Clay Faces - Make your own Nature Faces

Kids will love collecting nature and using it to make clay faces on trees. Spending a sunny afternoon outdoors making nature faces is so much fun and perfect for all ages. This is outdoor art at it's BEST!

Clay faces - Make your own nature faces

Do your kids love getting outdoors as much as mine?! I always get excited as we head into Spring and can start spending more time outdoors. 

Making clay faces is such a fun and easy outdoor art activity for kids that they can build up over several hours or even days. 

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Clay faces - Make your own nature faces!

 Clay faces nature craft for kids

Nature Faces - Supplies:

  • Clay
  • A collection of nature

How to make clay faces on trees using nature

Nature faces. Clay faces on trees.

STEP 1: Collect nature

First things first! Head outdoors and have fun making a collection of nature. Leaves, twigs, stones and flower petals all work well. 

STEP 2: Mould your clay

Now it is time to prepare your clay. Have fun playing with your clay to soften it and then mould it into a face shape. Press the face shape onto a tree, the texture of the bark helps the clay stick to the tree.

How to make clay faces using clay and nature

STEP 3: Make clay face

Once happy with the shape of your clay face use pieces of nature to add facial features. Add stone eyes, a twig nose, petals for hair etc, the options are endless. 

How to make clay faces

Clay faces on trees

Use your imagination; make animal faces, monsters, fairies, family members or zombies. Add hair, glasses, beards or horns. You could make a whole family of clay nature faces!

clay faces on trees. outdoor art for kids

The most important part is to have fun! 

Outdoor art for kids - clay nature faces

Outdoor art for kids - nature and clay faces

nature craft for kids

outdoor art for kids

If you don't have a tree to use, roll up a ball of clay and make your clay face in your hands or on the ground instead. 

clay and nature craft

We had a lot of fun making this cute little dandy lion!!!!!

dandelion craft made from clay and nature

We hope you have a fun time enjoying this outdoor art activity! Making clay faces really is so much fun and each one is totally unique. We would love you to share your nature faces with us! 

Clay faces nature craft for kids. Nature faces outdoor art ideas. .

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