How to make a mini fairy garden

Making a mini fairy garden is such an exciting activity for young children to partake in. This fairy garden is a great way for preschoolers to explore the world around them and engage in pretend play. Just follow the step by step directions below to learn how to make a fairy garden for yourself!  This teacup fairy garden will easily become a favourite!

How to make a mini fairy garden

We also have another teacup fairy garden that kids will love (coming soon)!

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How to make a fairy garden

This teacup fairy garden is a great activity for making after reading some fairies stories with your child! Fairy garden crafts are some of our favourites as they are a great way to introduce the world around us to young children as well as introducing them to gardening and nature. Not to mention the fantastic opportunity for some pretend play.

Young children will need some help constructing this mini fairy garden, but there are plenty of parts that they can be fully involved in.

Scroll down below to get started making your own mini fairy garden!

fairy garden

Mini Fairy Garden

Supplies needed for your mini fairy garden

  • Scissors
  • Craft pliers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft sticks
  • Small stones or rocks
  • Craft wire
  • Round crystal bead
  • Bead top
  • Snail shells and seashells

How to make a mini fairy garden

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, gather up all the supplies for your mini fairy garden! It makes it much easier when you already have everything in front of you ready to go.

How to make a mini fairy garden

STEP 2: Prepare the sticks

To get started, grab your popsicle sticks and if desired, cut them down into thinner pieces. These will be used for the ladder, fence, and fairy sign.

Start with the ladder by cutting 2 sticks for the sides and 5-6 smaller pieces for the steps.

For the fence, cut 2 sticks of the same length for the horizontal portion and 4 more smaller pieces for the vertical slats. 

For the sign, cut 1 stick for the stand and 1 more stick for the sign to the desired size. Consider the size of your teacup when cutting the sticks.

How to make a fairy garden

STEP 3: Assemble the ladder, fence, and sign

Start assembling the ladder by placing the vertical pieces next to each other and then glue the step pieces. Similarly prepare the fence and sign.

How to make a fairy garden ladder

STEP 4: Assemble mini lamp post

Next, take a bead stopper and insert a round bead into it. Push the bead all the way to the end of the stopper and create a loop on the open end to secure the bead. Then, cut a piece of craft wire and create a twirl pattern on one end (but keep the other end straight).

Once you've done that, take a bead end cap and draw the wire loop of the bead through the hole of the bead end cap. Insert the loop into the twirl end of the wire prepared previously.

How to make a teacup fairy garden lampost

STEP 5: Finalize your mini fairy garden

Fill the cup with soil mix and then cover the top with small stones or rocks. Then, add plants by gently pushing the root into the soil mix. You can also use fake plants instead! Kids will love being involved with this step of making their mini fairy garden.

How to make a teacup fairy garden

Next, place the fence, sign, and other decorations to the cup. Place the mini lamp post by gently pushing its bottom end into the soil. Continue decorating the teacup fairy garden to your preference.

teacup fairy garden

Finish off the fairy garden by placing the cup on a saucer and adding the ladder.

How to make a fairy garden. This teacup fairy garden is easy to make. Preschoolers will love using this mini fairy garden for pretend play.

We hope you enjoy making this fun and exciting mini fairy garden! Kids will have an absolute blast learning how to make a fairy garden and coming up with their own ideas and designs. Not much is better than assembling a teacup fairy garden and pretending fairies will come visit. We also have another teacup fairy garden you can make for a different twist on this fun activity (coming soon)!

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