Cute Easter Chick Crafts for Spring

If you're looking for some fun and easy Easter crafts for your kids, look no further! These 21 cute and easy chick crafts are perfect for any age. Chicks are super popular for Easter and spring projects, and there's no wonder why—they're darling! 

chick crafts for kids


From simple paper chick cutouts to adorable plastic egg chicks, there's something here for everyone.  Grab your craft supplies, gather the kids around, and make one (or more) of these pretty chick crafts for Easter.

Easter chick crafts


Easter Chick Crafts for Preschoolers

Mix and Match Paper Chick Craft

Make cute mix and match chicks with the kids on a rainy afternoon. They'll have such fun using our Easter chick template to mix and match their photos with the various chick template pieces. With so many options, each child can have a unique, creative chick.

Mix and match chick craft for kids with chick template

Cardboard Chicks Craft

Recycle pieces of cardboard into a cardboard chick craft that's fit for even the most charming Easter décor. There's an option with a bowtie and one with a flower; both are too cute!

Cardboard chick craft for kids

Painted Wooden Eggs Chick Craft

Dress up wooden eggs with some paint and feathers. These colorful chick painted wooden eggs are fun table décor or can be included in your child's Easter egg hunt. You can even get the same look with plastic eggs if you don't have wooden ones. 

Painted wooden eggs chick craft for kids

Easy Painted Doily Chick Craft

Paper doilies are great to have on hand for crafty projects like this. Make a paper doily chick with watercolors, doilies, and a few other simple supplies. They'd make an adorable window display so your neighbors can enjoy seeing some cute chicks as they walk or drive by.

Paper doily chick craft for preschoolers

Salt Dough Chick Craft

If you have been following us for a while you will know how much we love salt dough crafts! Here is an adorable chick handprint craft created from salt dough. What a cute keepsake! 

Salt dough handprint chick craft for toddlers and preschoolers

3D Chick Craft

Create an Easter chick scene in time for Easter! Colour our Easter Colouring Pages and then glue them together to create a 3D Easter scene featuring a few cute easter chicks! 

Easter chick colouring pages


More Adorable Chick Crafts for Kids

Chick crafts

Paint Splat Chick Craft

If you'd like a fun, creative challenge, turning paint splats into art is fun to try. Take this paint splat chick by Crafts on Sea, for instance—it's totally cute and really easy to make. Making the paint splat on a paper plate helps contain the mess, too. Once you have your round, fluffy-looking paint splat, it's time to add eyes, a beak, feet, and round, pink cheeks.

Paint splat chick craft craft for preschoolers


Hatching Chick Paper Craft

This hatching chick craft from Mombrite opens and closes, so it's lots of fun to make and play with. There are two ways to make this—by tracing and cutting out the pieces from colored cardstock or by letting the kids color in the eggs.

Hatching chick paper craft


Easter Chick Koozie

Keep your drinks hot or cold in this fun Easter chick drink Koozie by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops. It's so easy to make with a plain yellow drink Koozie, felt, scissors, and glue. 

Easter chick koozie craft


Hatching Chick Paper Plate Craft

Make this hatching chick paper plate craft by Finding Myself Young as a simple lesson about baby animals as well as an adorable Easter craft. It's a fun multimedia craft made with paper plates, feathers, cardstock, and paint. Using the stapler to hold the 'basket' together allows kids to work on their fine motor skills, too.

Hatching chick paper plate craft


Plastic Egg Chick Craft

Grab some plastic eggs to make a whole brood of plastic egg chicks by Fireflies and Mud Pies that'll look charming amongst your décor or hidden in the grass for the kids' Easter egg hunt. Fill them with jellybeans or other candies to give to friends.

Plastic egg chick craft


Paper Plate Bubble Wrap Chick Craft

Printing with bubble wrap creates such an interesting texture for your art projects. These paper plate bubble wrap chicks by In the Playroom are very cute, and no two will look exactly alike.

Paper plate bubble wrap chick craft


Paper Chick Easter Egg Decoration

Decorate your Easter party with these paper bauble chicks from Red Ted Art. Decorate an Easter tree with them or string them together to make a banner to drape on a table or mantle.

Paper chick craft


Colorful Handprint Chick Craft

Colorful and fun, these colorful handprint chicks from Our Kid Things make fantastic Easter keepsakes for the kids. Make them at home or in the classroom. You only need simple supplies like patterned paper, popsicle sticks, scissors, glue, and those adorable little handprints.

handprint chick craft


Cardboard Tube Chick Craft

Recycle some empty toilet paper or paper towel tubes to make some cardboard tube chicks. The only other materials you need are paint and pipe cleaners. You could even tuck a pretty little egg in the top to make a fun egg holder.

Cardboard tube chick craft for kids


Hatching Chick Easter Egg Cards

Send Easter greetings with charming hatching chick cards by Kids' Craft Room. Use the free printable template to make them quickly and easily, and write fun egg-related pun greetings inside. Isn't this an eggs-tra cool craft?

Hatching chick Easter cards


Paper Plate Chick Wreath

Make a festive Easter wreath to hang on the door this spring. You'll love this jolly little paper plate chick wreath from Kids' Craft Room. Use paper plates and simple craft supplies to make one or several. They'll also look charming hanging around your classroom.

Paper plate chick wreath craft for kids


Fruit Cup Chick Craft

The kids will love making these fruit cup chicks for their friends or classmates. The simple tutorial from Wondermom Wannabe shows you exactly how to do it step by step. Each one only takes a couple of minutes, so you can make them for the entire class relatively quickly.

Fruit cup chick craft

Chick Paper Weaving Craft

Paper weaving promotes coordination and concentration, so this woven paper chick from Red Ted Art is perfect for kids who are developing their fine motor skills. They're colorful, fun, and cute!

Weaving chick craft

Washcloth Chick Craft

Won't this washcloth chick from Crafts by Amanda look great in your kids' Easter baskets this year? They'd also look cute in a baby shower basket or as décor. Each one only takes minutes to make, so you can whip up several in no time.

Washcloth chick craft


Recycled CD Chick Craft

You may have some old CDs tucked away somewhere. Use them for some crafts with the kids. This recycled CD chick craft is as easy as painting the CD and applying the eyes, beak, and wings.

Recycled CD chick craft

Giant Pom Pom Chick Craft

Kids will love this soft, pillowy giant pom-pom chick by Kids Activities. It can double as a pillow for your child's bed or as a ball for them to play with. A game of 'hot potato' with the chick would be fun!

Giant Pom Pom chick craft

Simple Paper Chick Craft

This simple paper chick by Easy Peasy and Fun is made with paper strips, which gives kids lots of scissor practice. Thread them on a string when you're finished to make an Easter garland. 

simple paper chick craft for kids

Pin these ideas so you can get started as soon as you're ready!

Easter chick crafts for kids

If this adorable collection of chick crafts for kids to make this Spring isn't enough for you, we have even more chick crafts below!

These easy chick crafts are perfect for an Easter or Spring themed project and suitable for all ages from toddlers to school aged children. Whether you are looking for ideas for a greeting card, a keepsake or just a fun painting or modelling activity we have it all covered. 
12 cute chick crafts for Spring. Easy kids craft ideas for Easter or Spring themed projects. Activities for toddlers, preschoolers and older children.

Cute Chick Crafts for Spring

Click on the links below to be taken to full instructions for each chick craft.

12 cute chick crafts for Spring. Easy kids craft ideas for Easter or Spring themed projects. Activities for toddlers, preschoolers and older children.

1 - Paper Mache Chicks by Itsy Bitsy Fun
2 - Fork Print Easter Chicks by Crafty Morning
4 - Torn Paper Chicks by JDaniels 4 Mom
5 - Bleeding Tissue Paper Chicks by Fantastic Fun and Learning
6 - Easter Chick Drink Koozie by Glue Sticks and Gumdrops
7 - Egg Carton Spring Chicks by Typically Simple
8 - Handprint Chicken with Chicks by Artsy Craftsy Mom

12 cute chick crafts for Spring. Easy kids craft ideas for Easter or Spring themed projects. Activities for toddlers, preschoolers and older children.

10 - Bottle Cap Chicks by Crafty Morning

12 cute chick crafts for Spring. Easy kids craft ideas for Easter or Spring themed projects. Activities for toddlers, preschoolers and older children.

11 - Spring Chicks Easter Craft by Housing a Forrest
12 - Rocking Peeps by Crafty Journal

So which chick craft has caught your eye? There are so many cute craft ideas to choose from! If your kids enjoyed these activities they might like some of these Easter activities too. 

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