Blow Painting with Straws

Have fun experimenting with Blow Painting with Straws. This is such a fun painting idea for kids to try. They can create their own unique masterpiece simply by blowing paint around using a straw. How fun!!!

Blow painting with straws

Kids will have a wonderful time blowing paint in all directions as they create a marvellous painting.  They can make it totally abstract and turn this painting project into a process art activity or they can have fun blowing paint to create the flower art project suggested below. 

This is a wonderful art activity for all ages, so everyone is in for a treat!

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flower blow painting art project

Blow Painting with Straws

Blow Painting with Straws - Supplies:

  • Watercolour paints
  • Straws
  • Watercolour paper
  • Markers (optional to add bugs)

How to create blow painting art with straws

STEP 1: Prep your blow painting supplies

Get all your materials ready! We recommend using watercolour paper for this blow painting for kids!

blow painting supplies

STEP 2: Blow green paint to make the grass.

Start by making watercolour puddles in green at the very bottom of your watercolour paper.

straw blowing art

Use a straw and blow the green puddles of paint towards the top of your paper. This will create long shapes for the stems and shorter ones that will be the grass.

blow painting with straws

blow painting with straws to paint grass

STEP 3: Blow pink and orange paint to create the flowers.

At the top of the green stems that you have just created add some smaller puddles of watercolour paint to create your flowers. We used pink and orange paint, but be creative and choose your favourite colours!

To make the flowers with the straw, you have to blow at a very short distance. Blowing the watercolour paint with the straw at a shorter distance will result in smaller shapes, which is exactly what we need for these flowers.

blow painting with straws to paint flowers

Once your flowers are done, it's time to paint the sky. Add a blue shade of watercolour paint and blow the paint in all directions to create a sky. 

You may also want to add trees at either side of your grass and flowers. To do this add a puddle of brown paint at either side of your watercolour paper and blow it in an upwards direction using your straw. Once the paint is near the top change the direction you are blowing to create tree branches. You may need to add more brown paint as you go. 

blow painting

STEP 4: Complete your blow painting art

Leave your blow painting art to dry and then have fun adding small extra details using either watercolour paint or markers.  Add ladybirds, butterflies or any other little bugs that you can think of to complete your blow painting with straws art project. 

blow painting with straws

We hope you have tons of fun blow painting with straws, it is such an unusual painting technique that is definitely worth a try! Experiment with blowing paint in different ways to see what other patterns and pictures you can create.

Blow painting with straws. Flower painting for kids.

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