Mother's Day Painting Ideas

You are going to love this list of 25 fun and easy Mother's Day painting ideas for kids! Every year on Mother's Day, we celebrate the incredible women in our lives who have shown us unconditional love and support. What better way to show Mom how much you love her than by creating a one-of-a-kind work of art?  

Mother's Day Painting Ideas for Kids

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Make a thoughtful, handmade gift for Mother's Day that mom will treasure for years to come with one of these Mother's Day painting ideas. 

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We have also published a book called 'Fun Painting Projects for Kids' that is full of 60 fun painting ideas for kids. 


Mother's Day Painting Ideas From Messy Little Monster

Here are a few of our favourite painting projects for moms that we've made over the years. From painted flower pots to flower pop art, your kids will love these simple painting projects.

Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Fingerprint Flower Pot

Moms who enjoy gardening will smile every time they see these fingerprint flower pots holding their succulents, flowers, or herbs. With bright, cheery colours and adorable buttons, they'll add a whimsical touch to any windowsill, patio, or garden.

Fingerprint Flower Pot - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Painted Handprint Poem for Mom

Here's a classic handprint poem craft that you probably made for your own mother as a child. Colourful handprints pair perfectly with this cute poem about your children leaving fingerprints all over when they're small. Save it for your scrapbook. You'll treasure those tiny hands forever. 

Handprint Poem - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Watercolour Flower Pop Art

Create some flower pop art for Mom to hang on her wall. This project is inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol and is a fantastic piece to paint for spring, especially Mother's Day. Put it in a stylish frame to make it even more special.

Watercolour Flower Pop Art - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Bubble Wrap Painted Frame

Toddlers and preschoolers can easily join in on making gifts for mom when they're as easy as this bubble wrap painted frame. Use bubble wrap dipped in paint to stamp colourful prints all over a basic wood picture frame. Add some heart or flower embellishments to one corner, and you've got a beautiful frame any mother will be proud to display.

Bubble Wrap Painted Frame - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Rainbow Footprint Butterfly Poem

Remember those tiny tootsies every time you look at this gorgeous rainbow butterfly footprint, complete with a precious poem to make Mom smile. It's the perfect way to capture tiny baby feet in celebration of that first Mother's Day together. 

The version below was actually made with an ink pad, but we made a really cool painted rainbow footprint butterfly too! 

Rainbow Footprint Butterfly - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Clay Footprint Ring Dish

Make a personalised gift for Mom or Grandma. This clay footprint ring dish is just the right size to hold rings, bracelets, and other trinkets you take off at the end of the day. It makes a lovely piece of décor for an entry table or nightstand. 

If you love this painted footprint butterfly design check out our footprint butterfly clay pot craft too.

Clay Footprint Ring Dish - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Painted Salt Dough Handprint Bowl

They say home is where the heart is, but we say Mom is where the heart is. Wherever she is, there's love, and lots of it. Remember her with a charming salt dough handprint bowl in the shape of your little one's hand. Paint it up any colour of your choice, or choose mom's favourite colour. It can be used as a ring dish, a change collection bowl for when you empty your pockets, or a spoon rest for the kitchen.

Painted Salt Dough handprint Bowl - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Pour Painting Flower Pot

Here's another gift for the garden-loving mom that's creative, useful, and beautiful. Plus, Pour Painting for Kids is not only super easy, it's so much fun for kids of all ages. Grab a few paint colours in any colour scheme you like—bright and bold, pastel, neutrals—your choice! Turn the pot over, and let the pouring and dripping begin. Every pot is unique.

Pour Painting Flower Pot Craft - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Fingerprint Painted Flower Pot

If your wiggly kid can only spare a few minutes of sitting, this fingerprint flower pot is a terrific project for short attention spans. Grab a pretty white pot, bowl, or mug, a couple colours of paint, and get to work dabbing on those tiny fingerprints. Add some soil and a plant, and this gift is ready to give to someone special. 

Fingerprint Flower Pot - Mother's Day Painting Ideas

Canvas Painting Ideas for Mom

Want to create a wall-worthy piece of art for the special mom in your life? Below are a few fun painting ideas kids can make for their mothers.


Fingerprint Heart Keepsake Poem

Some prints are made to stay. This fingerprint heart keepsake represents those fingerprints that stay with you for eternity. Dads, this is the perfect project to help the kids with this year.

Fingerprint Heart Keepsake Poem - Mother's Day Painting Ideas

Heart Mother's Day Painting Idea

This paper doily heart painting is much easier to create than it looks. Simply grab a canvas and use a paper doily as a template to create a really cool painting effect. 

Heart Mother's Day painting Idea

Heart Mother's Day Painting Idea

This heart art is super cute! Here is a really simple painting idea for younger toddlers and preschoolers. Grab a canvas or thick paper along with a heart cookie cutter and stamp away until your canvas is filled with colourful hearts.

Heart Art - Mother's Day Painting Ideas

Melted Crayon Art

Use crayons instead of paint! It doesn't get more colourful than this melted crayon art featuring a beautiful rainbow of wax dripping down the canvas. The most striking part is the picture of the child holding an umbrella. Find out how to make it at On My Kids Plate!

Melted Crayon Art - Mother's Day painting Ideas

Mother's Day Flower Paintings

Use a canvas or construction paper to create a stunning Mother's Day flower painting for Mom inspired by famous artist Georgia O Keeffe. This idea from Lessons with Laughter is perfect for an art class. 

Georgia O Keeffe Flower Painting - Mother's Day painting Ideas


Beautiful Painting Ideas for Mother's Day

Paint doesn't have to be on canvas. These beautiful painted projects for Mom include painted mugs, bookmarks, cards, and more that are colourful and made special just for her.

Mother's day Painting for Kids


Black Glue and Watercolour Flower Paintings

Here is another Georgia O Keeffe flower painting idea. Continue with the flower theme and try your hand at creating a black glue outline to fill with watercolour paint. Use our printable or go freehand! This would look really beautiful framed or even on the front of a Mother's day card. 

Georgia O Keeffe Flower Painting - Mother's Day painting Ideas

Mother's Day Sponge Painting

Ditch scrubbing the dishes with your kitchen sponges this Mother's Day. Instead, help the kids make these pretty sponge painted cards from The Best Ideas for Kids. Stamping is a fun art technique that makes it easy for very young children to create beautiful designs.

Mother's Day Sponge Painting - Mother's Day painting Ideas


Stamped Rose Painting

For another super simple stamping idea, try these whirly, twirly stamped rose cards from The Craft Train. Can you believe those gorgeous roses were made using a thin, rolled-up sponge cleaning cloth? Brilliant!

Stamped Rose Painting - Mother's Day Painting Ideas

Stamped Fork Flower Painting

Who knew that you could use something as simple as a fork as a stamp for painting. Fork painting is a lot of fun for kids of all ages and I think that you will agree that these fork painted flowers look great.

Fork Painting Flowers - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Galaxy Spray Paint Art

Tell Mom she's out of this world with a galaxy handprint craft. Follow the steps from The Soccer Mom Blog to learn how to spritz and spray your way to a sparkly space-themed keepsake. 

Galaxy Spray Paint Art - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Handprint Painted Flowers Art

Grab a handful of paint sticks from your local hardware store to put together this pallet-inspired handprint flower art from Homeschool Preschool. Both the flowers and grass are made using handprints, so this project is straightforward enough for the youngest crafters.

Handprint Flower Art - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Handprint Doily Craft

Practice weaving and threading skills with this handprint doily craft from Preschool Toolkit. This inexpensive project is cutesy and charming and will look wonderful in Grandma's kitchen. 

Handprint Craft - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Initial Tape Resist Painting

Use the tape resist technique to create a monogram or initial art. The Soccer Mom Blog uses Kwik Stix paint markers to keep this craft mess-free and easy for kids. Add the colourful initial to a cute frame, and the kids will have a gift they're proud to give to their mama.

Initial Tape Resist Painting - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Handprint and Fingerprint Flower Pot

Out of the flower pot pops a bouquet of handprint and fingerprint flowers. Moms will love this sweet poem and craft from Fun Handprint Art to remind her of those small handprints in the years to come. 

Handprint and fingerprint flower craft - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Mother's Day Painted Bookmark

Bookworm moms will adore these watercolour cards and bookmarks made by their children. Projects with Kids uses a resist technique that makes both the watercolours and the whitespace look more vivid. Mom will smile every time she sees these colourful bookmarks peeking out of the pages of her favourite books.

Mother's Day Painted Bookmarks  - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

Make her morning cup of Joe extra special with a mug customised especially for her. These marbled nail polish mugs from Strength and Sunshine are quick and easy, so make several to give to moms, teachers, neighbours, and friends.

Marbled Nail polish Mugs  - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Mother's Day Painted Rocks

Mom rocks, so it's time to tell her so! She can use these Mother's Day painted rocks as paperweights for her desk or as decorations for her garden. Learn how to make a few simple designs at Projects With Kids.

Mother's Day Painted Rocks  - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


3D I Love You Hand Craft

Say "I love you" in sign language with this fantastic 3D hand craft from Pink Stripey Socks. The bright colours, 3D effect, and whimsical design make this craft pop off the page or canvas.

I love you craft  - Mother's Day Painting Ideas


Spin Art Painted Flowers

How pretty do these spin art flowers look?! Spin art is super fun for young children and each painting created is totally unique. Glue spin art flowers to colourful cardstock to create a Mother's Day card or add a popsicle stick as a stem and give them as a special handmade gift. 

Spin Art Flowers - Mother's Day Painting Ideas

Ladybird Painted Clay Pot

This ladybug clay pot from Rainy Day Mum is too cute to sit outdoors! Put it in the windowsill or use it on a desk to hold pens and pencils. Moms and grandmas alike will love this cute lil' love bug. 

Ladybird Painted Clay Pot Craft - Mother's Day Painting Ideas

When it comes to Mother's Day, it really is the thought that counts. These easy Mother's Day painting ideas are the perfect way to show her that she means the world to you.  

Mother's Day painting ideas. Easy Mother's Day crafts for kids.

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