Lavender Q Tip Painting

If you're looking for a fun q tip painting activity to practice fine motor skills, you're going to love this lavender painting activity! Kids of all ages will love learning how to paint lavender with this easy lavender flower painting idea. Follow the step by step directions below to make your very own painted lavender craft.

Lavender painting - Q tip painting

Another fun and simple flower painting idea is using a toilet paper roll stamp to paint sunflowers. 

Lavender painting

I don't know what it is about flower paintings, but they are just so fun to make! This q tip painting flower is no different. It's so pretty and makes great art to hang for display. This lavender craft is great fine motor practice, too. Younger kids may need a bit of help with where to paint, but it's a great activity.

You can even pair it with an afternoon spent exploring lavender. I love to pair crafts like this lavender painting with learning about the subject. You can even read through a book about flowers and plants!

Ready to get started with your lavender flower painting? Scroll down below to learn how to paint lavender!

How to paint lavender

Q tip Painting - Lavender Craft

Lavender painting supplies

  • Thick white paper (or thin cardstock)
  • Paint - purple, white, and green
  • Cardboard with flat edges
  • Q tips

How to paint lavender

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, gather up your supplies so you have everything within reach while you do make your lavender flower painting. The cardboard will be used for painting stems so it can be just a small piece ripped off a box lying around. 

STEP TWO: Paint stems for your lavender painting

Time to start painting! Begin by dipping the edge of your cardboard into green paint and then applying it to the bottom half of your paper. You'll want to make sure to apply this vertically with a slight angle to it as shown below. This will be the stems for your q tip lavender painting.

Lavender craft - painting stems

STEP THREE: Paint lavender flowers

Next, use the q tips dipped in purple paint to paint flowers around the stems, starting from about halfway up. You'll want to add less dots at the top and more at the bottom to create a natural look to the lavender painting.

Lavender craft - painting lavender

STEP FOUR: Finalise your lavender flower painting

To finish up your painting, dip another q tip into white paint and fill in the gaps on your lavender flowers. As you do this, you'll notice some colours lighten, creating more natural colouring in the lavender. You're all finished painting your lavender craft!

Q tip painting

If you enjoyed this flower painting activity you might also enjoy creating other flowers using homemade stamps. The image below is taken from our book - Fun Painting Projects for Kids. For full directions on how to make the large scale flower painting below and for 60 more fun painting ideas check out our book

easy flower painting

We hope you had fun learning how to paint lavender with this easy lavender craft. Q tip painting is such a great fine motor craft for kids and the lavender painting is so pretty! Kids of all ages will love showing off their lavender flower painting when they're all done.

Lavender painting for kids - Q tip painting lavender craft. Flower craft.

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