30 Best Summer Camp Crafts for Kids

What do you get when you combine summer camp with arts and crafts? A happy camper! We're sharing some of the best summer camp crafts for kids to keep them entertained all summer long. Whether you're having a summer camp in your own backyard or hosting or working at a summer camp, these easy camp crafts are the perfect form of entertainment.

Best Summer Camp Crafts for Kids

30 Best Summer Camp Crafts for Kids

We've got all sorts of fun crafts and activities from painted rocks to popsicle stick crafts and more. Check out the full list of creative ideas below!

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Summer Camp Crafts for Kids

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Fun Crafts for Camp from Messy Little Monster

We'll kick things off with some easy summer camp crafts that we've made right here at Messy Little Monster. The kids will love these cute activities, from classic crafts like suncatchers to super easy fingerprint bugs for day camp.

Camping-Themed Painted Rocks

Our camping themed painted rocks are the perfect summer camp craft. Kids can paint their own designs and exchange them with friends. They make wonderful souvenirs! These painted rocks can also be used as story stones when telling stories around the campfire.

Camping themed painted rocks for summer camp.


Nature Suncatcher Craft

Gather some flowers, leaves, and grasses from around camp to make fun and colorful nature suncatchers. All you need (after you find your nature goodies) are popsicle sticks, glue, Press N'Seal, twine, and paint if you plan to add a little color to the popsicle sticks. 

Nature suncatcher craft - summer camp craft for kids


Fingerprint Bugs Craft

Make a fingerprint bug jar in memory of all those bugs buzzing around during summer camp. This is such a fun and quick craft. You only need a little bit of drying time for the paint, and then you can use markers to draw in the rest of the bugs' features. Make dragonflies, spiders, bees, ladybugs, June bugs, and more.

fingerprint bug jar craft - summer camp craft for kids


Clothespin Dragonfly

Grab some clothespins, paint, pipe cleaners, and sparkly adhesive gems to make your own clothespin dragonflies. They're super simple, fun, and easy to personalize. You could even add a magnet to the back to turn it into a fridge magnet.

clothespin dragonfly craft - summer camp craft for kids


Water Pistol Painting

Fill water pistols with paint and water, set up some canvases, and let the kids get to work making some summer cool water pistol paintings. No two pieces of art will look the same, which is part of the fun! These paintings will make cool mementos to take home and display in their rooms. 

water pistol painting - summer camp craft for kids


Clay Tree Faces 

Make a collection of nature and use it to make some Clay Tree Faces. These sculptures are so easy and fun to make and they are perfect for all ages. 

clay tree faces - summer camp craft for kids.


Toilet Paper Roll Frog

How fun is this toilet paper roll frog? He comes complete with a tasty fly at the end of the string that you can toss into his mouth when playing with the frog. With just some toilet paper tubes, colored paper, string, and a few other simple crafting materials, you can put this fun frog together in no time.

toilet paper roll frog craft - summer camp craft for kids


Homemade Bubble Wands

Nothing keeps kids entertained better than making homemade bubble wands and providing lots of bubble solution for them to play. They'll spend hours blowing bubbles, seeing who can blow the biggest one. 

homemade bubble wands - summer camp craft for kids


Cheerio Bird Feeders

One of the most important things kids learn at summer camp is taking care of the earth and its creatures. This Cheerio bird feeder is a great way to drive that point home. Using pipe cleaners and cereal, you can assemble a bird feeder in just a few minutes. 

cheerio bird feeders - summer camp craft for kids


Nature Owl Craft

Collect pine cones to make this fun nature owl craft. We also made owls from conkers, but those are a little harder to find sometimes. Add felt wings, eyes, and a beak, and you have an adorable little pinecone owl to display.

nature owl craft - summer camp craft for kids


Clay Leaf Bowl

Our clay leaf bowl would make an excellent summer camp craft for kids. With some air-dry clay, leaves, and a bit of paint, you can make and decorate your own bowl to your liking. Use it at home to hold change, keys, jewelry, or give it to someone as a gift.

clay leaf bowl craft - summer camp craft for kids

Painting Kindness Rocks

Painting kindness rocks is a fun summer camp craft that kids of all ages will enjoy. Kids can have fun finding rocks and then using their imagination to design their own fun painted rocks. Use paint pens and fill the rocks with positive messages before hiding them for others to find. 

Painting kindness rocks - summer camp craft for kids

Summer Camp Ideas (printable bundle)

This printable bundle of summer camp ideas available from the Messy Little Monster shop is perfect for anybody running a summer camp at home. It includes not only summer camp crafts, but also activity ideas, games and a summer camp planner.

summer camp at home ideas


Easy Summer Camp Crafts

If you're crafting with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, you need easy camp arts and crafts that don't require many materials. That's where these crafts come in! They're super simple, usually requiring three materials or less, and can be put together in a few minutes, which is perfect for wiggly kids.

Summer camp crafts


Handprint Campfire

This handprint campfire craft by Simple Everyday Mom is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Not only is it easy to make using the log templates and colored paper, but it makes a great memento, both of the camp experience and your child's little hands.

handprint campfire craft - summer camp craft for kids


Mini Camping Set

Build your own mini camping set out of paper and popsicle sticks. It's perfect for playing with small toys and figures, pretending that they're going on a camping trip of their own. This is a super easy summer boredom buster idea.

mini camping craft - summer camp craft for kids


DIY Skipping Rope

In 10 minutes or less, you can make your own DIY skipping rope like this one from And Next Comes L. All you need is a nylon cord, plastic straws, and duct tape. If you don't have plastic straws in your area, paper ones will work, too, and you can get them in all kinds of pretty designs. However, the paper ones won't hold up as well to play, especially outdoors. 

diy skipping rope craft - summer camp craft for kids


Popsicle Art

When the weather is scorching, make some popsicle art indoors. This cute printable from Artsy Momma allows kids to color in and decorate their popsicles with colorful Fruit Loops cereal. This is a terrific activity for day camp with preschoolers!

popsicle art  - summer camp craft for kids


Watermelon Card

Tell someone they're "one in a melon" with this totally adorable watermelon card from The Best Ideas for Kids. What a fun project for kids who've gone away to summer camp who are perhaps missing their family or friends. Of course, you can make it for your own backyard summer camp, too.

watermelon craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Easy Button Bracelets

If you're hosting a summer camp of littles, these easy button bracelets from 123 Homeschool 4 Me need to be on your crafting list. All you need are some large buttons in fun designs and pipe cleaners. That's it!

button bracelet craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Yarn Butterflies

Yarn wrapping is a popular camp craft, usually in the form of a God's eye. But these yarn butterflies from The Craft Train are another fun option. They're easy to make by wrapping yarn around popsicle sticks and then adding beads and pipe cleaners to make the butterfly shape.

yarn butterfly craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Classic Summer Camp Crafts

Some crafts for camp are just classics. It's just not the same if you don't make some friendship bracelets, keychains, lanterns, and bird feeders. So, let's get to it!


DIY Camping Lantern

Make a DIY camping lantern out of a recycled container. The Crazy Outdoor Mama added bear silhouettes to the lantern, which looks really cool when it's lit up. To change things up, you could add deer, squirrels, campfire silhouettes, tents, or loads of other camping-related images. Use battery-operated candles, glow sticks, or a flashlight to make your lantern glow.

diy camping lantern craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Ice Cream Painted Rocks

Don't you love all the fun ways you can paint rocks to make something cool? These ice cream painted rocks from Projects with Kids are perfect for summer. Provide some flat rocks, paint, and paint pens, and get to work making silly little ice creams with faces. Their watermelon painted rocks are super cute, too!

ice cream painted rock craft  - summer camp craft for kids


T-Shirt Bracelets

Kids of all ages enjoy making bracelets, especially tweens and teens. These recycled t-shirt bracelets from Crafts by Amanda are fun to make and are a great way to teach kids about recycling and upcycling. Keep them as souvenirs and give a few to your camp friends as well. 

t shirt bracelet craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Classic Friendship Bracelets

Speaking of friends and bracelets, it's just not summer camp if you don't make a few classic friendship bracelets to exchange with your besties. The handy picture tutorials from Moms and Crafters show you how to braid the bracelets, the knots you need to make, and a few different techniques and styles to make.

classic friendship bracelet craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Bug Observation Box

This bug observation box by Barley and Birch is easy and educational. Find out what types of bugs live nearby by catching them and observing them for a little while. The mesh side provides lots of air for the bugs, so you don't need to worry about hurting them. Just catch, observe, and release! Decorate your box with crafty flowers and leaves. Don't forget to put some real ones inside for the bugs to munch on while they're there.

bug box craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Turn colorful popsicle sticks into a bright, fun, and useful popsicle stick bird feeder. This craft by Grace, Giggles, and Naptime is even easier if you use popsicle sticks that are pre-painted. You can find them in craft stores and usually even at the dollar store. It's a neat craft and great STEM activity in one.

popsicle stick bird feeder craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Plastic Bag Kite

With the right materials, a few minutes, and some patience, you can create an awesome plastic bag kite like this one from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops! We love this project because it's easy to do with kids, inexpensive, and will keep them occupied for hours. It also doesn't require any special tools or sewing skills. If you don't have any wooden dowels, don't worry. You can easily use sticks you find lying around outside.

plastic bag kite craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Zipper Stitch Lanyard

Lanyards are another classic camp craft. Turn them into keychains, put them on your travel bags, or give them as gifts. This tutorial for a zipper stitch lanyard from Moms and Crafters will show you everything you need to know to make your own lanyard at camp.

zipper stitch lanyard craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Shrinky Dink Keychains

Encourage the kids to write positive messages to each other on shrinky dinks to make these sweet shrinky dink keychains by Coffee and Carpool. Turn those larger rectangles into smaller ones in the oven. They'll be perfectly sized to make feel-good keychains with lots of positive vibes. What a nice way to remember camp friends!

shrinky dink keychain craft  - summer camp craft for kids


More Fun Camp Crafts for Kids

If you're looking for a few more creative summer camp crafts, try one of these projects. You'll find a couple that are great for tweens and teens and some that are a little more advanced or time-consuming. Kids will have a blast making them!


Campfire Necklace

What better way to remember summer camp than with a cool s'mores-themed campfire necklace? It's easier than you think to make this craft from The Crazy Outdoor Mama. You'll need clay, paint, twine, pony beads, and a bit of jewelry wire to loop the pieces together.

campfire necklace craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Clothespin Airplane Craft

Popsicle sticks and clothespins come together to make these easy clothespin airplanes from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops. They're super fun to make and even more fun to play with. 

clothespin airplane craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Paper Plate Campfire Craft

Get some fine motor practice while making a gorgeous paper plate campfire craft from Non-Toy gifts. The flames for the campfire are made by threading orange yarn through the holes. Little kids will need some help punching the holes into flame shapes, but older ones can probably handle this just fine on their own.

paper plate campfire craft  - summer camp craft for kids


Duct Tape Water Bottle Holder

You can make incredible things with duct tape. This duct tape water bottle from There's Just One Mommy is a fun and practical project for summer camp. They'll be able to use their water bottle holders all summer long to stay hydrated and keep their water nearby hands-free. 

duct tape water bottle holder craft  - summer camp craft for kids

We hope you’ve found some new summer camp crafts for kids that your child can enjoy making and playing with. What are your kids most excited about doing at camp? Share your favourite camp craft with us.

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