripes, dots, and squiggly lines on top of the paint creates so much visual interest!

mini painted flower collages

Sunflower Painting Art

Use empty toilet paper rolls to create an easy-to-use sunflower stamp. This Sunflower Stamp Art from Emma Owl is the perfect summer flower craft. The q-tip painted centres look fantastic! You can choose to paint in the flower petals or just leave them as outlines. It's your creative choice!

sunflower painting for kids

Handprint Painted Flower

These Handprint Painted Flowers by My Bored Toddler are such a cute keepsake for spring and summer. They look like tulips, but you could easily change out the colours to make sunflowers or daisies, too.

handprint flower painting idea

Press Painted Flower Bookmarks

Make some gifts for your favourite bibliophile. Bookmarks are always useful, and these Press-Painted Flower Bookmarks by Twitchetts are so pretty! They'd also make a wonderful donation to your local library if they need bookmarks.

press painting flower bookmarks

Pom-Pom Painted Flowers

Ditch the paintbrushes! Grab clothespins and pom-poms to make these lovely Pom-Pom Painted Flowers by Fantastic Fun and Learning. Kids can use the pom-poms to dab, stamp, or stroke paint on the page.

Happy Flower Rocks

These Happy Flower Rocks by Rock Painting 101 are perfect for rock hiding groups in your community. The flower is easy to paint, even for kids, and is sure to put a smile on someone's face.

flower rock painting idea for kids

Large Layered Painted Paper Flowers

These Large Layered Painted Paper Flowers from Our Kid Things look like they belong in a children's book! They're covered in bright, bold colours and look so whimsical. They're made with layers of painted cardstock, but the black outline helps the bold colours stand out even more.

layer painted paper flower craft for kids

Paper Plate Flower Craft

Red Ted Art's Paper Plate Flower Craft is a terrific option for spring and summer. Paper plates are cut into flower shapes (or simply cut in half) and placed on paper straw stems. The leaves are made from the paper plate as well. We love how the design of the plate is incorporated into the design of the flower—for instance, painting the ridges of the plate to give the design more structure.

painted paper plate flower craft

Water Bottle Flower Painting

Did you know that the bottoms of water bottles or soda bottles are perfect for stamping flowers? This Water Bottle Flower Painting from Kids Activities Blog shows you how to do it using bottles of various sizes. Make an entire garden of painted flowers!

water bottle stamp flower painting idea

Cardboard Drink Carrier Flowers

Use drink carriers and cupcake liners to make these beautiful Cardboard Flowers by Mommyhood Life. The layering of the cupcake liners and cardboard makes this craft look so unique.

cardboard flower painting craft for kids

And if that isn't enough flower painting ideas for kids follow the links below to EVEN more ideas!

Flower Painting Ideas for Kids.  Simple, fun and colourful art & craft ideas for Spring and Summer.

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Flower Painting Ideas for Kids.  Simple, fun and colourful art & craft ideas for Spring and Summer.

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Pin this list of flower painting ideas for kids to paint a pretty bouquet any time you need a bit of colour and beauty in your life!

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