Playdough Flowers Counting Activity

This fun and charming Playdough Flowers Counting Activity encourages toddlers and preschoolers to see math time as a playful time. The mix of modelling playdough flowers and the maths game means kids have tons of fun whilst helping to shape up those early math skills!

Playdough flowers counting activity

Having sharp math skills is incredibly important for kids as it can help them in an array of different areas as they grow up. Getting little ones comfortable around numbers in a hands-on playful way is so important and this counting activity is definitely fun. 

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Playdough Flowers Counting Activity

playdough flowers counting activity for toddlers

Playdough Counting Activity Supplies:

  • Green playdough and 2 other colours of your choice
  • Buttons
  • Number Stamps

Buy playdough or use one of homemade playdough recipes.

Playdough Counting Activity Directions:

STEP 1: Make the flower.

Before you can start having fun counting with his playdough activity you need to make the flowers. To do this, make several flower stems from green playdough. Then use a second colour of playdough to form the centre of the flower.

STEP 2: Shape the petals.

Now it's time to add the petals. Tear off small pieces of playdough in your chosen colour and then shape each small piece of playdough to make it look like a flower's petal. 

playdough flowers counting activity for preschoolers

STEP 3: Add the numbers.

Now it is time to add the counting element to this playdough counting activity. Use number stamps to imprint numbers on the playdough that makes up the centre of each flower. 

counting activity

STEP 4: Number Playtime!

Now it's time to put this game into action! Choose a flower and look at the number stamped on the centre. Can your little one read the number?  Use buttons or the playdough petals to add the coordinating number of petals to each of the flowers.

counting activity for preschoolers

counting activity for toddlers

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this playdough counting activity, anything involving playdough is always a hit! I love how cute and eye-catching the playdough flowers are! We hope you and your children enjoy this counting activity just as much as we did! 

Playdough flowers counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

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