Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments

Looking for quick, easy, and entertaining science experiments for kids? You've come to the right place! Baking soda and vinegar experiments are always fun for kids, and you probably have everything you need in your kitchen right now. But these aren't your usual run-of-the-mill experiments. They're extra fizzy, extra colorful, and extra creative! 

Baking soda and vinegar experiments

From bubbly rainbows to fizzy Christmas presents, you'll find the perfect baking soda and vinegar experiment for the occasion. 

Some activities are artsier while others are more science-focused, but they all focus on the same simple acid-base reaction. 

Once kids grasp the reaction, it's easy to record observations and findings for all of these activities. Enjoy!


Baking soda and vinegar

Fun Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments for Kids

Let's kick things off with some fizzy, fun experiments that you can do throughout the year. From snow volcanoes in winter to beautiful rainbow experiments in the spring and summer, you're going to love the explosive activities you find here.


Fizzy Rainbow Science Experiment

This Fizzy Rainbow Science Experiment is perfect for homeschooling, a classroom demonstration, or some messy and educational fun just because. Kids will be amazed as the beautiful colors erupt over the cups and mix together to make all the colors of the rainbow.

Fizzy rainbow science experiment - Baking soda and vinegar experiments for kids


Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Enjoy an afternoon of decorating the sidewalk or driveway with our fun Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint. Paint your designs using a paintbrush, and then activate the baking soda with a spritz of vinegar. It's a great outdoor activity for spring and summer and only requires a quick rinse with water to clean it all up.

Fizzy sidewalk chalk paint - baking soda and vinegar experiments


Fizzy Paint Apple Craft

Combine a craft and an experiment into one fun activity! Our Fizzy Paint apple craft is the perfect example of this. Kids will cover their apple templates in a baking soda based paint and then use vinegar to make it fizz. They'll love watching their painted apples bubble up.

Fizzy paint - Baking soda and vinegar experiment


Hatching Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs

Little dinosaur fans will be thrilled with these Fizzy Hatching Dinosaur Eggs. They're made with simple ingredients from your cupboard, so there's no need to run out for special supplies. Once the baking soda dinosaur eggs are formed and dried, it's time to excavate them using a vinegar solution!

Hatching fizzy dinosaur eggs - baking soda and vinegar


Snow Volcano Experiment

You've probably made a baking soda and vinegar volcano before, but have you ever made one out of snow? The Snow Volcano Science Experiment takes the fun factor to the next level! The colorful lava is so bright and bold against the whiteness of the snow. The kids will be so excited that they'll want to make volcanoes all over the yard.

Snow volcano science experiment


Giant Balloon Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

Did you know that you can blow up a balloon using the gases created during the baking soda and vinegar reaction? See it in action with the Giant Balloon Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment by Hello, Wonderful. It's a terrific demonstration for the classroom or homeschool.

Giant balloon baking soda and vinegar science experiment


Jello and Vinegar Experiment

Turn your typical baking soda and vinegar reaction into a multi-sensory experience with this Jello and Vinegar Experiment by Fun-a-Day. The Jello adds color and a lovely scent, which is great for kids with an aversion to the straight vinegar smell.

Jello and vinegar experiment


Exploding Snowman Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

The exploding bag experiment just became a lot more interesting. Draw a snowman face on the bag to turn it into an Exploding Snowman Winter Science Experiment by 123 Homeschool 4 Me. The bag expands until it pops, much to the children's delight.

Exploding snowman winter baking soda and vinegar experiment


Rainbow Baking Soda Volcano Experiment

What's better than a volcano? This Rainbow Volcano by Hello, Wonderful! Set up several test tubes filled with baking soda and food coloring inside your volcano for a vivid, colorful explosion that no other volcano can rival.

Rainbow baking soda and volcano experiment


Baking Soda Moon Rocks

Make some Moon Rocks as part of a space-themed unit or just for fun. This activity from Mombrite allows kids to make their own rocks and smash them to bits before adding the vinegar to create a fizzy reaction.

Baking soda moon rocks


Fizzing Ice Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

This Fizzing Ice experiment by Life Over C's is entertaining! The ice slows the reaction down, so it takes some time to get going, but once you drip enough vinegar over the baking soda-covered ice, the blue, bubbly fun begins. This activity is an excellent choice for a winter study unit.

Fizzing ice baking soda and vinegar experiment


Lemon Volcanoes

These Lemon Volcanoes by Hello Wonderful are beautiful and probably quite aromatic as well. Adding dish soap makes a super fizzy reaction, which is quite fun in the shallow lemons. The lemon juice in the lemons also adds a little extra oomph.

Lemon volcanoes - Baking soda and vinegar science experiments for kids


Rainbow-Dyed Baking Soda Experiment

This big, beautiful Rainbow Dyed Baking Soda Experiment from The Best Ideas for Kids will be a huge hit with kids. First, you'll dye the baking soda and arrange the colors into a rainbow. Then, you'll pipe vinegar into the tray, causing the colors to fizz and mix together.

Rainbow dyed baking soda experiment


Holiday-Themed Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments

Give your baking soda and vinegar science experiments a holiday twist using the ideas below. We've got you covered from New Year's Eve through Christmas!

Baking soda experiments for kids


New Year's Fizzy Sensory Activity

New Year's Eve is the perfect time for fizz and bubbles. This New Year's Fizzy Sensory Activity by Nurture Store will get the kids excited about counting down to the next year. The kids can play with their bubbly baking soda cups while the adults enjoy some champagne!

New Years Fizzy sensory play with baking soda and vinegar


Fizzy Baking Soda and Vinegar Frozen Hearts

Melt some Fizzy Frozen Hearts this Valentine's Day! The holiday is all about hearts and the color red, and what could be more exciting than to dissolve a bright red heart with a fizzy, bubbly reaction? Hide a few surprises inside the hearts for the kids to make it extra fun.

Fizzy frozen hearts - Baking soda and vinegar experiments


Valentine's Day Volcano Science Experiment

We also love the idea for this Valentine's Day Volcano Science by Natural Beach Living. Treat bags are filled with baking soda and sparkly confetti with directions for the experiment. What a terrific non-candy idea for the holiday!

Valentine's Day Volcano - Baking soda and vinegar science experiment for kids


Dancing Hearts Experiment

Stock up on some Conversation Hearts this Valentine's Day. Use them for this Dancing Hearts Science Experiment by Kindergarten Worksheets and Games. The reaction causes the hearts to dance up and down in the solution.

Dancing hearts experiment for kids


Fizzy Egg Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

When Easter is near, gather some plastic eggs for this colorful Fizzy Egg Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment. Have lots of vinegar and a wipeable tablecloth on hand. The kids will want to keep the fun going with lots of different colors.

Fizzy egg baking soda and vinegar experiment


Bubbling Witch's Brew

Double, double, toil, and trouble! Kids can pretend to be witches as they make this Bubbling Witch's Cauldron using baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring inside a small witch's pot. You can also add some toy bugs, worms, snakes, and spiders to make it look extra spooky.

Bubbling witches brew - baking soda and vinegar experiments


Baking Soda and Vinegar Magic Potion

This Baking Soda Magic Potion Recipe is a fun experiment for Halloween. The pretty colors and sparkly glitter make the potion look extra magical. It's a fun way to use your child's toy science kit!

Baking soda magic potion - science potion


Pumpkin Volcano

Make a Pumpkin Volcano! This experiment can go on and on; you just need to keep adding more baking soda and vinegar. The pumpkin holds up really well to experiments over several days. Plus, you can use the seeds that you scoop out in lots of fun ways. We have tutorials showing you how to dye pumpkin seeds and how to make pumpkin slime.

Pumpkin volcano - baking soda and vinegar experiment

Baking Soda Science Experiment for Christmas

Take a break from decking the halls for the holidays to try this Baking Soda Science Experiment for Christmas. All you need is a Christmas tree cookie cutter, sequin ornaments, baking soda, and vinegar to set up this quick and easy activity for the kids. Try it with different cookie cutters and accessories—a gingerbread man could be fun.

Baking soda science experiment for Christmas


Fizzy Baking Soda and Vinegar Christmas Presents

Speaking of Christmas, you don't want to miss these Fizzy Christmas Presents by The Best Ideas for Kids. Colorful, frozen blocks have small surprises inside and are topped with pipe cleaner bows. Add vinegar to reveal what's inside the present! 

Fizzy baking soda and vinegar Christmas science experiment for kids

We hope you enjoyed this list of baking soda and vinegar experiments. Pin it for later so you'll always have a quick science idea handy for the kids!

Fun baking soda and vinegar science experiments for kids.

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