30+ Fun & Colourful Spring Crafts for Kids

Get spring off to a fun and creative start with these fun and easy spring crafts for kids. With 30 crafts to choose from, you'll have an entire month of crafts planned out for you, making everything from butterflies to rainbows to flowers. These crafts are colourful, cheerful, and easy enough to do with your toddlers and preschoolers while still being fun for older kids as well.

Spring crafts for kids

You'll find so many ideas here using basic crafting supplies like coloured paper, paper towels, sponges, coffee filters, and clothespins. Time to gather your crafting supplies and dig in to start some of these fun spring crafts with your kids.

Check out these other Spring craft and activity ideas:

Fun spring crafts for kids

Spring Crafts for Kids from Messy Little Monster

We just love spring here at Messy Little Monster. It's a great time to get crafty, especially on those rainy days when you don't get much outdoor time. Here are some of our favourite spring crafts for kids that we've done over the years.

Magic Paper Towel Art

Your kids will have so much fun making surprise pictures with this Magic Paper Towel Art activity. You'll enjoy watching their delighted little faces as the magic messages appear when the paper towel is placed in water.

Spring crafts for kids - paper towel art rainbow

Coffee Filter Flower Craft

Brighten up your tabletops with a bouquet of Coffee Filter Flowers. Kids can make these flowers as a Mother's Day gift, too. They're just gorgeous and will last for years rather than a week.

Spring crafts for kids - coffee filter flowers

Paper Plate Bee

This craft is the bee's knees! If you're studying bugs or just like to see the buzzing little insects flying around in spring, this rocking Paper Plate Bee will be a big hit with the kids.

Spring crafts for kids - paper plate bee craft

Cardboard Chick Craft

Chicks are typically associated with Easter, but really, they're perfect for the entire season of spring. You'll love our Cardboard Chick Craft with a printable template to make them so super easy for the kids.

Spring crafts for kids - cardboard chick craft

Daffodil Spring Flower Craft

These spin art Daffodil Spring Flowers are perfect for spring or Mother's Day. What could be sweeter than your child's picture in the centre of a flower?

Spring crafts for kids - daffodil spring flowers craft

Tropical Paper Flower Craft

Use this template to make a gorgeous Tropical Paper Flower Craft. It's a fantastic craft for spring or summer and is oh-so-colourful! You may want to do this on a canvas or frame it; it's so beautiful you'll definitely want to enjoy it for a while.

Spring crafts for kids - tropical paper flower craft

Mix and Match Flower Template

Another excellent choice for Mother's Day, this Mix and Match Flower Craft is so easy to personalise. Change out the colours, the pictures, etc. according to what Mom likes.

Spring crafts for kids - mix and match flower craft

Clothespin Dragonfly Craft

Make beautiful bugs with clothespins and pipe cleaners. These Clothespin Dragonflies are easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to put together.

Spring crafts for kids - clothespin dragonfly craft

Rainbow Footprint Butterfly

Babies and toddlers grow so fast. Remember just how small they were this spring with this adorable Rainbow Footprint Butterfly. You'll love seeing it in the scrapbook years from now.

Spring crafts for kids - rainbow footprint butterfly craft

Cupcake Liner Flowers

This Cupcake Liner Flower Craft is perfect for spring crafting with young kids. Use cupcake liners in coordinating colours and patterns to make beautiful flowers to display. They'd also make gorgeous cards to send to friends and family.

Spring crafts for kids - cupcake liner flower craft

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

If you're looking for even more spring projects to make with the kids, take a look at these fantastic spring crafts from some of our favourite bloggers around the web.

Fun and easy Spring crafts for kids

Frog Craft for Kids

Send a fun frog card to someone you care about! This cute Frog Craft is the perfect way to say hello to friends and family this spring.

Spring crafts for kids - paper frog craft

Parts of a Flower Craft

Learn about the Parts of a Flower in a fun and engaging way. This craft by Natural Beach Living is a simple and colourful way for kids to diagram the roots, stem, leaf, and flower.

Spring crafts for kids - parts of a flower craft

Felt Flower Crown

Little kids will need some help cutting and assembling the pieces for this Felt Flower Crown by Party with Unicorns, but they'll love wearing it all spring long.

Spring crafts for kids - felt flower crown craft

Tissue Paper Flower

Tissue paper crafts are lots of fun, and if you're scrunching up the tissue paper, as you do in this Tissue Paper Flower Craft by Teach Me Mommy, it's a great opportunity to recycle used tissue paper.

Spring crafts for kids - tissue paper flower craft

Paper Plate Suncatchers

Gather some flowers, leaves, seeds, and feathers from the garden to make these Paper Plate Suncatchers by Simplify Create Inspire. This is a fantastic way to keep kids engaged during your nature walks.

You can also make paper plate suncatchers using just flower petals to make patterns.

Spring crafts for kids - paper plate suncatcher craft

Paper Bag Butterflies

Make these Paper Bag Butterflies from Simple Everyday Mom to use for storytelling along with your favourite butterfly-themed books. This craft is an excellent addition to a butterfly unit study as well.

Spring crafts for kids - paper bag butterflies craft

Paper Plate Birds Nest

When the birds are singing in early spring, make this fun Paper Plate Birds Nest by Natural Beach Living to learn about bird habitats. Make a nest full of bluebirds or cardinals or any birds you like!

Spring crafts for kids - paper plate birds nest craft

Coffee Filter Rainbow

When you're feeling down or just want to add a little colour and cheer to a gloomy day, making rainbows is a great way to lift your spirits. This Coffee Filter Rainbow Craft by Darcy and Brian is an excellent example. Make several, and tape a couple to your outward-facing windows to make your neighbours smile.

Spring crafts for kids - coffee filter rainbow craft

Coffee Filter Butterfly

Speaking of coffee filters, these Coffee Filter Butterflies by The Simple Parent are just lovely. All you need are coffee filters, markers, and water to create the beautiful tie-dye effect on the wings. Pinch the filter with a clothespin, add pipe cleaner antennae, and you're all set.

If making a coffee filter butterfly craft with young children it can be fun to squirt liquid watercolours onto coffee filters instead of using markers.

Spring crafts for kids - coffee filter butterfly craft

Q-Tip Painted Butterflies

If you're looking for a spring craft for toddlers, you're in luck. These Q-Tip Painted Butterflies by Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds is easy peasy. Clip them onto a string to make a butterfly banner or add magnets to the back to pin them to your fridge.

Spring crafts for kids - q tip painted butterfly craft

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft

You only need a few supplies to make these whimsical Paper Plate Hot Air Balloons by Toot's Mom is Tired. The woven basket portion of the craft is terrific for fine motor practice.

Spring crafts for kids - hot air balloon craft

Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers

Toilet rolls are terrific for stamping because you can bend or cut them into any shape you want. These Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers from Taming Little Monsters are very appropriate for spring!

Spring crafts for kids - toilet roll stamp flower craft

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

Here's another easy project to use some of those toilet rolls that you've been saving. The Toilet Roll Butterflies from The Best Ideas for Kids are totally adorable and so colourful. Use buttons, sequins, stickers, and more to create unique wing designs.

Spring crafts for kids - toilet paper roll butterflies craft

Popsicle Stick Rainbow

If you have a stash of craft sticks, make this Popsicle Stick Rainbow from MomBrite. This is easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to do, but even older kids will enjoy it. If you don't have cotton pads on hand to make the clouds, cotton balls or white tissue paper will work nicely, too.

Spring crafts for kids - popsicle stick rainbow craft

Flower Garden Playdough

Use this Flower Garden Fine Motor Playdough by Best Toys 4 Toddlers to build hand/eye coordination, dexterity, and more. Kids can make flowers from tissue paper, yarn, or pipe cleaners. If you have real flowers to press into the playdough, even better!

Spring crafts for kids - flower garden playdough activity

Nature Cuffs

Toilet paper rolls and flowers combine to make these beautiful Nature Cuffs for kids to wear this spring. Girls and boys alike will love this craft by Danya Banya.

Spring crafts for kids - nature cuffs craft

Baby Blue Bird Craft

This Baby Blue Bird Craft from Fun Handprint Art Blog is a terrific spring craft for kids. Place the handprint birds on the tree and nest template. It couldn't be easier. If you'd rather do cardinals instead, use red cardstock instead of blue!

Spring crafts for kids - handprint blue bird craft

Paper Plate Flower Craft

Use paper plates and paper straws to make a garden of Paper Plate Flowers, like these from Red Ted Art. Using paper plates allows for plenty of space for little hands to paint. Little ones may opt for solid colours, while older children may enjoy creating more intricate designs.

Spring crafts for kids - paper plate flower craft

Cardboard Carrot

Pair this Cardboard Carrot craft from The Art Kit with the book Too Many Carrots for an afternoon of reading and crafting fun. Top the painted cardboard carrots with green paper shreds or green tissue paper if you don't have shredded paper.

Spring crafts for kids - cardboard carrot craft

Butterfly Printing

Don't you love finding interesting ways to incorporate household items into your crafts? A clean sponge is an excellent example—use them to make these Butterfly Prints from The Craft Train. It's a super simple craft for toddlers, and you can make several lovely designs for them to stamp. If you have large sheets of craft paper, make some butterfly-printed wrapping paper for spring birthdays.

Spring crafts for kids - butterfly sponge printing craft

We hope you enjoyed this list of spring crafts for kids. Don't forget to pin it!

30 Spring crafts for kids. Butterfly crafts, flower crafts, rainbow crafts and bird crafts!

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