Spring Colouring Page Nature Craft

Venture into the wilderness and explore your creativity in the outdoors! This Spring Colouring Page Nature Craft is an easy and lovely art project to celebrate spring. 

Spring colouring page nature craft

It's impossible not to be inspired by the return of sunny afternoons, warmer weather, blooming flowers, and bright colours all around. Especially after such a cold winter!

If your little ones love the sunny season, you won't want to miss all our spring crafts and spring activities.

Let's start with this adorable spring nature craft!

We created a fun spring-themed craft that only requires some glue, fresh flowers, coloured pencils, and, of course, our super handy free printable spring colouring page (use code - spring to get it for free).

This nature craft is sure to keep the kids busy having fun, but you can also add an educational twist to it by teaching a little bit about nature or the change of the seasons.

You can scroll down to get the printable spring colouring page for free at the bottom of the directions.

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Spring Colouring Page Nature Craft 

spring nature craft using spring colouring page

Spring Colouring Page Craft - Supplies:

  • Printable Spring Colouring Page
  • Glue
  • Fresh flowers and greenery
  • Coloured markers and pencils

Nature Craft using Spring Colouring Page - Directions:

STEP 1: Get the Spring Colouring Page

First, start this lovely craft scroll down below to grab a copy of our free Spring nature colouring page. Alternatively, you could write the word spring in bubble writing yourself on a blank piece of paper. 

spring colouring page

STEP 2: Take out your markers!

Once your printable template is ready, it's time to colour the flowers! Using markers or coloured pencils, colour the flowers on the spring colouring page. 

spring colouring sheet

STEP 3: Add the nature element.

Now, it's time to head outdoors to pick your flowers. Remember to take a small container and some scissors so you can gather your flowers or other natural elements like leaves and even grass.

Don't have a garden full of flowers outside? Don't worry! You can always buy fresh flowers and greenery in a flower shop or visit your nearest park.

Once you have the fresh flowers, cut them into small pieces.

outdoor nature craft

STEP 4: Glue your flowers to the spring colouring page.

Take the printable template and add glue to the areas you want the flowers to stick in.

spring nature craft

After adding the glue, sprinkle in all the small cut petals and greenery from your flower-hunting adventure! 

Remember to cover the area completely with the little pieces.

spring nature craft using spring colouring page

STEP 5: Shake off any excess flowers

Press very lightly on the flower petals to make sure they are secure and then shake off any loose petals or greenery from the template gently.

spring colouring page craft

Why not display this bright and eye-catching spring craft by framing it or hanging it up in your front door to welcome spring into your home!

spring colouring page


To get this Spring Colouring Page for free click on the link below and use the discount code: spring.  For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Spring colouring page printable

We hope you have tons of fun using our spring colouring page to complete this fun nature craft!

spring colouring page and nature craft for kids

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