Fun & Easy Bird Crafts for Kids

Do you need a fun craft to do with your kids this weekend? We've put together some of our favourite fun and easy bird crafts for kids. Whether they are making paper plate birds, origami birds, or hand-print birds, there's something here for everyone! Kids love to learn about birds, and now they can have hours of fun crafting their own with this wonderful list of bird craft ideas. 

Easy bird crafts for kids

These 30+ bird crafts for kids are perfect for a rainy day or when you need something to keep them busy! We have bird crafts for toddlers, bird crafts for preschoolers and bird crafts for big kids too!  You could make some of these crafts into gifts for grandparents—they'll love all the time and care that went into them! Get started on one today.

Easy Bird Crafts for Kids

Bird crafts for kids, toddlers and preschoolers

Colourful Cardboard Bird Craft

Our colourful cardboard bird craft is a bright and fun way to use up cardboard and paper scraps. Make your birds as bold and beautiful as you'd like—the brighter, the better. It's very budget-friendly because you probably have everything you need on hand right now.

cardboard bird craft for kids


Cupcake Liner Love Birds Craft

Show someone how much you care with our adorable cupcake liner love birds craft. If your kids can fold and cut simple shapes, they can do this craft mostly independently. It's great for the home or classroom and is such a cute idea for Valentine's Day.

cupcake liner love birds craft for kids


Paper Plate Love Birds Craft

Speaking of love birds, our paper plate love bird craft is just as simple! However, it has a bit more of an artistic element with the painting, stamping, and buttons. 

Paper plate love birds craft for toddlers


Bottle Top Bird Puppet Craft

Save your bottle tops to make something crafty, like these super fun bottle top bird puppets craft! Use them to tell stories or sing songs about birds. Make birds in all sorts of different colors, or stick to a color theme. For example, use a yellow bottle cap and yellow feathers to make a canary or red ones to make a cardinal.

Bottle top bird puppet craft for preschoolers


Footprint Bird Craft (Robin)

Don't miss our footprint bird craft when winter comes back around. Not only do these make beautiful keepsakes of your child's tiny feet, but they're fantastic for Christmas cards, too.

Footprint robin bird craft for preschoolers


Rene Magritte Bird Art

Our Rene Magritte Bird Art is inspired by his work, The Sky Bird. Since all you need is paper and paint, this is a low-prep activity you can set up for the kids anytime.

Rene Magritte bird art for kids


Paper Doily Peacock Craft

Peacocks are some of the most beautifully vibrant birds on this planet. Their bright, bold colours inspire this paper doily peacock craft project, and it's super easy to make with paper doilies, craft foam, and paint!
Paper doily peacock craft for toddlers

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock Craft

Another fun peacock craft to try is our toilet paper roll peacock craft. Kids can have fun adding colourful feathers and using paint pens to decorate them.

toilet paper roll peacock bird craft for kids

Owl Puppet Craft

The reason we love this paper bag owl puppet project is that it's so easy! You'll need a brown lunch sack, construction paper, and our handy printable template. Then, you can create an adorable owl puppet in about 15 minutes or less!

Paper bag owl puppet craft for kids


Bird Art Project

This colour mixing bird craft is not only educational but lots of fun too! Children can learn about colour mixing and get creative as they decorate their birds with markers, googly eyes, feathers or stickers. 

Bird art project for kids

Bird Ornaments

Jazz up your Christmas tree this year with some fun diy bird ornaments. We made these for the "four calling birds" part of the 12 Days of Christmas song, but you can create any birds you like. Ours even had a little sparkle in them! Salt dough ornaments are super easy to make, and you'll love looking back at your creations over the years.

DIY bird ornament craft for kids


Toucan Art and Craft

Grab our toucan printable and some oil pastels to create this colorful toucan art project. Kids will love blending the oil pastels using q tips to create a different texture. 

Toucan art and craft for kids


Nature Owl Craft

Gather pine cones and conkers to make our adorable nature owl craft. You'll add small pieces of felt for the owl's face, then glue on some larger scraps as wings. Choose any colors you like! This project is perfect for using up those leftover bits of felt you've been saving!

Nature owl craft for kids

Handprint Robin Ornaments

Help your child create a salt dough handprint ornament to treasure forever. This adorable salt dough handprint robin is easy to make using our simple recipe and features an easy, step-by-step tutorial. Whether you're looking for Christmas or winter crafts for kids, this salt dough robin is great. Give it a go with your kids!

Salt dough handprint robin - bird craft for kids

Chick Paper Craft

Chicks are the perfect bird for Spring or Easter crafts. Use our chick template to make your own adorable check craft. We love the version that uses a photograph as the chicks head! 

Chick paper craft - Bird crafts for kids

Love Birds Colouring Craft

If you want to keep things simple download and colour these adorable love bird notes. We have two versions, one that says 'Happy Valentine's Day' and a blank version for you to add your own message. 

Love birds colouring craft for kids


More Bird Craft Ideas

If you still need more bird craft ideas check out the wonderful bird crafts for kids below. We have found these fun and easy bird crafts on some of our favourite websites. 

Easy bird crafts

Standing Cupcake Liner Birds Craft

Your kids are going to love these colorful standing cupcake liner birds by Our Kid Things. We love that each bird gets two bright cupcake liner colors. This would make a fun summer camp craft! Because they're standing crafts, you can display them in your bedroom, playroom, or classroom.

Standing cupcake liner bird craft for kids

Yarn-Wrapped Bird Craft

Using recycled materials is a great way to get kids to think about the environment. The base of this yarn-wrapped bird craft from Arty Crafty Kids is made from recycled cardboard. You can use yarn scraps left over from other projects to wrap around it and paper scraps to make the wings, beak, eyes, etc. Wrapping yarn is an excellent fine motor activity for preschoolers. 

Yarn wrapped bird craft for kids


Cardboard Roll Bluebird Craft

If you're looking for a quick and easy DIY bird project for the kids to make, then this cardboard roll bluebird from Kids Activities Blog is the perfect solution. It's adorable and fun!

Cardboard roll bird craft


Handprint Bald Eagle

If you're looking for a fun craft for the 4th of July, it doesn't get better than this cute handprint bald eagle from Simple Everyday Mom. Not only is it fun to make, but it makes a wonderful keepsake for the holiday as well.

Handprint bald eagle craft


Cupcake Wrapper Birds craft

Here's a different take on using cupcake liners to make birds. These cupcake wrapper birds from Frugal Mom Eh are birds with their wings spread wide. Using patterned cupcake wrappers is really fun and makes for some beautiful birds!

Cupcake wrapper birds craft


Bird Masks

These bird masks by My Joy-Filled Life look like they would be tons of fun to play pretend with. They are super easy to make and will get lots of giggles from the kids. They're made by layering tissue paper to create a fluffy, feather-like appearance.

Bird masks - bird craft for kids


Bird Silhouette Art

How stunning is this bird silhouette art project from Arty Crafty Kids? Kids learn to create the colors of a sunset and use the silhouette technique to create a striking piece of art. This project deserves to be on the wall!

Bird silhouette art project for kids


Bird on a Branch Craft

Let's make some bird friends with this super cute spring bird on a branch craft from Our Kid Things! This craft is so colorful and fun. You can use sticks from nature to create a real tree branch, or have your child color it with crayons (or markers!). The pop-out paper effect makes this project even more creative.

Bird on a branch craft

K-Cup Birds Craft

Save those k-cups from your morning coffee to use during crafting time! You can make so many cute things with those miniature cups, like these k-cup birds from Artsy Momma. They'll make a great addition to your spring decor and will blend right in with their pastel colors. You could also use the same idea to make little chicks to sit amongst your Easter things.

K cup birds craft for preschoolers


Origami Birds

The kids will have so much fun making these origami bird magnets from Artsy Craftsy Mom. The simple act of folding paper can lead to such beautiful creations. Your fridge or filing cabinet will be a lot more colourful with these magnets.

Origami birds


Coffee Filter Peacock Craft

We love the beautiful blues and greens in these coffee filter peacocks by Darcy & Brian. The tie-dyed coffee filters capture the colours of a peacock's feathers amazingly well. 

Coffee filter peacock craft


Paper Plate Owl Craft

These paper plate owls from Simple Everyday Mom are so adorable! Use the printable template to assemble the face, wings, and feet after painting your paper plate brown (or any other color you'd like). You could even leave the plate white to make a snowy owl!

Paper plate owl craft


Paper Plate Parrot Craft

Learning about rainforest birds? This paper plate parrot from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops is colorful, beautiful, and easy to put together. Using a hot glue gun makes this craft a little easier, so the small children will need assistance. Instead, if you opt for school glue, allow for plenty of drying time for the feathers, especially before picking up the craft.

Paper plate parrot craft


Plastic Egg Bird Craft

Do you have leftover plastic eggs from Easter? Turn them into fun plastic bird eggs with a few simple craft materials. This craft by Artsy Craftsy Mom lets kids get as creative as they'd like. They can follow step-by-step instructions or use their imaginations to design their own wild and colourful birds.

Plastic egg bird craft for kids


Pom Pom Birds Craft

Learn how to make beautiful, fluffy pom-poms for this cute pom pom bird craft from Non-Toy Gifts. It's a great craft to help kids learn to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Plus, you can make all kinds of cute animals out of the pom-poms when you're done or add them to winter hats, etc. 

Pom pom birds craft for kids


Pipe Cleaner Flamingo Craft

Don't you love the bright pink color of flamingos? This pipe cleaner flamingo craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom is perfect for summer, particularly if you'll be visiting an area where you can see these cool birds in person! 

Pipe cleaner flamingo craft


Rocking Bird Paper Craft

Kids learn how to work with oil pastels to create these bright and beautiful rocking paper birds from Arty Crafty Kids. The finished product is fun to play with, as the birds can rock back and forth.

Rocking bird paper craft for kids


Geometric Chicken Craft

Kids will love the hidden surprise under the wing of this geometric chicken craft by The Craft Train. It's made by using simple geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and semi-circles. Cutting out these simple shapes is great scissor practice. 

Paper chicken craft for kids


Paper Plate Laced Robins

These paper plate laced robins from Kids' Craft Room combine the fun of a handprint craft with a paper plate craft and a little weaving thrown into the mix. It's a very engaging craft that helps kids work on fine motor skills, plus learn one of the most identifying characteristics of the robin—its red belly!

Paper plate robin craft


Handprint Blue Bird Craft

This handprint baby blue bird craft from Fun Handprint Art makes such a darling keepsake for spring or summer. It would make a great family handprint project for a family of four, too, with each family member contributing one handprint.  

Handprint bird craft

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of 30+ bird crafts for kids! Share this post with friends and family so they can find more fun activities to do with their kiddos. What is your favourite bird craft idea on the list? 

Bird Crafts for Kids. Easy bird crafts ideas.

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