Rainbow Sensory Bag for Toddlers

This rainbow sensory bag for toddlers (complete with shaving cream!) is a great way to entertain little ones as we head into Spring.  The only downfall to sensory activities is usually the mess left behind! That's one of the things that is great about sensory bags, all the mess is contained within the bag. Babies and toddlers love exploring the textures and colours of sensory bags and it often enables them to access materials that otherwise would be out of their reach.

rainbow sensory bag for toddlers

This rainbow sensory bag has all the squashy and texture-filled fun of shaving cream and all the colours of the rainbow, but with no cleanup afterward. It is such a fun sensory activity for babies and toddlers to explore.

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sensory bag for toddlers

Rainbow Sensory Bag for Toddlers

Rainbow Sensory Bag Supplies:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Water Beads
  • Zipper Seal Bag
  • Sharpies
rainbow sensory bag supplies

How to make your Rainbow Sensory Bag for Toddlers

STEP 1: Grab your bag and sharpies

Start by taking your zipper seal bag and draw a cute little rainbow on it with Sharpies. If you have older children maybe get them involved in this, they will love the idea of helping to make a sensory bag for a younger sibling or friend. 

How to make a sensory bag for toddlers

How to make a rainbow sensory bag

STEP 2: Add the shaving cream

Now for the first of the sensory materials needed to create this rainbow sensory bag. Squirt several pumps of shaving cream inside the bag. About one or two tablespoons of shaving cream are probably the perfect measurement, but eye-ball it because it'll depend on the size of your bag. 

Rainbow sensory bag for toddlers

STEP 3: Add the water beads

As well as shaving cream you will be adding water beads to your sensory bag. Chose water beads with the bright colours from the rainbow and add them into the bag. 

water bead sensory bag for toddlers

shaving cream sensory bag for toddlers

STEP 4: Seal your rainbow sensory bag 

Seal the bag securely. If your child likes to play rough with things or likes to open things he shouldn't (like mine!) maybe you will need to reinforce the sides with tape to prevent any spills!

(You don't need to worry about this step if you have older kids!) 

rainbow sensory play for toddlers

shaving cream and water bead rainbow sensory bag for toddlers

How to play with your rainbow sensory bag for toddlers:

Playtime! Younger babies and toddlers will love exploring the different textures and colours of the shaving cream and water beads. They can try and move the water beads around the bag using their hand or fingers.

Invite older toddlers to glide the water beads through the shaving cream and place the beads on the colour they match. This is great for working on their fine motor skills and their colour recognition skills.

How to store your rainbow sensory bag for toddlers:

When playtime is over, check the seal to be sure it's closed. You can store your sensory bag to have on hand for when you need a quiet activity for your toddler or baby. The shaving cream bag will be usable for about a week, it'll be a bit more watery than at first but still okay to play with.

fine motor activity for toddlers

colour activity for toddlers.

We hope you have a blast making and playing with this rainbow sensory bag for toddlers. Water beads and shaving cream are so much fun! 

Rainbow sensory bag for toddlers. Water bead and shaving cream sensory bag to work on fine motor skills and colour recognition.

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