Fun Nature Crafts for Kids

Nature is the ultimate artist and you are going to LOVE this set of nature crafts for kids! With so many stunning colours, shapes, and textures, it's no wonder we feel so inspired when we're in the outdoors. If you enjoy nature as much as we do, it's time to bring the elements of your outdoor adventures into your crafts. 

nature crafts for kids


We've compiled 27+ fun nature crafts that your kids are going to love. Make suncatchers, leaf paintings, puppets, life cycles, leaf crowns, and so much more. In fact, these crafts are just the beginning. Once you get the hang of creating art using natural materials, you'll find inspiration everywhere. 

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Ready to get started? Choose one of the fun ideas below!

nature crafts for kids


Nature Crafts from Messy Little Monster

Let's start with some of our favourite nature crafts that we've done right here at MLM over the years! You'll find so many creative ways to incorporate leaves, seeds, and flowers into your crafts and art projects.


Butterfly Life Cycle

If you're learning about butterflies, our Butterfly Life Cycle with Seeds is the perfect project for late spring or summer. Different tree seeds represent each stage of the life cycle. Kids will have such fun finding just the right seeds to represent the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly stages.

Butterfly life cycle nature craft for kids


Apple Bird Feeder

How about a nature craft that benefits our fellow creatures? Our Apple Bird Feeder is such a craft, using apples, peanut butter, birdseed, and a bit of twine to make a bird feeder to hang in a tree in your yard.

Apple bird feeder nature craft for kids


Nature Suncatcher

This Nature Suncatcher is one of several suncatchers we've made using natural materials. Press and Seal or contact paper work wonderfully for preserving leaves, flower petals, and flat seeds to enjoy their visual appeal a little longer.

nature suncatcher nature craft for kids


Andy Goldsworthy Art

Our Andy Goldsworthy Art for Kids is a wonderful craft to introduce kids to the world of art and artists. Goldsworthy is famous for using materials from nature, and this spiral design is an easy starter piece to delve into creating art with natural materials.

Andy Goldsworthy art nature craft for kids


Flower Petal Suncatcher

Preserve those beautiful spring flower petals by learning How to Make Suncatchers using flower petals. Not only will it look beautiful with the light streaming through, but it's a creative way to enjoy the colours of the flowers for just a bit longer. What kind of pretty patterns will you make using flower petals?

flower petal suncatcher nature craft for kids


Painted Leaf Monsters

While it's most fun during fall when you can find leaves of all different colours, shapes, and sizes, you can make Painted Leaves into monsters through spring, summer, or autumn. All you need are leaves, paint, and lots of googly eyes.

painted leaves nature craft for kids

Mini Fairy Garden

Spring or summer is the perfect time to make a Mini Fairy Garden using small plants, rocks, seashells, snail shells, and other items you can find in nature. You could even make a little fairy out of maple seeds (for wings) and a twig (for the body).

Mini fairy garden nature crafts for kids


Painted Rocks with a Camping Theme

Gathering rocks to paint is part of the fun of rock painting! It's a wonderful family activity, too. Once you've gathered some rocks that are smooth and flat, wash them and let them dry completely before painting. You can paint any theme you'd like, but we think these Camping Painted Rocks are very fitting for a nature craft! You can then use the painted rocks to play games, tell stories, or share with others.

Painted rocks nature craft for kids


Stone Faces

We've also shared our Painted Rock Faces craft, painting different facial features on rocks to create lots of funny faces. Add leaves, twigs, or flowers to create hair and eyebrows.

painted rock faces nature craft for kids


Nature Paintbrushes

DIY your own paintbrushes using items from nature. Our tutorial on Nature Paint Brushes shows you how. You'll need a stick for each paintbrush, and then you add things to the top that will create different textures using the paint. Flowers, feathers, grass, moss, and more are excellent choices.

Nature paint brushes nature craft for kids


Nature Paint

As well as being used to make paintbrushes nature can be used to make the actual paint! Search out some colour rich items from your backyard and see what Nature Paint colours you can mix up. You can even use our paints made by nature printable to test out the colours.
Nature paint nature craft for kids

Leaf Suncatcher

Save some of your autumn leaves to make a fun Paper Plate Leaf Suncatcher. Just like the flower petal version above, you can use small leaves to create interesting patterns inside your suncatcher.

leaf suncatcher nature craft for kids


Leaf Hedgehog

And while you're looking for pretty leaves for your crafts projects, you don't want to miss our adorable Leaf Hedgehog. In fact, he's the perfect subject to use those brown, crunchy leaves on. Just grab our Hedgehog Template to get started! 

leaf hedgehog nature craft for kids


Leaf Puppets

Puppets are great for pretend play, and you can easily create puppets using leaves, paint, and craft sticks. As you'll see in our Leaf Puppets Craft, we laminated ours to make them stronger and more durable.

leaf puppet nature craft for kids


Nature Tic Tac Toe

Make your own DIY game board and game pieces using items from nature! Our Nature Tic Tac Toe Craft is so much fun to make and play with. We used conkers (horse chestnuts) for game pieces, but rocks would work just as well.

Nature tic tac toe nature craft for kids


Nature Owls

Go for a nature walk to collect pine cones, seeds, and other bits to make adorable crafts like this Pine Cone Owl Craft and conker owl craft. Both are super cute and easy to put together.

pine cone owl and conker owl nature craft for kids


Playdough Bird Nest

Teach your children about birds with our Build a Bird Nest playdough activity. It combines a sensory activity, nature craft, and fine motor practice all into one fun project.

playdough bird nest nature craft for kids

Clay Nature Faces

Get the clay out and use it to make some Nature Faces! After going on a nature walk to collect pieces of nature use your collection of nature to add facial features to a ball of clay stuck to a tree. This is such a fun nature craft for kids of all ages!

clay faces nature crafts for kids

Sunflower Suncatcher

Brighten up your home with a stunning Sunflower Suncatcher. You won't believe how easy it is to make using an embroidery hoop and contact paper. It will look so gorgeous hanging in your window.

Sunflower suncatcher nature craft for kids


Playdough and Nature Tree Craft

Make your own tree from nature and playdough. This Nature Playdough Activity is easy to set up and lots of fun for preschoolers. Make a tree shape from playdough or clay (or use our Tree Template) and add real leaves to give it a summery look. 

nature playdough activity for kids

Dandelion Honey 

Ok, so it isn't really a craft at all, but making Dandelion Honey is so much fun that I couldn't leave it off this list of nature activities. Follow our easy recipe and make yourself a tasty afternoon treat!

Dandelion honey

Spring Nature Craft

Celebrate the start of Spring with our printable Spring Colouring Page Nature Craft. This is such a simple nature craft for kids to get stuck into, but so much fun. 

Spring nature craft for kids

Fun Nature Crafts for Kids

Want even more nature craft ideas? Check out the projects below!

nature craft ideas


Leaf Faces

Who says art has to be permanent? Kids will get a kick out of making and rearranging faces using items from nature such as leaves, acorns, pinecones, seeds, and sticks. These Leaf Faces by Picklebums are sure to be the source of lots of giggles!

leaf faces nature crafts for kids


Leaf Bracelet

What a fun activity from Our Family Code! Go for a family nature walk to collect beautiful leaves this fall. Before you go, however, put a piece of tape sticky side out around your wrist. As you find interesting or colourful leaves, add them to your Leaf Bracelet.

leaf bracelet nature craft for kids


Tree Nature Craft

Use a tree outline and items from nature to make this Stunning Tree Nature Craft by Crafts on Sea. It's a wonderful craft for most seasons, as you can use the colors, flowers, and seeds appropriate to the season.

tree nature craft for kids


Nature Prints

Flowers and clay come together to make these interesting Nature Prints by Sunshine and Wellie Boots. She used elderflowers, but you can use any flower. Let them dry and turn them into ornaments for a tree or magnets for the fridge.

nature prints nature crafts for kids

Campfire Nature Craft

Of course, kids shouldn't build fires, but they can craft them with tissue paper, rocks, and sticks, as you see in this fun Campfire Craft by Box of Ideas. The red and orange tissue paper wrapped together almost looks like a real flame!

Campfire nature craft for kids


DIY Stick Toys

Sometimes the simplest toys keep kids engaged the longest. Why not try making some of these DIY Stick Toys from Artsy Momma? Learn how to create a pom-pom bird, a parrot puppet, a stick fishing pole, and more.

stick craft nature crafts for kids


Nature Frame

Kids find such interesting treasures while out in nature. Let them compile and arrange their treasures into a Nature Frame Impressions Craft like this one by The Crazy Outdoor Mama. They can then proudly display their art for a while in their rooms.

nature frame craft for kids


Twig Art

All you need for this colourful Twig Art by Twitchetts is paint, twigs, and twine. It's a simple and beautiful craft that you'll want to keep up in your home for a long time. It looks rustic and modern at the same time.

twig art nature craft for kids

Painted Rainbow Leaves

You'll definitely want to frame this Painted Rainbow Leaf Craft from Grace, Giggles, and Naptime. The bright rainbow colors are stunning, and using leaves of different shapes adds additional visual interest to the painting.

Rainbow painted leaves nature craft for kids


Leaf Crown

Make your little fairy prince or princess a beautiful Leaf Crown using the tutorial from Red Ted Art. You'll need leaves with long stems, as the stems will be used to sew the crown together. Of course, you could always try to glue or tape the pieces together if you can't get the hang of the stem sewing technique. 

leaf crown nature craft for kids

Pin this list of nature crafts to inspire you to create something beautiful after your next nature walk or outing. check out even more nature art ideas.

Nature crafts for kids. Nature art projects

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