Spring Activities for Kids

With springtime and warmer weather upon us, you'll be looking for fun ways to keep the kids entertained. We've compiled a list of fun and easy spring activities for kids that you're going to love. They're engaging and simple activities for toddlers and preschoolers, but your older children will enjoy them, too. 

Spring activities for kids

From sensory bins to science experiments and gross motor activities, you'll find plenty of Spring activities to keep you busy every day for a month. And the kids will want to repeat some of these activities, too. Many of the games will keep the kids busy for hours!

31 Spring activities for kids

Easy Spring Activities for Kids

We have quite the list of spring activities right here at Messy Little Monster. Practice color matching, play with sensory bins, or try a science experiment or two!

Check out our other lists of ideas that are perfect for keeping the kids busy this Spring.

Playdough Flowers Counting Activity

Toddlers and preschoolers will adore this Playdough Flowers Counting Activity during playtime. It's educational and fun at the same time. Early math skills are so important, and this is a very hands-on way to teach kids their numbers.

Playdough flowers counting activity for kids


Spring Flower Sensory Bin

When it's still not warm enough to be outdoors, our Spring Flower Sensory Bin can allow children to explore the fun of flowers, grass, birds, and butterflies without venturing out into the cold. And of course, when it's warm enough, you can gather up real grass and flowers to fill a bin with instead.

Spring flower sensory bin activity for kids

Paper Towel Art

Create some colorful Paper Towel Art together! Ours features rainbows and storm clouds, so it's the perfect activity for spring. Adding a "secret" message adds to the fun when the drawing is placed in water. What will you draw on your paper towels?

Paper towel art activity for kids

Rain Cloud in a Jar

This Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment is a fun idea for a rainy day. Making shaving cream clouds teaches kids how rain falls from clouds in a fun and engaging way. Kids as young as preschoolers will be amazed by the experiment, and you can have older children document their hypotheses and their methods when experimenting. It's lots of fun!

Rain cloud in a jar spring activity for kids


Color Nature Scavenger Hunt

This Color Nature Scavenger Hunt is the perfect activity for getting outdoors to enjoy some fresh air while helping your preschooler learn their colors. They'll find items in nature, such as flowers, sticks, and rocks, that match the diagram's colors.

color nature scavenger hunt spring activity for kids


Rainbow Sensory Bag

Entertain your little ones this spring with our fun and squishy Rainbow Sensory Bag for Toddlers. This no-mess activity is a win for kids and parents! It's great for babies, too, since all the mess is contained in the bag. Work on color recognition and color sorting by moving the water beads between the appropriate lines in the rainbow.

Rainbow sensory bag for toddlers


Growing Cress Heads

Growing Cress Heads is a simple science activity that kids will love! The cress grows in just a few days in eggshells using cotton wool, and kids can design their own faces to personalize them. When the cress has grown enough, the kids can give their characters a haircut.

Growing cress spring activity for kids


Dandelion Honey Recipe 

Did you know dandelions were edible? Yes, that's right, those little yellow flowers that take over your lawn in spring are edible. Follow our simple Dandelion Honey Recipe to make yourself a yummy afternoon treat! 

Dandelion honey recipe

Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Show off your artsy side with our fabulous and Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint recipe. Paint your designs on the sidewalk and spray vinegar on to let the fizzing begin. Kids will be amazed at the bubbly activity and color mixing!

Fizzy sidewalk chalk paint spring activity for kids


Hatching Chick Sensory Bin

Our Hatching Chick Spring Sensory Bin is great for Easter, but you can use it all spring long. Kids can learn to count, explore different textures, and you can also use this opportunity to talk to them a little about how chicks hatch out of their eggs.

hatching chick sensory bin spring activity for kids


Bug Scavenger Hunt

Explore the outdoors by completing this fun Bug Scavenger Hunt activity with the kids. Mark off all the different types of bugs and crawling things as you find them. This is a fantastic activity for the summertime, too.

Bug scavenger hunt spring activities for kids


Pour Painting Flower Pot

Planting a container garden can be great fun for the kids, especially when you make a Pour Painting Flower Pot to plant your flowers, herbs, or veggies in. This pot will make a great gift for Mother's Day, too.

Pour painting flower pot spring activity for kids


Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Look for butterflies, leaves, worms, grass, and more with our printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt. The bonus section on this printable encourages kids to use their sense of smell, touch, and sight to explore the outdoors.

Backyard scavenger hunt spring activity for kids


Rainbow Playdough

Our soft Rainbow Playdough Recipe is colorful enough to brighten anyone's day. Make several batches of homemade playdough in different colors and squish them together into a ball to give to the kids to play with, or let them make their own playdough rainbows.

Rainbow playdough spring activity for kids

Bug Action Cards

When you can't get outdoors for exercise, use our Bug Action Cards to get the kids moving this spring. They'll march like ants, buzz like bees, and crawl like caterpillars. They'll have lots of fun getting their wiggles out, and it's a fun way to learn more about common insects and crawling things, too.

Bug action cards - spring activity for kids


Mud Kitchen

Simple activities from your own childhood are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours. For example, a Mud Kitchen encourages creativity and imagination. Make mud pies, stir up flower and leaf stews, and more.

DIY mud kitchen - Spring activities for kids


Homemade Bubble Wands

When the weather is warmer, we can't resist going outside to blow bubbles! Make our Homemade Bubble Wands part of the fun. It's a simple pipe cleaner craft that kids of all ages will love. Our bubble snake blower and bubble painting are more fun bubble activities you won't want to miss out on.

Homemade bubble wands - Spring activities for kids


Mini Fairy Garden

Spring is the perfect time for a Mini Fairy Garden. Use real plants or fake ones—they look great either way! We made ours in a small teacup, which is the perfect size for a mini garden. A small bowl or clay pot works wonderfully, too. You can then add all sorts of bits and bobs to make it look pretty, such as beads, seashells, and more.

Mini fairy garden - spring activities for kids

Spring Colouring Page 

Here is a cute activity to introduce children to spring. Head outdoors with our free spring colouring page and fill it with beautiful pieces of nature. 

Spring colouring page activity for kids

Spring Sensory Bin

Use our spring sensory bin printables along with a collection of spring-themed items to create a fun Spring Sensory Bin that toddlers and preschoolers will love. It is lots of fun hunting for and matching up the printable images. 

spring sensory bin - spring activities for kids

Spring Sensory Bin

Create some spring flowers using a blow painting technique. Follow our step by step directions teaching you how to blow puddles of paint through a straw to create a meadow of flowers. 

spring flower painting - spring activities for kids


More Fun Spring Activities for Kids

Here are even more spring-themed ideas to keep the kids learning and active this spring.

Fun and educational spring activities for kids


Squish the Bugs Alphabet Game

Get moving and practice the letters of the alphabet with this fun Squish the Bugs Alphabet Game by Happy Toddler Playtime. Use this same activity to practice numbers, sight words, shapes, colors, and other early learning concepts.

Squish the bugs alphabet game - spring activities for kids


Spring Sensory Table

Your kids will have loads of fun with this Spring Sensory Table Investigation by Learn with Play at Home. Let the kids practice squeezing and juicing real fruits, scooping, transferring water filled with flowers, and more.

Spring sensory table for kids


Rainbow Abacus

Use this Rainbow Abacus by 123 Homeschool 4 Me to practice early math skills with your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener. Not only is it a fun craft to make using pipe cleaners, beads, and playdough, but it's educational and engaging as well.

rainbow craft - spring activities for kids


Spring Bingo

Playing games is a fun way to keep the kids entertained. This Spring Bingo by Artsy-Fartsy Mama is a terrific choice. Most everyone knows how to play, and it's an easy game for young kids to pick up on. Since it's done with pictures instead of letters, it's easy for toddlers to join in the family fun, too.

Spring bingo activity for kids


Toddler Rainbow Color Recognition

Get in some fine motor practice while working on color recognition. This Toddler Rainbow Color Recognition by Our Family Code is a great way to have some springtime fun. This activity is super easy to set up. Just draw some rainbow-colored lines on paper, give your kids some stickers in matching colors, and let them get to work matching them up.

Toddler color recognition spring activity.


Spring Joke Cootie Catcher

You probably made cootie catchers when you were in school. Now your kids can share in the fun with this Spring Joke Cootie Catcher by Artsy-Fartsy Mama. It includes 8 fun spring-themed jokes to tell. It's sure to provide lots of laughs and giggles!

Spring cookie catcher jokes for kids


Mixed Media Flower Art

Mixed media projects can be so fun! This Mixed Media Flower Art by Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus combines chalk pastels with real flower petals, leaves, soil, and other bits from nature. What a lovely way to teach kids to enjoy growing, tending to, and using their own plants.

mixed media spring flower art for kids


Feed the Caterpillars

This Feed the Caterpillars activity by Happy Toddler Playtime is a cute twist on the usual pom-pom drop game for toddlers. This time, your child will feed the pom-poms to the appropriately-colored caterpillar. It's a fun way to work on color matching.

feed the caterpillars spring activity for kids


Spring Flower STEM Experiment

Dyed baking soda and pretty sparkles are packed into a flower mold for this Spring Flower Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment by Teaching Ideas. It's a classic science experiment that always has a WOW factor for kids.

Spring flower science experiment for kids


DIY Floam

We love sensory materials around here, and this DIY Floam by Design Dazzle is a fun and affordable spring activity for the kids. Note that the recipe does contain Borax, so keep this in mind if your child has sensitive skin; remember to wash up after playing with floam.

diy floam


Bug Hotel

We tend to think of bugs as pests, but many of them are quite beneficial for our gardens and the local ecosystem. This Bug Hotel by Megan Zeni shows how to provide a home for these critters using cardboard, pinecones, sticks, and more.

bug hotel spring activity for kids


Catch a Bug Printable Game

Print this lovely Catch a Bug Printable Game by Picklebums to play with the kids. There are three different ways to play, including color sorting and counting. These are valuable skills for toddlers and preschoolers.

Printable bug game for kids


Pom-Pom Seed Garden Sensory Bin

Pom-poms, beans, and spring flowers make for a fun sensory bin. Follow the directions for this Pom-Pom Seed Garden Sensory Bin by Happy Toddler Playtime to keep your child happy and occupied for hours.

Spring sensory bin for toddlers


Giant Bubbles

What could be more fun than making huge bubbles to catch the light of the lovely spring sunshine? Follow the directions and recipe for Giant Bubbles by Design Dazzle to make your own giant bubble wand and strong bubble solution. 

Giant bubbles - spring activity for kids

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Fun spring activities for kids, toddlers and preschoolers

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